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Cheapest & bestest

June 20, 2011 13 comments

Its been long since I posted here but my journey through Mumbai by lanes did not stop. Discovering many hidden jems, cheap restaurants and well, really tasty stuff, I couldn’t help but write about it.

One such is Ribbons & Balloons. Well, not exactly located in the by lanes but it does stock some really cheap and delicious snacks! one such is the Chicken Quiche. Doesn’t exactly look like a Quiche but it is for just Rs.20 and full of chicken. If I had to chose between a sandwich and this quiche, it would be the latter simple because for Rs.20, it doesn’t get any more filling than this! Chicken cubes stuffed between fried exterior, the quiche is pretty heavenly!

Heck, even my cat loves it! And if she does, this has to be a pretty damn awesome product!


Biona’s @ Hill Road

December 9, 2009 2 comments

Was out for a drive with a friend and decided to pick up a Chicken Shawarma from here. All of INR 80, it is just a bit more expensive and maybe a bit better than its Carter Blue counterpart. Less of veggies and more of chicken for one, the Pita Bread too was much softer. In fact, it was what I think, the way Merhaba – The Gourmet Cafe intended to make the bread. The best thing about Biona’s shawarma was the bread wasn’t chewy nor was it tilting towards the crunchy side. The chicken was good as well and the roll was by far the biggest one I have had so far!

Truly delightful, the shawarma comes in two sizes, regular and large but I am guessing the regular one suffices the appetites of most people. It satiated my taste buds and stopped my stomach from growling further!