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Papa Pancho da Dhaba, bada lassi da glass

As the title reads, Papa Pancho does serve a big glass of Lassi. Served in a traditional way, the Lassi alone can satiate a lot of people, for the quantity is a lot. The only other place I know of which serves a huge glass of Lassi is the now closed down Grill Cottage at Carter Road.

The glutton that I am, a lassi wouldn’t satisfy me. So I ordered for a Bhuna Gosht Meal and a Lachcha Paratha. Since it was two people sharing the meal, my first impressions was that the main course quantity was low. No complains with the food though. We thoroughly enjoyed the red meat (mutton) which was succulent. The Lachcha Paratha  was one of the better Parathas I have had in recent times.

The meal was expensive at INR 250 for the Bhuna Gosht and INR 35 for the Lachcha Paratha. The Lassi priced at INR 85, a bit exorbitant, even as the quantity was  quite good.

Wouldn’t mind visiting the place again to try the chicken fare but that may not happening anytime soon due to the high prices here.

Oh, and before I forget the ambiance here reminded me of Pratap da Dhaba, though on a smaller scale. Though I love Bandra, I rather go to Pratap da Dhaba for some affordable Punjabi Food. Though, I think, I will miss the bada lassi da glass!

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WOW at Summer Bliss at 5 Spice

March 27, 2010 3 comments

5 Spice serves one of the best Chinese Foods in Mumbai. There is little doubt that good food and great ambiance are one of its biggest attractions. However, 5 Spice also serves excellent desserts. One of them being Summer Bliss. Sinful, to say the least, it is much like a sizzling brownie except it comes in a humongous glass bowl. Brownies, ice cream and a liberal dosage of nuts makes it an excellent dessert option. off course it is for INR 140 but if five people can share it, then price doesn’t matter.

Besides Summer Bliss for dessert one can try out the Spicy Pot Chicken which is a complete meal full of rice, veggies and offcourse chicken! To have along with the Spicy Pot Chicken, one can order for a Lemon Mojito Mocktail which is an excellent cooler for the hot summer months in Mumbai.

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Java Expresso, The second visit

The second time around (For the first review read here), visited Java Expresso for its free WIFI. Got a new phone to keep up cricket updates from the Indian Premier League (IPL). But my LG GT 505 ran out juice (hadn’t charged it for over 2 days!) so couldn’t really use the free WIFI. Anyhoo, this gave me the chance to try something new here. So ordered for a Cafe Hazelnut which was really nice. Though, it disappointed a bit since the hazelnut flavour was less and the coffee didn’t seem right.

Besides the Hazelnut coffee, ordered a Java Potato Basket for the gang. You cannot go wrong with the Java Potato Basket, period. Another new coffee we tried was the Iced Caramel. The difference between the Coffee Caramelo and the Iced Caramelo is the ice though the iced version is Rs.10 extra. Wondering how and when water became so costly?

BTW, there is a Java Expresso at Goregoan East as well. Had the Chocolate Excess (pastry) here. Was descent for its price. It is located in the second lane after Oberoi Mall in Goregaon. This lane leads up to to Oberoi Woods, a residential complex.

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Wanton House, Hill Road, Bandra

March 1, 2010 5 comments

Wanton House is this, surprisingly, little known place opposite Spice Tree in Bandra. A Chinese outlet, Wanton House is similar in ambiance to Dynasty in Santacruz though the former is bit more cramped up especially for big people (like your’s truly).

Went for dinner with Rock Chic and since we were both hungry, we set aside our dieting goals to gorge on some Chinese goodness.  First up we ordered for Wantons (now don’t be surprised at the choice!) and Chicken Shanghai Fried Rice. The Wantons were deep fried but were quite different from what I thought are Wantons. The filling is too small even as the number of Wantons is quite good (about 10). This was followed by the crunchy Shanghai Fried Rice which could easily suffice 3 people. The quantity is extremely good at Wanton House, though the pricing is about double that of Jimmy’s Kitchen. At Rs.160 for the rice, it wasn’t the best made Chinese food, far from it! The schzewan was a little over the top, negating any other flavours in the meal. I would have expected better for Rs.160!

A cramped up place, Wanton House is quite good for a cosy meal with the advantage of free WIFI. Though I would rate it 3/5 for food, the service was good, a smiling waiter/waitress will always get bonus points (double points for a waitress!) from me!

Boat Club, Pali Hill, Bandra

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

It has been a long time since I went drinking and dancing and no better place in Bandra than Boat Club, as I found out! After a round of coffee with friends, some of us, including Blogger Dude, headed to Boat Club after getting to know that a friend was going to be playing that night. Three of us, grabbed a small round table near the bar and began our sessions while the DJ belted out some nice rock tunes. Located on top of Pali Presidency, Boat Club has been neglected by Trance Dude for far too long!

Boat Club has a rustic feel to it with a predominant wooden decor. It is a great place to hang out with friends though the waiters hovering around the table can get a bit irritating. It has an oval-shaped bar and smallish dance floor. Though dancing is not restricted to just the dance floor and anyone can dance anywhere.  The waiters here wear half sleeve angler jackets to give a more authentic look to the  ‘boat club’. The jackets though resemble photographer’s jackets more like anglers jackets.Had a beer and since we were already stuffed on sandwiches and croissants from Java Espresso, we did not eat anything at the Boat Club but I imagine the food will be similar to Totos.

Boat Club isn’t the cheapest place but a must go for music lovers, friends and everyone else! Don’t forget, Fridays are House Nights!

Salad at Candies, Pali Naka

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

The Salad at Candies has become famous with patrons. The salad offers fresh veggies and meat and is specifically directed at those who are health conscious (and Bandra has a lot many of those!!). The other day I went with my colleagues to take advantage of the 25% discount after 8 PM. So the salads cost us INR 60 which is a great price for fulfilling meal. Wanted to try every salad at the counter but my love (or maybe fetish??) for ‘white’ food was too overwhelming. So the plate was filled up with the potato chicken salad, fruit salad and chicken macaroni and some tuna salad as well. The tuna salad was there only ’cause it passed the test the last time I was here.

The meal, had at 9PM, was surprisingly fresh. The veggies were freshly cut and it seemed like the serving was prepared only a few minutes ago! It was a real treat for all of us to have fresh salads at that time of the hour! Though one thing I realised was that I don’t prefer fruits with veggies I rather have either fruit salad or just a normal salad!

Salad at Candies is always recommended and there is nothing like fresh salad!