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Aurus @ Juhu

December 2, 2009 1 comment

Been to Aurus once but this time it was different. Came here for a dinner date with my school friends who I was meeting after ages. We almost had conversations like ‘OMG! Look how old u look! or ‘You have grown big’ you get the drift… Anyways, Aurus being expensive, I curtailed myself from ordering and let the orders! Though I should have known better. Had a chicken starter, which was just alright. The presentation (I assume that matters at Aurus) wasn’t up to the mark either. One would have thought they chicken would be accompanied by some salad dressing et al but none, we found.

Next up were a couple of vodka shots but since I had already had my pre-party pegs I avoided more shots! But sadly, still ended up splurging INR 1500 on a dinner that never was!



December 18, 2008 2 comments

Address: 001/b, Krystal, 206 Patkar Marg, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26423006, 26423007, 9820123177

Full Review: I have been to Poison only on Wednesday nights since all i listen to is Trance/House. I must say the first time i was there was back in 2005 ( I think) when solar stone were down here in Mumbai. Though it was an experience never to forget, the sound system was a big let down. Did not go there for almost a year after that but as fate would have it I was at Poison on a Thursday dancing to Pearl dishing it out! Man O Man was that a night to remember! the sound completely blew me off and yes as someone said here, the bass really makes your hair stand up!!!
The sound system is an absolute treat, amazing clarity. Really makes you wanna let your hair down (unless its not already standing up cause of the bass) and dance your heart out.

Poison is easily the best club in Mumbai. I have seen the pretties women at Poison, which is one reason why i love going there. The booze is incredibly expensive (atleast for me).
A Beer (local) costs Rs.150 while the foreign ones will set you back by Rs.300 and all this for a pint.
Vodka large shot is for Rs.400. A breezer is for Rs.200.

The club definitely has strict entry rules (especially for stags) and the entry + cover sets you back by Rs.1500. Pretty costly but the place is worth experiencing atleast once.


December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

ddress: Leela Kempinski Hotel, Sahar Airport, Sahar, Andheri (E), Mumbai

Tel: 66911234, 66911219, 66911220

Full Review: Well something about the management first. Its brand new, promoted by Dj Aqeel (and is not handled by the Leela Management).
I was at Bling for Dj Pearl’s weekly house dosage on Wednesday night. Since the disc is in a hotel I think it can remain open till after 4 AM (thought I left at 3:30 AM)
The place is nicely decked up, I loved the ambiance there, almost lounge like though its a Disco. OH! they got a lot of balls (big balls) on the ceiling, almost faking the illusion of a chandelier hanging on top. They got lasers too! A blue laser beam from the left (if your facing the DJ console) stretches all the way across the place (as its quite small).
The DJ Console is closed box (with a plexi-glass so you can see through the DJ) Though the Console is on the same level as the dance floor from the outside, its raised from the inside (heck pearl is not taller than me!). Opposite the console is the bar which stocks quite a collection of booze.
The place can accomodate around 200-250 people. There is seating space too but the bouncers did not allow any to sit as they all had a ‘reserved’ tag on them which is a shame cause for the four hours I was there we did not see anyone sitting on the couch (Except for this couple that was making out right next to the DJ console)

The entry is pretty cheap Rs.500 per person (dunno rates for couples) They got guestlists too (and I was on one of em, so got in free). There was some fight a few nights ago outside Bling so those guys were a bit jittery to let us stags in which they eventually did after we talked to the manager (and being on Pearl’s guestlist did help too) 😀

The booze is quite costly, (offcourse, less the number of people costlier the booze). A pint of beer set us back by Rs.350. Vodka costs around Rs.500. Definitely not in my league (or the other way round!)

Bottomline – You gotta check out this new place atleast once. I think its open only on wed, thurs, fri and sat :).

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Vie Lounge

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Address: 102, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26603003, 26604884

Full Review:

I have been to Vie now twice in three weeks and each time as a stag, thank god for the guestlists!!
Anyways, both times I entered, I headed straight to the dance floor cause that is exactly what I was there for. I really liked the place for one thing: its right there overlooking Juhu Beach. The feeling that surrounds you while you stare at the pitch black ocean from the comfort of your seat cannot be compared. It is by far one of the best places to take a date or just hangout with your friends, I must say.
Just had a couple of drinks while I was there, Jack Daniels being my preferred poison. A small dance floor but that is acceptable if you look at the larger scheme of things. People wouldn’t come here to just shake their booties but to sit, eat, relax, chill, de-stress and maybe then shake a leg or two.
Overall, not a bad place to chillout but then i rather go to a disc or a lounge not a place that wants to be both.

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