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Image, Goregaon

January 16, 2010 2 comments

Shifting my focus from Bandra to Goa and other suburbs of Mumbai is the trend for this month! Keeping up with this trend, decided to check out Image on SV Road. Image came highly recommended by a friend and for my gastronomy trials took her along as well.

Image is a family restaurant and can get packed with families and their kids. There are a couple of swings as well for the children so that the action inside can be followed up with some more on the swings in the small garden outside the restaurant. A brightly lit place is Image, with cushioned seats at the edges of the restaurant.

We arrived early here and easily got a place to sit. The three of us, Trance Dude, Rock Chic and Crazy Mommy were pretty hungry and couldn’t wait for the food to arrive.  We ordered for chicken chilly, chicken abhadi for starters along with mocktails to go with it. The starters were good with the Chicken Abhadi being the standout for me. Tasted more like Reshmi Chicken though wasn’t exactly like Reshmi Chicken.

For the main course we had the Dhaba Chicken and a variety of bread including Tawa Paratha , Pudina Paratha and Garlic Naan. The Tawa Paratha was pretty rich with its layer of butter and ghee. Trance Dude liked the Garlic Naan as well and of late, has developed a liking for Garlic Naan. The Roti-Sabzi combination was followed by Chicken Dum Biryani and Boondi ka Raita to go with with it. I liked the Biryani here. Made in the traditional way of cooking biryani in an earthen pot, it was also served from the very same pot. The flavours were amazing and the biryani was just the thing to top off the dinner. Extremely delicious it was right up there with the best biryani’s we have had in a long while! Trance Dude, Rock Chic and Crazy Mommy were pretty happy with it but that wasn’t the end of it. The sizzling brownie was our dessert and we enjoyed it thoroughly!

The food was good though for the most part Trance Dude can confidently say ‘he has had better’. The food was delicious but not affordable for someone for whom eating out is a regular affair. The total bill came to INR 1320 while the Biryani cost INR 185 (a must have at Image).

Good place (though noisy cause of the kids but then again cannot complain for Trance Dude was once like them!) and good food make image a fantastic choice for a family meal, if you can afford it.


Bob Marley’s Shack – Candolim, Goa

January 5, 2010 2 comments

I have some fond memories at Bob Marley’s shack at Candolim Beach in Goa. I go here everytime I am in Goa. I have always liked the food and drinks elsewhere but there is something about this shack that keeps inviting me back! This time around, I was there for a short duration. Got a large Kingfisher and to satiate my friend’s vegetarian needs ordered for Veg Pakoras. Took some time to arrive as usually they take a bit more time for the vegetarian dishes it seems. When the dish finally did arrive, it was a plesant surprise. The surprise was the size of em pakoras. Big and soft and extremely tasty! These were the best Pakoras I or my friend have every had! Infact we ended up ordering another couple of plates and were quite full by the time it was dawn!

But the best moment was, a beer in my hand, some awesome pakoras and Armin Van Buuren  killing it at Sunburn 2009 in the background!

Harish Bar and Restaurant

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Irla is not a place I have eaten much at except for the overpriced Papillon and Amar Juice Centre. So it was a surprise for me when a friend suggested we go to Harish Bar and Restaurant for some choicest meat dishes and off course some drinks.

For starters, which for this post means drinks, we ordered for Royal Stag quarter at INR 220 which is quite reasonable by any standards! For the food though, there was a long list which included the choicest of prawns (Prawns Lassuni), the sweet tasting Crispy Chicken, Chicken Lollypop, and the evergreen Surmai Tawa Fry. I think the fish here was awesome and so were the prawns though the lollypops held forth for the chicken!

The main course included Chicken Hyderabadi and the Chicken Sukha. The Sukha I rather have at Janta Bar and Restaurant. Though not bad,  it wasn’t the same as at Janta. The Hyderabadi Chicken was lip-smackingly good as were the Parathas we had them with.

Overall the place is on the expensive side though the booze is reasonably priced.


Food: 3.5/5 – No complaints with the food. Though the prices could be reduced a bit here.

Service: 4/5 – Attentive and friendly waiters.

Price: 3/5 – The real downer here. Harish could possible be a back up if only the food prices are slashed by 20% or more, which seems unlikely to happen!

Falafel’s – Veg Hummus House: Inorbit, Vashi

Falafel’s, at Hill Road, Bandra, was one those places which looked good from the outside and had this inviting ambiance. I never got to try out the place but thanks to my diet loving friends the opportunity to try out this veg place finally beckoned me. So we ordered a combo meal, to pretty much try out a few things all at once. The meal included, hummus, topping falafel, veg salad and lemonade juice.

The meal pretty much looked likea dietician’s dream – low fat, raw vegetables and some lemonable to reduce the fat (not sure if that does work though :P). Oh forgot to add the pita bread which was much thicker than I have had in some other places. But it was soft and quite nice to eat without the hummus too. It was just so much fun eating the pita bread with hummus, having some salads and then finally taking a sip of lemonade! Atleast me and my UK-based friend, who eats hummus for breakfast (globalisation – Indian chic, living in the UK, having middle eastern food for breakfast) completely enjoyed the meal while the other friend was finicky about the hummus but liked the salad and the pita bread.

Overall, it was a nice meal and especially the hummus. Oh! how i love this middle eastern delicacy! Me thinks, I will make this my breakfast once I give my mom a few recipes and she perfects the art of making hummus. Or alternatively, just marry a middle eastern woman who can cook well.

It’s Mirchi

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Address: Hotel Ramee Guestline, 462, A.B. Nair Road, Next to Holiday Inn, On the road to Hare Krishna Temple from the J W Mariott, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai

Tel: 66905555, 669355555

Full Review: Hotel Ramee Guestline’s rooftop resturant, It’s Mirchi was recently ‘raided’ by me and three of my friends. All four of us are big eaters so a buffet seemed the best way to satiate our desires to stuff ourselves to the brim!
We started around 9, seated on a table meant for 10; lucky for us it was not very crowded, so no one really bothered us with seating issues.
Immediately after we reached there we got down to our business.
While i ordered a Beer, the other guys ordered Ice Tea and Bacardi. The Ice Tea was very good plus much cheaper than many other places!
The drinks were followed by the starters. Each table has a place in the middle to keep the grill where the starters can be roasted/heated to your liking. Very similar to BBQ Nation.
We were served with Prawns, fish, chicken kebabs, paneer and small pellets of palak paste ( i think) with kaju pieces in them.
I liked the chicken, prawns and paneer. Me and my friend only had starters while the other two moved onto the main course.
The main course changes from time to time (or on a daily basis, I am not sure) so it is better to call them and ask about what will be the main course on a particular day.
The main course was pretty minimal, with some mutton and lamb dish and biryani. There was some chicken dish too.
I do not know the names of the dishes in the main course as i was busy hogging on the starters.
I left enough space for the dessert though. Since i was down with a cold i decided to stay away from mango ice cream which tasted like it was bought from Naturals Ice Cream Parlour. The other dessert items include Jalebi and the Gulab Jamun which were both hot and very very delicious. The Gulab Jamun were very soft, just the way i like em. The same can be said about the Jalebi. I am not a big jalebi fan but here i was helping myself for multiple servings of this delicacy from up north.
I must have taken atleast 5 servings of both the Gulab Jamun and the Jalebi. I could not help it, it was just so good!

Well that was the food part, next is the ambiance.
The one reason why i wanted to go there was because it was an open air restaurant. Well, open air, it is NO MORE. This was a big let down for all of us. But even then the over all ambiance was very good. A good place to come with a family or friends or your girlfriend/boyfriend. They have a place for everyone and that is what struck me the most. Nice corner seats for couples and big balcony seats for a family. Will keep this in mind.
The staff was very responsive, always with a smile when serving us. Even though it was a buffet they did not mind bringing the food to us (especially desserts).

Overall it was a good experience. Yes, the food could have been better but i think i would not mind going there again for the same quality of food either. If they do make it open air again then i am there for sure.

The bill came to around Rs.3000.

Here’s a breakdown:
Beer (Pint) – 99
Ice Tea – 60
Buffet – 349
Rum 60ml (large) – 300

(The prices are exclusive of taxes)

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