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Brewer’s cafe – Shakes are good, disappointed with the food

May 16, 2010 11 comments

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Hunting for a good place to unwind with a few non-alcoholic drinks, we landed up at Brewers Cafe. Brewer’s Cafe is close to Mega Mall, Oshiwara and an ideal place to hang out to avoid the mall crowds!

We got ourselves a good cosy seat and made it home for the next 3 hours! Quickly glanced through the menu and ordered ourselves two cold coffee creams, one with chocolate and another without. The cold drinks were really good and rejuvenating especially in this heat.

Along we the shake we ordered something to eat. French Fries with Cheese on top. The cheese used was Mozzarella. It was a crunchy treat along with the coffee shakes.

Endless conversations ensued but hunger pangs led us to order chicken nuggets. These are a lot different than at McDonalds for instance and far better too. Thorough enjoyed the nuggets with the tomato sauce. It was a chicken cutlet/puff mix with some pieces of chicken.

Next up we ordered for the Chicken Burger which is quite cheap here. At Rs.46 it is an excellent purchase though fresh veggies wouldn’t hurt! Chicken pattie is good and not overly cooked.

The food was good but we were disappointed in the end with the Mango Shake. It didn’t contain any real mango just extremely sweet mango flavour.

I think Brewer’s cafe is a happy place to hang out. The coffee is good here and there are other options too. However, it is clear the emphasis is more on the coffee here so fruit flavoured drinks are out of to-try list. The pastas seemed to be on everyone’s menu and we probably missed the boat. I think one can try the pasta here along with some yummy chicken nuggets.

Brewer’s cafe ain’t expensive so one can enjoy the time spent here without having to worry about burning a hole in one’s wallet.

Over Ratings:

Food: 3.5/5

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Price: 3/5

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McDonald’s – Chicken Nuggets Worthy Competitor to KFC?

As we all know, the Chicken Nuggets which were recently introduced by McDonald’s have been a success! In face of stiff competition from KFC’s own Boneless Chicken Bucket, McDonald’s released its own version of Boneless Chicken Pieces aka the Nuggets!!!

Nuggets come in 2 packs – 6 pack (LOL!!) and 9 pack with each consisting of 6 and 9 pieces each! Interesting to note here is that the 6 pack only come with a single choice of sauce (Either barbeque or musturd – who wants musturd anyways?) while the 9 pack comes with both sauces, no questions asked. So I went ahead and bought a value meal with a 9 pack, french fries (For my friend offcourse!) and coke. The nuggets were over in no time while my friend kept gorging on the french fries like there was nothing better in life than french fries!!


Pros: Boneless pieces of chicken, bundled with barbeque sauce, less oily

Cons: Small in size, too dry (not juicy chicken)

The verdict: Not a must have, can fill your stomach with something better than having small pieces of chicken. But if you are looking for a quick meal and then look no further than the nuggets! For starters, they are good as starters :D.

I think, KFC is better but with its limited reach KFC can only serve so many customers! Its McDonald’s all the way for the most of the folks who may never try KFC!

A suggestion for McDonald’s: They should introduce chicken Nuggets + Coke Float for a much more filling meal.

Mini Punjab – Mini Fun Max Bill!

Alright then since the tag line is pretty evident that this blog entry isn’t about praising the restuarant I am going to cut right down to the chase.

Having been here once before I knew what to expect and so did my other friend but we were a bit surprised at the bill we got.  Oh! but before we go to the bill let me start from the beginning.

Ok so saturday night, looking for a place to eat some good food and I decided to check out Mini Punjab. Once we got a table we quickly ordered everything we wanted to eat. Lassi, Paneer Tikka, Paneer Tikka Masala, Pahadi Kabab and Chicken Peshawari.

Oh and one more thing, the place was stinking of pee! I was like wtf!! It wasn’t that pungent but it lingered and it just sucked. After a while I guess we got used to it and it stopped mattering to us. But we had to bear the smell until our food arrived which was after quite sometime. And the waiter even mixed our order. He forgot that we had ordered a Pahadi Kabab and not the guys behind us! Dont they write table numbers on orders???? (but offcourse all through the night I noticed this one particular waiter forgetting things. He forgot orders, forgot when we asked him for a finger bowl. Must have something going on in his mind who knows??).

Anyways once the food arrived so did the lassi. The lassi was so thick it was hardly lassi more like curd! And we were given straws to sip on the lassi but alas! they are of no use to us. We drank lassi the way it should be had and that is without any straws!! The lassi or curd wasn’t so bad and nor was the veg starter. The non-veg starter pahadi kabab, though, was good.  Not the most delicious starters we have had but it didn’t go into our ‘yucks what is this?’ list!

But I don’t think I can say they same about the Chicken Peshawari. The gravy was quite watery and quite tasteless as well. I know the gravy isn’t supposed to be very thick but this was like chicken soup man! Didn’t seem like there was much masala put in there nor was there any salt. It just wasn’t worth its 150-200 price tag. I have tasted much much better than Mini Punjab for much much cheaper though yes, the chicken quantity was quite good and the chicken tender as well but tasteless!. The paneer sabji was the same I would say. Nothing too great to write home about. Quite disappointed at the main course. To be honest, the dishes completed the whole experience of bad smell, slow service, forgetful waiters, and tasteless food! Atleast they are being quite consistent across the whole gamut of hospitality services! kudos to them!

I forgot the bill! The bill was definitely the icing on the cake. At 200 per person this place isn’t cheap especially with the kind of food they serve. They were given a second chance by yours truly to prove themselves and they failed at it. I so do not think I going there to eat again lest offcourse I have this strong urge to have some curd and my mommy isn’t around to make some for me!

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Mumbai Times Cafe

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Address: Crystal Shoppers Paradise, Fifth Floor, Off Linking Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 66711587

Full Review: I was there a couple of weeks ago, went in there to escape the heat. The review below aptly describes the ambiance and the fact that menu left much to be desired.
Anyways, my friend ordered a pint (as it was happy hours, there was a buy one get one free offer). I didn’t feel like drinking so ordered non-alcoholic beverage, so i ordered for a Jumbo chocolate shake ( i think that’s what its called). Well it surely was Jumbo. But here’s the sad part – it tasted exactly like bournvita 😦 .
Not worth the money.
There was also a selection of Hukkas in the veranda outside but we didn’t try that out that day. The have a nice array of magazines that you can read while your there, it includes business magazines, lifestyle magazines , women related magaziness etc etc. if your bored you can watch TV too. they got 2 screens and one projector to screen important sports events and the like.

Overall seemed like a nice place to chillout with your friends, but the menu badly needs some more additions. So like the dude below me, i’ll go and check out that place sometime later to see how its progressed so far.