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Mamma Mia, Hill Road, Bandra

February 7, 2010 2 comments

Mamma Mia is a pretty popular eatery amongst office goers, college folks and bored people with nothing to do! And Mamma Mia loves the attention it gets! But apparently owners got a bit too greedy and decided to milk the crowd! How? Keep the price same, save on the food by effectively reducing the size of the burger!

My guess is that the burgers are the most popular items on the menu here and its hard to imagine why! A single burger can easily fill anyone’s tummy but the new V2.0 is nearly half the size hence effectively doubling a table’s billing amount unless a smaller burger suffice their palates!

No complaints with the pasta and the french fries. Fries were crisp and left us wondering how they make these while the pasta was the usual cheesy affair!

Though we liked the food we weren’t happy with the reduced quantity of the same. Mamma Mia suddenly seemed expensive to us than affordable as it was earlier! I only hope they get back to normal or else they may end up loosing customers sooner than later!

Java Espresso Coffee Co, Pali Hill, Bandra

February 2, 2010 6 comments

Java Espresso is cozy little coffee-house in the same building as Citi Centre, a fashion store. It’s just ahead of the Pali Market on the road that goes towards Carter Road. There a sign board directing patrons to the coffee shop, it cannot be missed.

Once there, it is easy to know why people have a difficulty finding this place. It is located inside a residential building complex and hence has a homely atmosphere. There is ample seating space and we chose the one closest to the gate. Even while we were so close to the gate the settings were cozy and once seated we completely lost track of the time and didn’t realise when 4 hours flew by!

Since we were here for coffee, first up we ordered for our coffees including a Classic Mocha (Dark chocolate based coffee), coffee caramel and some starters to go with it, a Java Basket.

The Classic Mocha here is highly recommended. A rich blend of coffee and dark chocolate made this an instant addiction for me and Rock Chic. The rest tried the Coffee Caramelo which was good as well.

To go with our coffees and conversations, we tried the Java Basket. The basket included perfectly fried French fries and potato wedges. We ordered for two baskets later on as well. The highlight for us was the smile faces which echoed the mood of the gang.

The basket though really good, wasn’t going to fill the hungry tummies of 6 people. So some of us went ahead and ordered some sandwiches and Croissants.  I ordered the Chicken Sandwich and a Chicken Croissant. While the sandwich was not worth its salt, the croissant was really good. The sandwich had tomato sauce and small chicken pieces and wasn’t really what I had expected. The croissant on the other hand was stuffed with chicken though it wasn’t exactly like the ones you get at Cheron.

Though the food ranged from good to average, it was all worth it, for the prices at Java Espresso are quite reasonable. Between the six of us, we spent less than INR 100 per person, a figure unheard of at coffee jaunts across Mumbai. Great prices coupled with good ambiance makes Java Espresso my favourite coffee house for the month!

Prices: Classic Mocha – INR 46

Java Basket – INR 55

Chicken Tikka Sandwich – INR 33

Coffee caramelo – INR 36

Chicken Criossant – INR 30

They also have cheese cake which I plan to relish the next time I visit Java Espresso. Until next time, Bon Appetite!

First up we ordered for our coffees including a Classic Mocha (Dark choclate based coffee), coffee caramel and some starters to go with it, A Java Basket.

Manik, Calangute, Goa

January 6, 2010 1 comment

Manik wasn’t anything special the first time we visited this place . Not so cold Tuborg and nothing to write about Veg crispy was a real downer. However, we were here the next day as well as my friend wanted to smoke Hukka and Manik was relatively empty (in fact we were the only ones there!).

There was a marked difference in the attitude of the waiter the second time we came. A big broad smile greeted us and he was friendly with us throughout. We first ordered for a Grapemint Hukka and the waiter agreed to cut the price by INR 100 without we even asking him! This was a great move I though and the hukka he prepared didn’t let us down either. Good flavour and it continued for a few hours albeit with a few coal changes.

The wonderful hukka was accompanied by 2 plates of finger chips which was gobbled down or should I say inhaled by my ever hungry vegetarian friend! For dinner we ordered for Veg Manchurian and Chicken Tikka. Though the Manchurian was pretty bland, the Tikka was cooked in true tandoori style. Was absolutely delicious the chicken tikka – tender and soft and not overcooked even though it took some time to get it ready. The tikka was accompanied by salads and more finger chips.

Good hukka and some great chicken tikka really made my evening that day!. Surely going to Manik again. Though a word of advice – Me thinks, the cook doesn’t prepare veg meals as well as he does the non-veg ones.

Prices: Chicken Tikka – INR 210 (The most I have ever paid for chicken tikka!)

Veg Manchurian – INR 110

Finger Chips – INR 40

Hukka – INR 250 (Down from INR 350 without even requesting!)

Contact: 9860138091

McDonald’s – Chicken Nuggets Worthy Competitor to KFC?

As we all know, the Chicken Nuggets which were recently introduced by McDonald’s have been a success! In face of stiff competition from KFC’s own Boneless Chicken Bucket, McDonald’s released its own version of Boneless Chicken Pieces aka the Nuggets!!!

Nuggets come in 2 packs – 6 pack (LOL!!) and 9 pack with each consisting of 6 and 9 pieces each! Interesting to note here is that the 6 pack only come with a single choice of sauce (Either barbeque or musturd – who wants musturd anyways?) while the 9 pack comes with both sauces, no questions asked. So I went ahead and bought a value meal with a 9 pack, french fries (For my friend offcourse!) and coke. The nuggets were over in no time while my friend kept gorging on the french fries like there was nothing better in life than french fries!!


Pros: Boneless pieces of chicken, bundled with barbeque sauce, less oily

Cons: Small in size, too dry (not juicy chicken)

The verdict: Not a must have, can fill your stomach with something better than having small pieces of chicken. But if you are looking for a quick meal and then look no further than the nuggets! For starters, they are good as starters :D.

I think, KFC is better but with its limited reach KFC can only serve so many customers! Its McDonald’s all the way for the most of the folks who may never try KFC!

A suggestion for McDonald’s: They should introduce chicken Nuggets + Coke Float for a much more filling meal.