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Open affair, an affair with Italian cuisine

March 21, 2010 3 comments

Its been more than two years since I went to Open Affair last. This time thought of trying out something Italian in this multi cuisine restaurant. But before that, we ordered for a Pahadi Kebab which was just about ok. I distinctly remember the food being really good when I was here last time around. The Kebab was a bit spicy but the chicken was a disappointment. It felt like the chicken wasn’t fresh. It wasn’t juicy or tender either.

We also ordered for a Blue Sea, made out of ice, sprite and curacao. The Blue Sea is a nice drink.

Next up we ordered for a Risotto. It is an Italian dish and according to the Wikipedia – Risotto is a traditional Italian rice dish cooked with broth  and flavored with parmesan cheese and other ingredients, which can include meat, fish or vegetables. The name means literally “little rice” and it is one of the most common ways of cooking rice in Italy. Well, a Risotto should ideally include a lot of veggies, meat, cheese and sauce.

The one offered at Open Affair is accompanied by one of the three sauces including a Paprika sauce which we ordered for. The sauce is mildly spicy but not as good as the one at Out of the Blue.

The rice used was a short grain rice which is what a Risotto should be made of which was good to see. However, the menu said Arborio rice which I am not sure you get here (unless imported, which explains the high price) though a similar variety is available from South India. The cheese though, wasn’t sure which one it was. The disappointment though was the lack of veggies. There were a few salad items here and there and garlic bread too but overall the Risotto seemed to lack the veggies which otherwise would have made it a great dish!

Overall, the Risotto was good but could have been better. The Pahadi Kebab was a major let down while the drink was ok. Honestly, I am disappointed with Open Affair for they have increased the prices but the Quality of food hasn’t gotten any better.


Food: 3/5 – Good Food but wouldn’t come here again if the prices remain the same!

Price: 2/5 – Too expensive. Don’t mind paying but the food should live up to its price tag!

Ambiance: 3/5 – The outside section is too noisy but cannot blame them for the restaurant is right on Carter Road.

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Starters Bing at The Club, Santacruz West

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

A friend gave me a birthday treat at his club at Santacruz, Mumbai. He being veg, we decided, rather I decided to order veg starters. Started with a Cheese Paneer starter. Paneer is basically cottage cheese, so essential it was Cheese Cottage Cheese Crispy!! The dish was alright, nothing too special about it. The cheese was kinda too much as we couldn’t really taste the feel the paneer, feel and not taste as the Paneer is generally bland in nature. Following up the cottage cheese, or no cottage cheese dish was a special dish made from deep fried bread. forgot the name, but it was one heavy dish! extremely oily and could easily give anyone a heart attack. Thankfully I am a healthy (*cough* *cough*) bloke so could digest it without any problems!

The heart attack reciepe was followed up with the Paneer Crispy and then the Chicken Reshmi Kabab. Both was good dishes to end our dinner prematurely as none of us was hungry anymore for the main course! The Paneer crispy had a bit of colour (as in spice!) to it while the Reshmi Kebab as always was bright yellow. They just love their turmeric these club people!!

Anyways after an average meal which ended up being a good meal by the end of cost my friend INR 270. Not so cheap when you consider that people become members at various clubs so that they can avail of good and more importantly cheap food! But the booze prices at the clubs are quite cheap, infact so cheap that no other place in the city can compete with such low rates! I guess that makes these clubs a drunkards paradise!

Anyhoo, coming back to topic, well the meal was good.  I have been here a few times before and I wouldn’t mind coming here again!

A note: You need to know someone who is a member of the club to eat there. This is the rule across all such clubs or gymkhana in Mumbai.

The Banana Bar

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Address: Hotel New Castle, First Floor, Above Only Parathas, Khar (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26480483, 26480481

Full Review: Alright, So me and my friend were searching for a place to chillout. Have been to Toto’s too many times, went to Temptation to check out that place which was pretty empty at 8:30 pm (As expected). So we headed out to Banana Bar.

About the Place:

We paid 300 per head as cover charge. On Friday Banana Bar hosts Salsa nights from 9:30-11:30 pm. We were there at 9 pm.

The Music:
The Dj was playing some nice soft rock while I gulped down on some Vodka and my friend on some Beer.
Later at 9:30pm he started pumping out some nice Salsa tunes, believe me i don’t do Salsa but the beats surely got me dancing, albeit by myself only lol. After 11:30 he dished out some house/hip hop tunes which for some reason went exactly in the same order as it did in Hawaiian Shack on Wednesday when i was there!!! Nothing special really when it came to hip hop/house, the same old, the same old choons you’d hear everywhere else.

The Crowd:
Most of the people who had come there were regulars and most knew Salsa too. For the first time i saw a gathering of Salsa dancers, pretty nice sight i must say. People had gathered just for the 2 hours of salsa. Some of them (Well most of them) were like pro’s who must have been coming here every since this place opened!!
The crowd was pretty hip, some very pretty women and cool dudes. What startled me was how quickly the place was deserted when the music shifted genres. But ah well, i guess it was expected.

The ambiance:
A very chilled out place, had two big screens (the challenger trophy was being telecast). Very spacious, to allow for maximum number of people to dance their hearts out, a good thing i must say. The place is divided into two sections : one inside where the actual dancing happens, and another outside overlooking the Linking Road where you could sit and relax and catch up with your folks.
The place wasn’t very dark, a good thing, good lightning and good service too.

The Cost:
Well a Vodka cost me Rs.150.
A Beer cost my friend: Rs.120

Everything ‘food’ there was around 180 and above so we didnt bother eating anything there (Except for the chaklis that was served with the booze).

Other nights:

On thursday’s they got Karaoke nights and from Monday-Wednesday, they got retro nights (rock/hip hop) etc.

Overall, we got bored there cause none of us knew Salsa, and seeing other people enjoy so much made me jealous! It was only when the deejay started dishing out house was when it felt nice. But really, if your a Salsa lover, you gotta make this your regular Friday hang-out.

Definitely worth checking out atleast once.

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Out of the Blue

December 9, 2008 5 comments

Address: Hotel Pali Hills, 14 Union Park, Off Carter Rd, Khar (W), Mumbai
Tel: 26058227
What’s good: Cheese fondue and the paparika sauce!
Full Review:
So I finally made it to Out of The Blue after much delay and despair. With tables already booked we did not have to wait outside (though confusion amongst the gang led us to book 2 tables instead of one!!) The hostess, who was extremely helpful, helped us out of the whole conundrum by directing us to where the rest of the gang was sitting!
Anyways, getting back to the review, the first thing that hit me about the place (besides the courteous hostess) was the decor and ambiance. Till date, I haven’t been to a place where I wanted to stay longer not because of the food but for the look and feel of the place. It also has a live singing performance which adds to the whole experience of dining at Out of The Blue.
Fast forwarding to our orders, we first started off with drinks and a starter. Drinks included, Cinderalla, Virgin Pincolada, Blue Driver, Italian Kiss and Guava Fizz. Fortunately for me, I could try out all these drinks. They also have a pretty impressive selection of wines and hard drinks as well. The only think I can really say is, order what you want, you will not be disappointed in the drinks departments. The mocktails, were made out of fresh fruits which was quite evident from the taste.
The starter, Cottage Cheese CorianderJalepenos Paneer, was yummy though a bit bland.
We also ordered for the Cheese Fondue which was quite filling and we were unsure whether after that we could possible have the main course. However, we decided, why not so ordered for: Paneer Steak Paprika, Chicken and Prawn pasta, Chicken Masala Mafia, Grill Breast Chicken and the Desi Veg shaslik.
The Italian stuff was quite good though the quantity of chicken and prawns was a little less than say what you get at Da Vinci, but the penne was awesome and the quantity good as well!
The veg sizzlers were a delight really. The Paprika Sauce was just something quite extra ordinary. between the two who ordered the veg sizzlers, nearly 5 servings of Paprika sauce were shared!!!
My friend, who thought he ordered a sizzlers but ended up ordering a BBQ, was served the BBQ as a sizzler on request (yes yes with cheese on top of it!), which I thought was a really good gesture from the management.
We paid Rs.3262 for a sumptuous meal coupled with an amazing ambiance, very very courteous hostesses/waiters/management and a live performance from a really good singer! It was a delightful sight to see people singing along!
Out of The Blue is definitely on my list of ‘special dining places for special occasions’. And just for the record, we were celebrating our friend’s birthday!