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Maroosh, Chilly Powder in Shwarma, a first for me!

May 8, 2010 1 comment

Maroosh is a small restaurant located inside Pheonix Mills, Lower Parel, next to three ice cream parlours. Maroosh owners like to keep their footprint small as evident from their second (or was it the first one?) restaurant in Carter Road.
We ordered for Chicken Shawarmas. The quantity was good for Rs.100. Even though we went late were served up freshly cooked chicken and pita bread. There was a liberal dosage of hummus in the shawarma. Many other player serve yogurt instead to give it a more Indianised flavour. However, we were disappointed with the unevenness of the spices. What was surprising was the inclusion of chilly powder which was put in haphazardly. They probably put in the chilly powder at the behest of the ice parlours nearby so probably people would go there next after a meal at Maroosh! Convenient eh?
I think the Shawarma was good except for the chilly powder mixed with it.

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Jaihind, Jaihind to the Chicken Biryani

April 20, 2010 6 comments

Jai Hind is bang opposite my office but yet it took me a good 2 months to finally order something from here. Have eaten here before so was assured that I wouldn’t be disappointed with the quality. The afternoon rush hour meant parcels could take anywhere between 60-120 minutes to travel a distance which is like than 100 metres! So, the wily young fox that I am, I collected the parcel from there.

Ordered for a Chicken Biryani. The Biryani is very much like Hyderabadi Biryani with loads of spicy in it. The gravy is a bit dry which is not such a bad thing. The chicken was cooked in the same gravy and I liked the way the way the taste of gravy and the chicken was assimilated into the gravy. The quantity is excellent as well and for Rs.150 it was worth the 20 minutes wait in the hot sun outside Jai Hind!

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AER Bar and Lounge, Thumbs up for the view of the city!

April 2, 2010 2 comments

Aer Bar and Lounge, on the 34th Floor of Mumbai’s Four Seasons hotel, is perhaps the roof of the city. This open air lounge makes for a perfect setting for a romantic date or a business meet or a romantic date (more suited for this, hence the weightage) or just hanging out with friends. Since it is located in Four Seasons, or rather, on top of Four Seasons, Aer boasts of well-heeled clientele. Now now, I wouldn’t say I  am one amongst the well-heeled but heck a special occasion called for a special place. And besides, find me a place that gives a 360 degree view of City.

The ambiance, is governed by the weather. If it is hot, you are not going to enjoy sitting here but if it nice and breezy then there is no better place. I guess, this is why the place opens only at 5:30 PM in the evening. Makes for an amazing place to watch the sunset.

The place is set up pretty well. The bar area is surrounded by 2 pax tables while the rest of the place is a mix of group seating and some cosy seating for couples. The setup is really good but it isn’t something that will make one go ‘WOW’. But the view, well, that is something you do say WOW!

But the same cannot be said for the drinks. We ordered for a couple of mocktails. There was nothing special about the mocktails and my companion even joked that the same can be made at home very easily! Well that was true. How difficult is it to make a Mojito? The other drink was titled Blue, made of Lychee Juice, Mint Leaves and Blue Curacao. Again, nothing special. Move on.

While we sipped on our drinks, we were still going WOW at the view. Haji Ali on one side and the Bandra Worli Sea Link on the other was one thing, but imagine seeing the Powai Lake in all its glory? To give a perspective, it takes an hour to reach Four Seasons from Powai Lake which is about 30 kilometers away from the hotel. (assuming all roads are empty and all signals are green!!!).

As the sun set, lights started to come on – one by one. Street lights, followed by a few residential complexes, the city was being transformed. Living here for 25 years, this was the first time I saw such a transformation on such a grand scale. The city lit up slowly and if the view during sunset wasn’t pretty enough, with the lights on, the city looked beautiful, almost sexy in many ways!

Again, the panoramic view was a sight to behold. Mumbai, officially, looks pretty at night.

But before I bore you more with this, I ordered for a New York Cheese cake. The cake was accompanied by the strawberry and cranberry sauce and strawberry ice cream. The first thing to note here was that the strawberry ice cream wasn’t pink like it is in most places. Second thing, the cheese cake wasn’t heavy. Probably used Parmesan cheese but not sure of it. It was a pretty good cheese cake!

Overall, the drinks disappointed but the cheese cake was the saving grace but what really gives this place the charm is its view. Come here after 7 pM and you will not be disappointed!

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Zenzi Mills, Lower Parel

January 19, 2010 1 comment

Zenzi Mills is an offshoot of Zenzi, Bandra. Similar in ambiance, Zenzi Mills offers a large rectangular bar with a small dance floor and another one on the top floor. The entry at Zenzi Mills is generally free which is such a refresher from the usual rigmarole of other places.

Going in a group or with ur friends/lovers is all good at Zenzi Mills. One can always hop over to Zenzi’s next door neighbour blue Frog if the Mills music isn’t to their taste. But for Trance Dude, it was a great night. Loved the ambiance, the music and the crowd. You’d expect a sophisticated crowd in Lower Parel, which is what Zenzi is all about.

As expected, the price of the booze is much higher here than say in Bandra. So pint of beer would set you back by INR 200 (taxes included). Trance dude being back from Goa recently, was in no mood to pay so much for beer especially after getting high on Kingfisher available for INR 35 in Goa!!

Anyways, Zenzi Mills is the place to go to these days if one wants to have a great time. Don’t forget, place shuts by 1:30 PM.