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Pizza Hut, They make you wait and test your patience!

April 22, 2010 1 comment

Ever since I found Joey’s Pizza at DN Nagar in Andheri, I have stopped going to any other pizza places. But this time, I decided to go to Pizza Hut at Oberoi Mall, Goregaon as I had a 1 on 1 free Pizza voucher.
The offer was either buy a family sized pan pizza and get another family sizes pan pizza free or buy a medium-sized pizza and get another medium size for free.

So we ordered for a Chicken Supreme Medium and an Ultimate Temptation Medium. The thing with Pizza Hut is the cheese they use is really yummy. It is probably a combination of Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. The hot pizzas were accompanied by drink including an Apple Cinnamon Ice Tea, Tangy Orange and a Grape Sangria Cooler. The Ice Tea was excellent with just about the right quantity of Cinnamon while the Tangy Orange was well, Tangy! The Grape Sangria was almost like wine without the alcohol in it. I’d recommend the Ice Tea and the Grape Sangria cooler as ‘must have’ drinks while waiting for the pizza to arrive.

We also had the Barbecue chicken wings and Garlic Bread which pretty much standard fare here. The Barbecue chicken was cooked in Barbecue sauce but we were disappointed with the small size of the chicken pieces. The good thing was that the processed chicken tasted good.

However, coming back to the title of the post, there was waiting of nearly 45 minutes before we got a table, this after we were told it will take only 20-30 minutes, sigh. The service was excellent, (we were served by Rupa who is adept at multi-tasking and seemed to be serving multiple tables without much problem, kudos to her!). So no complaints in the service but once we were done eating the wait for the bill was an endless one. It seemed as if people had forgotten about us completely as we waited for the bill for another 20-odd minutes. What was amazing was that we had called for the bill at least 4 times but no one obliged and finally when the manager was in sight, we requested for the bill which was promptly delivered to us.

Oh and we didn’t leave any tip. Food was good, service excellent but really who charges 10 percent service charge and 12.5 percent VAT?? That total amounted to the price of a small pizza! Hence, no tips!

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Bachelor’s Ice-cream, Charni Road, Mumbai

February 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Mumbai has a healthy dosage of ice cream parlours but there isn’t any place like Bachelor’s. When in college,  we joked about Bachelor’s being a haunt for us eligible bachelors (even at 16 years of age we thought far beyond our age!). Recently, I had the opportunity of savouring the delicious ice creams after partying at Zenzi Mills.

Well known for its ice creams, it was the obvious choice. Besides ice cream, we also ordered a veg pizza and a paneer frankie. The pizza was great though the frankie was a bit too pungent for my liking. Loved the cheese on the pizza though not sure which one they used.

Trance Dude poses with the Paneer Frankie (never mind the yellow bag!)

After the pizza came the ice creams which were yummy! I had the choco chip with cream, a heavy high calorie filled dessert, available only at Bachelor’s! The last few spoonfuls had to be pushed down the throat for I was not going to waste good dessert!

Overall it was a great meal and good ice cream as well! A bit on the expensive side is bachelor’s but the ice cream is worth the moolah!

Trance Dude enjoying the Choco chips with cream and sharing a laugh with the gang!

Poptates, Mulund – Nice Environment

Poptates was a long due meet for me and a friend of mine and what better way to celebrate the long overdue meet than with some drinks and fish cigars!! Located at R-Mall, Poptates shares space with other eateries owned by the same guy. It is quite a big place, decent ambiance, hospitable waiters and good food. Since I had two females with me drinking as well, we are asked to provide age proof which the girls obliged, much to the relief of the managers (and to me!). Afterall, me drinking alone wouldn’t really be a nice thing to do!

Anyhoo, we ordered for 2 smirnoff and one margarita followed by Peshawari Chicken Pizza, Garlic Bread with spicy cheese and fish cigars. While the first round got the women high (while according to them they were pretty normal and that I was buzzing instead!),  we went ahead with another round to prove our ‘stamina’. Anyways, coming back to the food, the peshawari, spicy like it sounds was ordered by my friend who cannot take spicy food. I think it was the drinks talking when she ordered the spicy pizza! The pizza was good though and so was the spicy cheese garlic bread.

Then came the fish, my southie friend cannot live without fish and she has to have fish when she goes outside. And what better than fish cigars which was nothing by sheesh kabab! The cigars were good! we even acted like we were smoking cigars!!!! I think fish cigars is definately one of those things you have to order if you are in Poptates.

Another thing I noticed about the place was, that there were couples, friends, families – people came to have a few drinks, some just came to eat and have a good time, children were there as well! That ascertains that Poptates has created an image of a restaurant that caters to anyone and everyone. They even have special birthday celebrations upon request.

A very good place to hang out and have a few drinks. Not the cheapest of places though as we three spent INR 1355 collectively on food + drinks.

Garcias Famous Pizza

January 12, 2009 Leave a comment

Address: Juhu Vile Parle Scheme, Road-13 , Juhu , Mumbai- 400049

Landmark Opposite Juhu Church

Full Review:

I have been to quite a few different Garcias’ outlets and I must say the place has held its own amongst the worst pizza places you can go to! Me and my college friends were out for some pizza treat and Garcias being nearby we thought we’d drop in.

After waiting for 30 odd mins we had to call the waiter to place our orders of pizzas. And we waited another 30 mins for the pizzas to arrive! So for an hour all we did was just wait!

The pizza’s themselves weren’t what you would expect. Thin, so thin that it was impossible to hold them and eat instead we were rolling them up and eating them like spring rolls!

I do not know about the veg pizza but the non-veg one really sucked! Incidentally, I had the same pizza (chicken pahadi) as I had when I went there for the first time. Back then, more than 3 years ago, it was cheap, and very very good and almost the best pizza you could have! But this was 3 years ago and now they are just milking the customers by offering sub-standard products.

My veggie friends had also ordered some veg sheek kebab pizza which had diced chilly in it making it taste a whole like something totally different that a pizza!

We paid nearly 175 per person and honestly speaking thats like way too much for sub-standard pizza! A 12 inch pizza hardly looks 12 inch, is way too thin and had very less topping!

We had gone to Joey’s just a day before the trip to Garcias and I must say, Joey’s is the king of pizza joints! A 12 inch pizza is cheaper than the one you get in Garcias, is a lot bigger in size, a generous amount of toppings and no let-off in the quntity of chicken or paneer either!

Its a shame garcias isn’t the same it used to be. So definately not worth it atall!

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Joey’s Pizza

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Address: Shop No.6 and 7, Upvan Building, Behind Indian Oil Colony, Andheri (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26304808, 26304809

Full Review: Joey’s Pizza is arguably one of the best (if not the best) pizza joints i have had the pleasure of satiating my appetite.
The place is big enough but i am guessing they make more money by way of home delivery. Good place for a family, friends or a date; they got tables for everyone.
One thing i like about that place is its located in a residential area, pretty quiet, no hustle bustle of commercial district; definitely a great place to enjoy your meal.
Every time I have been there I have always ordered a 12 inch pizza (off course with friends ;)).

The service at Joey’s is good though off course they take their own sweet time in getting the pizza which sometimes takes more than 30 minutes! (Now you know why they do not do the ’30 mins of free’ deliveries)
Until that time try the cheese garlic bread, an absolute treat!
But the time taken does not matter anymore after u take that first bite after the pizza has arrived! Hot and fresh! One bite and you will swear not to go to any other pizza place again!
The pizza tastes good with a good amount of cheese on it! There are a lot of toppings too. A lot of cheese coupled with a lot of toppings does make the pizza a little too soft for my liking but what the heck the taste is still unbeatable.

The pricing is pretty standard and they got different categories like I, II and III where you get different pizzas for different prices ranging from the cheapest, the basic cheese pizza all the way to the mixed meat pizza!
For first timers try the Category III pizzas (All of them are pretty good)

On the pricing front, one 12 inch + garlic bread plus soft drink will set you back by Rs.400.