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Sigdi – Cheap hukka + great biryani! Deadly!

A boys night out, where we singles were supposedly supposed to mingle with other singles, ended in near disaster except for a sumptuous meal right at the end of the night! While we set out to do something different, we ended up at Toto’s Garage had a beer, gorged on veg schzwan fries (I think) and then strolled around until it struck my friend to go to Sigdi for some delicious biryani. I have only had rolls there before, and never went inside, just ordered them out! Well, tonight was different, a bunch of lazy bums needed rest from all the strolling around and so we went and sat on the top most level. Right besides this massive fish tank with equally big fishes!!

We quickly ordered for a hukka (Which only I puffed) and for a veg biryani. The hukka for just INR 130, was quite nice! But the cheapness was evident when the smoke started to hurt my throat just under an hour of smoking up! But that was fine once the biryani arrived. The aroma was quite gripping and I would give it a 4/5 for satiating my taste buds! The paneer, masala and the rice itself was well cooked and nothing was overcooked or raw which was a great thing. The biryani was for just INR 75 making. Offcourse, the best veg biryani I have had is the one at ‘Just Biryani’ but for half the price of JB, Sigdi’s biryani is a definite must have for a hungry stomach!

Also according to my friend, the black dal and malai paneer is extremely good for the veggies and for the non veggies well, I will have to try out to post recommendations!


Stomach – Waterfield Road, Bandra – Fake Biryani!

Was looking for Biryani and my friend suggest Stomach. Having been there before, neither of us were sure about the quality but then none of us have had biryani here before so were eager to try out – knowing very well that it won’t be the best thing we have had! Anyways we, got down to ordering, ordered a chicken soup and chicken biryani. Soup came in fast and for a change it looked like soup and not just some stale veggies and a shreds of chicken mixed with hot water (ya, that is what I have had at stomach before). Anyways once the soup was over the Biryani was bought in. Immediately it struck us, that the biryani looke d more chicken schzwan rice.

Anyhoo, we got down to the business of eating ‘fake biryani’ which neither looked or tasted like biryani. Most definately the worst biryani ever! But for a rice and chicken combination it was alright. Though I did feel the chicken wasn’t cooked properly! But heck I still ate almost the whole dish! Offcourse, was left with a highly unsatisfied feeling. Ate a lot but didnt eat anything!!! Was completely disappointed with the food and the price we paid for it! My hunt for biryani still continues. Don’t think I will be making it to stomach again anytime soon!


December 18, 2008 2 comments

Address: 001/b, Krystal, 206 Patkar Marg, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26423006, 26423007, 9820123177

Full Review: I have been to Poison only on Wednesday nights since all i listen to is Trance/House. I must say the first time i was there was back in 2005 ( I think) when solar stone were down here in Mumbai. Though it was an experience never to forget, the sound system was a big let down. Did not go there for almost a year after that but as fate would have it I was at Poison on a Thursday dancing to Pearl dishing it out! Man O Man was that a night to remember! the sound completely blew me off and yes as someone said here, the bass really makes your hair stand up!!!
The sound system is an absolute treat, amazing clarity. Really makes you wanna let your hair down (unless its not already standing up cause of the bass) and dance your heart out.

Poison is easily the best club in Mumbai. I have seen the pretties women at Poison, which is one reason why i love going there. The booze is incredibly expensive (atleast for me).
A Beer (local) costs Rs.150 while the foreign ones will set you back by Rs.300 and all this for a pint.
Vodka large shot is for Rs.400. A breezer is for Rs.200.

The club definitely has strict entry rules (especially for stags) and the entry + cover sets you back by Rs.1500. Pretty costly but the place is worth experiencing atleast once.

Moti Mahal

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Address: 116, Junction of Guru Nanak Road and Waterfield Road, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26408577, 65738806, 9820177731

Full Review: I have been to many places, and Moti Mahal scored well over the rest in one aspect which was hospitality, A smiling face greeting u at the door and smiles all throughout really made me feel very comfortable there.
From the outside it looks like an expensive place and it is, at least for me. The ambiance is unbeatable. It really makes u wanna sit there for as long as you can. White walls with a tinge of blue and soft music playing in the background made a for very nice lunch experience for me.
Down to the food, we ordered ice tea, Tandoori rotis, Methi Murg and Hyderabadi chicken handi.
The Ice tea was amazing and at 81 bucks it was total value for money.
But the rest of the food frankly disappointed me. The rotis were too small and the food, well I have tasted better. The quantity was quite less too. The whole meal wasnt filling atall (though that was the idea since we didnt want to go back to office with a bloated tummy).
The prices were on the higher side of things. The dishes cost us Rs.200+ each while the rotis were worth 20 bucks a piece if i am not mistaken. The ice tea was for 81 bucks and one of the best i have ever had.
Overall, good hospitality, great atmosphere, not so great tasting food and quite expensive too. I am sure I wouldnt be going there again, there are better places in Bandra that offer better quality, more quantity for half the price.


December 18, 2008 1 comment

Address: 6/7 Hemkund, 116 Waterfield Road, Jn of Turner Road, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26441314, 26442468

Full Review:

Zaika is a very small place compared to Stomach next door and is the size of my living room. The kitchen is is behind a huge wall and food is served through small openings with sliding opaque windows! Looked quite neat!
First off were paneer and chicken starters. Later we got down to ordering the main course which consisted of veg manchurian, chicken baghdadi, chicken tikka biryani and veg fried rice.
Except for the chicken baghdadi I didnt not njoy the rest of the stuff. Too much masala in the biryani while the manchurian was almost tasteless! Manchurian khane ke badh toh muh ka zaika hi chala gaya!
Except for the mughlai, the rest were just ok ok, nothing worth talking about. The starters though were quite good :D.
On the pricing front, it was quite cheap. Heavy Lunch for 7 came to 680 bucks which is a steal in Bandra I must say.
But frankly, I did give this place a miss most days as there are better places in Bandra which are equally light on the wallet!

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Caravan Serai

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Address:  First Floor, 155, Waterfield Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26432570, 26453581, 26452600, 26459711

Full Review:

Caravan Serai was a random pick for lunch on a busy weekday and it was not a bad choice atall!
As soon as we entered the place, we were taken aback by a very North Indian village house ambiance. It was quite a pleasant setting for a relaxed lunch. I`d give 5 stars for the ambiance cause of the fact that we spent 2 hours there instead of the regular 1 hour lunch time we have in office and did not even realize that. (Offcourse the yelling from the bosses later is not counted).
Jumping straight to the food, we ordered a few quick starters.
Kesari Murg Tikka , Kokri Kabab and Paneer Paratdar and a Lassi and fresh lime soda to go with the food.
First things first, the Kokri Kabab (I think that is how it is spelt) was just out of the world. crusty from the outside and had filling inside. I do not exactly know what it contained but whatever it was it was extremely delicious. The Paneer Paratdar was soft, bland and it melted in the mouth. The chicken starter was pretty good. Nice, tender and yummy.
Next up was the main course which consisted of Chicken Kolhapuri and Subzi Punjabi along with Kulcha. My first time with Kulcha and I really liked it. Quite delicious, even though it was plain I could eat it without the gravy!!
Chicken Kolhapuri was spicy as usual and as far as I can remember, the most spicy Kolhapuri Chicken I have ever had. Subzi Punjabi was nice as well. A mix of sabzi along with paneer pieces. It was a good tasty dish and more on the spicy side but not as spicy as the Kolhapuri, just good enough for my taste.
The Lassi was very very nice. I really liked it, not very thick and not very thin either. For dessert, we had Shahi Tukda which was the first time i was having the dish and it was quite a delicious way to end the whole meal. The Fresh Lime Water, well, i could never differentiate between a Rs.3 nimbu paani and a Rs.100 nimbu paani and I will leave it at that.

Here are the prices:
Kesari Murg Tikka 260
Kokri Kabab 195
Paneer Paratdar 215
Chicken Kolhapuri 240
Subzi Punjabi 195
Kulcha 50
Shahi Tukda 125
Fresh Lime Soda 50
Fresh Lime Water 50
Lassi 90

The food was excellent, coupled with a very relaxed ambiance makes this a must visit place. But one thing, the waiters kept hovering around the table. Well ok it was not very crowded that time of the day but this was just a little too much. We were engrossed in our petty conversations so did not notice them much but that can really put off people. Overall four-stars to Caravan Serai.
Bon Appetit!!