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Timbactoo, Mulund

Timbactoo, an ancient city famous for gold and salt, is now donned in its new avatar – Timbactoo:  The Sheesha Parlour (I added the last three words!!). Well it is not just for Sheesha, but for drinks and the occasional starters, main course and more drinks as well!!!

An open air eatery, located on top of RMall, Mulund, it is adjoined by its sister restaurants – Urban Tadka and Pop Tates. All three places are famous in Mulund and across Mumbai as well.

3 of us were here for 3 different reasons – Hukka, Drinks and Food. So I ordered for Hukka – Romeo and Juliet – (I think it was orange and mint flavour but I think I may be wrong here). Anyways, the hukka was just so niiiiiiice! Wasn’t on a empty stomach so didn’t get high instantly! Phew! The flavour was really nice and more importantly it lasted for quite some time. One thing I noticed was that I didn’t have to keep asking them to remove the blocked coal from the filter which is generally the case in quite a few places. We smoked for more than an hour until we asked them to change the coal!  Along with the hukka, we ordered for starters – the best of which were the Lebanese Chicken Tikka and the Lemon Grass Kabab, Lemon Garlic Grilled Chicken and Garlic Bread. Soft, tender, juicy and with the right amount of marination resulted in a great starter! Infact, I am going to order the Lemon Grass Kebab every time I go there!

The overall total was INR 855 (including INR 225 for the Hukka) dividing amongst three people. Not exactly cheap but the quality of the food and the Hukka was more than satisfactory for me to not worry about the price!

On another note, Hukka for INR 225 at Timbactoo is cheaper than at Sheeshas, Bandra (INR 300). However, the hukka did not really have the same effect as at Sheeshas, which I think is the best you can get in the city! Nevertheless, open air ambiance/cheap sheesha/good flavours and some good seating does make this place a must visit for all sheesha fans!

Little Bite – R Mall

Little Bite is a small juice place inside R Mall. They serve some good fresh juices. Though I thought the prices were on the higher side but offcourse a location inside a mall demands high price. We had Sweet lime juice which cost us INR 40 each! A good refresher from the usual cola drinks you get pretty much everywhere.

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Poptates, Mulund – Nice Environment

Poptates was a long due meet for me and a friend of mine and what better way to celebrate the long overdue meet than with some drinks and fish cigars!! Located at R-Mall, Poptates shares space with other eateries owned by the same guy. It is quite a big place, decent ambiance, hospitable waiters and good food. Since I had two females with me drinking as well, we are asked to provide age proof which the girls obliged, much to the relief of the managers (and to me!). Afterall, me drinking alone wouldn’t really be a nice thing to do!

Anyhoo, we ordered for 2 smirnoff and one margarita followed by Peshawari Chicken Pizza, Garlic Bread with spicy cheese and fish cigars. While the first round got the women high (while according to them they were pretty normal and that I was buzzing instead!),  we went ahead with another round to prove our ‘stamina’. Anyways, coming back to the food, the peshawari, spicy like it sounds was ordered by my friend who cannot take spicy food. I think it was the drinks talking when she ordered the spicy pizza! The pizza was good though and so was the spicy cheese garlic bread.

Then came the fish, my southie friend cannot live without fish and she has to have fish when she goes outside. And what better than fish cigars which was nothing by sheesh kabab! The cigars were good! we even acted like we were smoking cigars!!!! I think fish cigars is definately one of those things you have to order if you are in Poptates.

Another thing I noticed about the place was, that there were couples, friends, families – people came to have a few drinks, some just came to eat and have a good time, children were there as well! That ascertains that Poptates has created an image of a restaurant that caters to anyone and everyone. They even have special birthday celebrations upon request.

A very good place to hang out and have a few drinks. Not the cheapest of places though as we three spent INR 1355 collectively on food + drinks.