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Chascaa Multicuisine Bar and Restaurant, Palolem, Goa

January 2, 2010 1 comment

My first trip to Palolem couldn’t be complete without trying out a restaurant here and what better than Chascaa, located on the south end of the beach. The view from here is splendid and as the day progressed we found out the food here isn’t bad either!

Hadn’t had fish in Goa yet so couldn’t resist ordering a Fish Tikka and what a good choice it turned out to be! Not sure what fish it was but it was good. Cooked well it did not smell like the way it does in many small eateries. Fish Tikka and beer was enough to make my day! My veggie friend though had a full meal. From Veg Pakodas to Malai Kofta and Rice. Even the veg items were great. Cooked well, the Kofta and Pakodas tasted nice. The combination of Jeera rice and Malai Kofta was good as well. One of the best things at Chascaa was that the flavours came out really nice and none of the dishes had any one single flavour overpowering the others.

Overall the meal was good. In fact I’d say it was excellent as the veg and the non veg items were both very good! An amazing view of the beach and of the ocean coupled with good food makes Chascaa a must visit place on Palolem! Also, the beer here is really cheap, at INR 35, it is the least I have paid for a Kingfisher Pint!

The bonus for me was when the owner played the song ‘bliss – kissing’ twice while we were here. It is one of my favourite songs and its been ages since I heard it last!


Croissants, Bandra – A lot of Bread and whole lot less meat!

November 10, 2009 3 comments

It is amazing how many times you see the same place but never get a chance to check it out! With Croissants, it was a long wait. Always knew it existed but never tasted! So took a friend along to try the many croissants available here.


First up we had the Chicken Reshmi Sheekh Croissant followed by the Bhuna Ghost croissants and then the Chicken Barbeque Croissant and another variation of a Croissant which was double the size of the Barbeque croissants but was priced at only INR 10 extra. Man that was a lot of croissants, ‘literally’ speaking!

Best dish of the day was the Sheekh variant which has a reshmi sheekh kebab running through the middle of the croissant! The rest though had paste filled inside the soft bread. That was such a let down as I was really hoping for chunks of chicken and not a paste that in one instance (Barbeque Chicken) tasted like Pav Bhaji!

Most of the non-veg croissants are priced between INR 35-45 while the vegetarian versions are for INR 30 and above. Croissants also keeps cakes and according to my friend that is their real specialty. Since we both intend to cut down on some weight (by simultaneously hogging on 3 croissants each!) we decided to skip the pastries for a later date!

Address: No. 5-6, Pluto, Perry Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

Dum Laga Ke – Not as good as before!

November 8, 2009 2 comments

A search for an apparently cheap eatery in Malad West led me to Dum Laga Ke which is an offshoot of the famous Borivali Biryani Centre. Though a friend suggested Rasoi (Which is close to Dum Laga Ke), we choose to go to Dum as it is a tried and tested place by my friends. I have been here only once, which was over a year ago, and honestly speaking, it was amazing back then! So for me, it was to know whether Dum was still maintaining the same standards!

Dum Laga KeOur order consisted of the Prawns and Chicken Tikka Biryani and also Brain Garlic Fry for starters. While there are no complaints about the Brain Garlic Fry we were a tad bit disappointed with Biryanis.

The quantity of rice was good but sadly that of the prawns wasn’t. We were hunting for the prawns in the sea of rice! Though my friend who ordered for the Chicken Tikka Biryani didn’t have any such problems he did complain about the Chicken Tikka not tasting like Chicken Tikka. Correct though he was, I think it was deliberately done so as a pungent Chicken Tikka negates the flavour of the Biryani so you either taste the tikka or the rice and not the Biryani. As a whole, it tasted like Biryani and not chicken pulav which was a good thing in my opinion.

What was missing from both the Biryanis was the distint aroma associated with the dish. My guess is that since the Biryani here is in such high demand they must be preparing the dish in huge quantities. That’s a shame really for food made like it’s an assembly line product never comes out as good as the one made with love and care!

In comparison though, the Biryani at ‘Just Biryani‘ at the same price is better!

The best meal of the night was the Brain! Cooked to perfection. Though expensive at INR 170 it was worth the money. Many write tales about how a certain dish at a certain place gets them hooked on for life. Well Dum Lage Ke did just that with their Garlic Brain preparation.

Lastly for drinks I ordered for Zaffran which is a Kesar flavoured drink. Last time I came, there were Kesar strands floating in the drink which gave it the peculiar taste. This time, it was just a sugary-flavoured drink! Recession affecting them?

Overall, the meal was satisfying. Though a bit disappointed with the Prawns Biryani but the Brain Garlic Fry more than made up for it!

Address: Shop No 2 & 3, Ganga Niwas, Next to Toyota Showroom, Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai

Rating: Ambiance – 3.5/5. Setting of the place is nice though intriguingly the seats here are a little too low and for tall people it could cause a major discomfort!

Food – 3/5

Price – 3/5. Definitely on the expensive side but they don’t cringe on the quantity. Not yet atleast.

(All the pictures are courtesy my friend Neville Chesan who was kind enough to click the pictures for me!)

Open Affair

December 18, 2008 1 comment

Address: A/10 Gagangiri Apts, Next To Crepe Station, Carter Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26490999, 26490888, 65257474

Full Review: One of the few places that offers a multi-cuisine experience at Carter Road’s ‘Khau Galli’. A pretty exhaustive menu includes Continental, Tandoori, Indian and even Italian if I am not mistaken!
The ambiance is kick ass, sit inside and cosy with your date or chillout with your family and friends or sit outside and take in the cool carter breeze!
Well, if there is no breeze, worry not, the food will definitely provide a heavenly experience!
And oh the kitchen and the dining area are divided by a glass where the chefs are busy preparing mouth watering dishes!
Anyways me and my friend ordered for a continental starters, fried chicken pellets…if I am not mistaken, which was quite YUMMY!! low in quantity but high in quality! 😀
Next we had a main course mughlai dish and were quite surprised with the quantity which was comparable to Grill Cottage next door and that too at just 30 percent more cost!
The gravy was finger licking good and the chicken nice and soft and tender! We had a combination of naans and rotis.
All this with a nice chilled Ice Tea (which was quite awesome) made the whole meal very enjoyable.
The total bill was 680 bucks but without the starters (just the main course) I think it can easily come to 150-200 per person.
Overall, a very nice meal in a very nice restaurant at a very nice location, just about perfect for any occasion.