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Salad at Candies, Pali Naka

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

The Salad at Candies has become famous with patrons. The salad offers fresh veggies and meat and is specifically directed at those who are health conscious (and Bandra has a lot many of those!!). The other day I went with my colleagues to take advantage of the 25% discount after 8 PM. So the salads cost us INR 60 which is a great price for fulfilling meal. Wanted to try every salad at the counter but my love (or maybe fetish??) for ‘white’ food was too overwhelming. So the plate was filled up with the potato chicken salad, fruit salad and chicken macaroni and some tuna salad as well. The tuna salad was there only ’cause it passed the test the last time I was here.

The meal, had at 9PM, was surprisingly fresh. The veggies were freshly cut and it seemed like the serving was prepared only a few minutes ago! It was a real treat for all of us to have fresh salads at that time of the hour! Though one thing I realised was that I don’t prefer fruits with veggies I rather have either fruit salad or just a normal salad!

Salad at Candies is always recommended and there is nothing like fresh salad!


Aurus @ Juhu

December 2, 2009 1 comment

Been to Aurus once but this time it was different. Came here for a dinner date with my school friends who I was meeting after ages. We almost had conversations like ‘OMG! Look how old u look! or ‘You have grown big’ you get the drift… Anyways, Aurus being expensive, I curtailed myself from ordering and let the orders! Though I should have known better. Had a chicken starter, which was just alright. The presentation (I assume that matters at Aurus) wasn’t up to the mark either. One would have thought they chicken would be accompanied by some salad dressing et al but none, we found.

Next up were a couple of vodka shots but since I had already had my pre-party pegs I avoided more shots! But sadly, still ended up splurging INR 1500 on a dinner that never was!

Candies, yet again!

November 1, 2009 4 comments

The bright white colours, the well laid edibles, the gorgeous salad bar, the unrestricted section, the Michael Jackson (MJ) Wallpapers and whiteboards with people’s comments on it and last but not the least the beautiful people that frequent the place! Oh they have a bunch of huge LCDs playing VH1 all the time!Candies at Pali Naka is quite a huge one. I wonder how much the rent would be! One of the biggest eateries in Mumbai, Candies is also open air and just makes for such a romantic setting. Oh friends can enjoy too and so can large groups of noisy colourful people!

They have a 25% discount after 8PM which is what we love the most about candies. Some of the best food items at 25% off is a real steal! Taking advantage, I ordered for a Chicken Burger and Cappuccino while my friend had a Chicken Fried Dish and Lime Juice. Well, the setting was beautiful but the food disappointed us. Burger is strictly OK though the Chicken Fried Dish was yummy even at that hour! I liked the coffee though which was accompanied by a sugary cup cake! The extremities in taste was overwhelming to say the least!

P1050230Oh another thing, we also got free tuna salad with the Fried Chicken, which interestingly, was the best part of the meal! How I wish they had more Tuna Salad left. Sigh! The meal was filling yet disappointing as it lacked the flavour and taste associated with Candies!



Falafel’s – Veg Hummus House: Inorbit, Vashi

Falafel’s, at Hill Road, Bandra, was one those places which looked good from the outside and had this inviting ambiance. I never got to try out the place but thanks to my diet loving friends the opportunity to try out this veg place finally beckoned me. So we ordered a combo meal, to pretty much try out a few things all at once. The meal included, hummus, topping falafel, veg salad and lemonade juice.

The meal pretty much looked likea dietician’s dream – low fat, raw vegetables and some lemonable to reduce the fat (not sure if that does work though :P). Oh forgot to add the pita bread which was much thicker than I have had in some other places. But it was soft and quite nice to eat without the hummus too. It was just so much fun eating the pita bread with hummus, having some salads and then finally taking a sip of lemonade! Atleast me and my UK-based friend, who eats hummus for breakfast (globalisation – Indian chic, living in the UK, having middle eastern food for breakfast) completely enjoyed the meal while the other friend was finicky about the hummus but liked the salad and the pita bread.

Overall, it was a nice meal and especially the hummus. Oh! how i love this middle eastern delicacy! Me thinks, I will make this my breakfast once I give my mom a few recipes and she perfects the art of making hummus. Or alternatively, just marry a middle eastern woman who can cook well.