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Kalpana Stores – Chappel Road

June 13, 2009 2 comments

This is a small store on Chappel Road, Bandra which sells quite a lot of small take aways including burgers, rolls, rotis, fugias, chicken lolipops, puffs, sandwiches and more. Been to this place many many times. Generally have the puffs and the chicken burgers. My friend likes the rotis there. But of late, the quality of the rotis and the puffs have really gone down. Besides, the reduced chicken quantity, the roti is sometimes too spicy while the puff, even when warm doesn’t feel like it was cooked just moments ago!

The burgers though are nice and so are the spring rolls. Even the pan roll when its warmed up is good to eat. Overall this is not such a bad place, considering u can have a stomach full in less than INR 50 (USD 1). The quality of the food is not bad but its not the same it used to be before.

Kareem’s – Carter Road, Bandra

Kareem’s is one of those places frequented by a lot of people presumably for the ‘good food’ they serve. I do not question the quality of the food served. The first time I had been here we were put off by the price and not the quality. Sad to say, this time it was no different. Paid nearly 545 bucks for 7 rolls (Veg and non-veg) and not a single soul felt like we actually something! Though the rolls weren’t so bad, they were small and expensive. Though I must say I did like the Reshmi Chicken Roll. Infact my friend who had ordered a Kalimirchi Chicken Roll choose to ate my (along with hers, the needy greedy woman that she is!).

Honestly speaking, if I wanna have a roll, I rather head to Carter Blue or to the place diagonally opposite Carter Blue (I think its lucky rolls?). Its cheaper. And especially Carter Blue, more filling. One Shawarma for INR 70 at Carter Blue is filling, tastier and better than One Chicken Roll for INR 85 at Kareem’s.

Dee Rolls and More

February 13, 2009 1 comment

Address: Hill Road, Next to A1 Bakery, Opposite Mocha Mojo

Food: Double Chicken Roll

Price: Rs.50

Review: A rather interesting place to eat rolls,  this one! Not so far from Bandstand and right opposite Mochas and Hearsh Bakery is this small place which is well known for its rolls (Atleast all my friends are ga-ga about it). Can get crowded at night and there is infact a lot of place to stand and eat. I am sure once they make enough profits, they would set up chairs and tables late night to satiate the palates of the countless customers.

Onto the food part, I have been here twice now and I think the second time it was much better in terms of the quality. The first time i went here, me and friends were treated to chicken which was like rubber! So I was pretty apprehensive going there a second time but then what the heck no harm in getting another stomach upset now is there?

So i ordered for a double chicken roll and my oh my it was quite good! I like the crunchy egg-layered rotis filled with big chunks of chicken. The masala wasn’t as strong as I had last time around which was a good thing for me atleast. Overall I liked the roll and I hope they keep it consistently good. Will try something else later.

I liked the roll, hope they keep it consistent overtime as it can give some good competition to the nearby more upstate eateries!

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