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Khasiyat, Baki sab hai bakwas!

April 14, 2010 5 comments

Khasiyat is a well known veg restaurant located on the station Road in Vile Parle West . The khasiyat of Khasiyat is that, it is amongst the best veg eateries. It has maintained its popularity by keeping the prices down to an affordable level.Khasiyat is an amalgamation of chaat items, north Indian snack items and South Indian snack items without delving too much into the main course for either region.

We ordered for Chole Bhature and Falooda, which is what I remembering ordering the last time as well! Both items were prices at Rs. 75 each, making it Rs. 150 per person. The Bhature is king size here but the chole quantity is a bit too less for my liking. Seems like the standard fare served in most malls or similar outlets though the pricing is far lower at Khasiyat.

The Falooda was excellent. It included fresh cream, ice cream and freshly cut mixed fruits which were most welcomed in this searing heat!

Overall, dinner was light on the wallet a bit too heavy on the intestine with all the cream of the Falooda and the oil from the big Bhatura. Meal cost per person was Rs.150 and was quite fulfilling especially since I hadn’t had a chole bhature in a very long time!

It is a favourite hang out of the Gujaratis and things don’t get any better especially since Khasiyat is located in a Gujarati-dominated locality alongwith four colleges at walking distance from the restaurant. So it is quite popular with the college crowd as well and can get crowded during the afternoons and evenings.

Address: 21, Dashrathlal Joshi Road, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai

Phone: 26178170, 26134292

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Harish Bar and Restaurant

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Irla is not a place I have eaten much at except for the overpriced Papillon and Amar Juice Centre. So it was a surprise for me when a friend suggested we go to Harish Bar and Restaurant for some choicest meat dishes and off course some drinks.

For starters, which for this post means drinks, we ordered for Royal Stag quarter at INR 220 which is quite reasonable by any standards! For the food though, there was a long list which included the choicest of prawns (Prawns Lassuni), the sweet tasting Crispy Chicken, Chicken Lollypop, and the evergreen Surmai Tawa Fry. I think the fish here was awesome and so were the prawns though the lollypops held forth for the chicken!

The main course included Chicken Hyderabadi and the Chicken Sukha. The Sukha I rather have at Janta Bar and Restaurant. Though not bad,  it wasn’t the same as at Janta. The Hyderabadi Chicken was lip-smackingly good as were the Parathas we had them with.

Overall the place is on the expensive side though the booze is reasonably priced.


Food: 3.5/5 – No complaints with the food. Though the prices could be reduced a bit here.

Service: 4/5 – Attentive and friendly waiters.

Price: 3/5 – The real downer here. Harish could possible be a back up if only the food prices are slashed by 20% or more, which seems unlikely to happen!

New Yorker

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Address: Grace Apartments, North South Rd No. 13, Vile Parle, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai
Tel: 26246049, 26246049
Full Review:
New Yorker is one of the better eateries in the city, or so we thought. It has that ‘Very Expensive’ feel to it though in my opinion it is a much cheaper place than say Mochas.
I like the posters on the wall, pictures from all across the city, in black and white. Really nice! (Thinking of getting something like that done in my room!)

Anyways, moving on to the food, first up was the Ice Tea followed by Swiss Cheese Fondue, Pinwheel Cannelloni and Bruschetta.
The ice tea, was a real downer, tasted like lemon juice. Not even a hint of tea in there!
The Cheese Fondue, hmm, I’d give it a 4/5 for being cheaper than Mochas and a little bit better as well. The melted cheese was much thicker that expected and was not bad at all. We got good quantity of side servings as well, good enough for two people at least (We were four of us).
Next up was the Pinwheel Cannelloni which had a lot more gravy (made primarily out of tomatoes) than stuff inside the Cannelloni. Though the waiter told us that it serves two people, I have serious doubts whether it can even serve one person. Pinwheel Cannelloni wasn’t very filling so we ordered for something small, Bruschetta. (ya ya its a starter which we ordered after the main course, ha ha!) Bruschetta is essentially garlic bread but bigger and better. Its like Version 2.0 of Garlic Bread! Jokes aside, Bruschetta was by far the best item so far. Laced with mozzarella cheese, it was quite a treat.

Iced Lemon Tea – Rs.69
Swiss Cheese Fondue – Rs.175
PinWheel Cannelloni – Rs.179
Bruschetta – Rs.89

The service was not upto the mark. The waiters took their own sweet times to come to the table when called. This when the place was relatively empty. He took quite a long time to return back with the credit card too. I didn’t expect such shoddy service from a place like New Yorker.

Overall the place was not so bad but could be better, especially in the food and service department. The 3-star rating signifies, that though some food items maybe worthwhile the rest are just not worth for the price you pay for it.

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December 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Address: Amrapali Shopping Centre, V. L. Mehta Marg, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai
Tel: 66960902, 26107042
What’s it good for: Wine,cheese cakes,
Full Review: Alright Alright, yes I will talk about the entire dining experience but damn the range of cheese cakes they had, I so wish I could parcel each and everyone one of them!!
Anyways coming back to the review, it was a friend’s treat so we could, for once, not worry much about the bill!
So we ordered a liberal serving of starters and main course and some drinks as well. I know, or came to know, that this place is more known for its sea food but since we had a veggie with us, we decided to pass.
In drinks, we got lassi, ice tea and a smirnoff orange twist. They have a wide variety of wines as well and quite reasonably priced compared to most other places in and around Juhu.
Coming to the starters, we ordeed Aloo Cheese Ball and Paneer ka Salan. Expensive but worth every morsel!
Later we ordered for a Paneer Handi and Dal Bukhara. Quality wise – no complains, Quantity wise – a bit more wouldn’t hurt!
Lastly, for desserts, we had Malai Kulfi and a Bluberry Cheese Cake which was devoured by yours truly! I have come to like cheese cakes quite a lot these days and I thought it was the best cheese cake I have had till now. (Even though it seemed it was kept at the shelf for the whole day!)
The total bill came to Rs.1437.00. Pricey affair yes, but no complaints as far as quality is concerned.
Somehow I really liked this place a lot (Except for the noisy kids which is why it gets 3 stars!) the food and the ambiance were good and offcourse the cheese cake!!!

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