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Mia Cucina, finally food that tastes Italian

Mia Cucina is a small restaurant Italian restaurant in Pali Naka Bandra. The place has an upmarket ambiance and a price to go with!

The ambiance is soothing and relaxing which is a big plus point of Mia Cucina. The crowd is essentially Bandraites along with foreign people who live nearly. We were there early but couldn’t find a table inside the A/C section so had to sit outside but thankfully, the cool evening breeze and lower humidity levels kept us from sweating.

The menu here is unique in a way that it is hand written. The person who wrote the menu has a clear handwriting! But this was a unique surprise especially after the hand written bill served to us by Deja Vu.

But we did order ourselves some coolers. We called for a Black Soda which was essentially cranberry juice with soda.
For starters we ordered for a Bruschetta Pollo. The bread was crunchy, cheesy and laden with Balsamic Vinegar. It had a nice taste to it, a bit tangy but tasty. However, I felt the Brushetta was a let down, especially compared to the food items we had subsequently.

For main course we called for Strozzapreti Con Pollo. Strozzapreti is what gave the meal its character. Parmesan cheese along with chicken cubes and tomato sauce made for a somewhat bland main course.

We were surprised we didn’t get any more sauces along with the main course. Probably should have asked but do not think they give any other sauces otherwise.

Oh, before I forget, they offer Sour Bread and home-made butter as appetizers. It was the first time for me with sour bread and the taste grew on me, as it is generally so with bread and me!

The meal was filling and was topped up with White Chocolate Cheese Cake. Tasted like Milky White with Cheese Cake in the mix.

Overall, we opined that Mia Cucina served excellent Italian Food and the service isn’t bad either. However, the price was a bit higher but it made up for the ambiance and the food. The overall bill was Rs.709 with the breakup as follows: Black Soda: Rs.65, Bruschetta: Rs.150, Strozzapreti: Rs.275, White Chocolate Cheesecake: Rs. 140

I think Mia Cucina is a good place to hang out, have good food and soak in the environment. Outside seating is recommended especially late in the evenings. Apparently the pizzas here are nice so if any of you guys try it out, do not forget to leave your comments here!

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Candies, Bland Chicken Biryani, sour salads!

April 21, 2010 3 comments

Candies is probably the best restaurant in Bandra where food is light on the tummy and the prices even more so on the wallet. The wide variety of food items here is complemented by a variety of desserts. On this documented trip, one of the many countless trips, we ordered for a Chicken Tikka Biryani and a plate of mixed salad. Salads here extremely healthy and are generally replenished quickly as most salad items are in demand here!

We took a mixture of corn, potato and chicken macaroni salad. Sadly, the macaroni salad was a bit sour and that kinda spoilt the taste of the entire salad. The biryani was just about alright as well. From the taste it was clear the pack of rice and chicken has been lying on the counter for a few hours. Stale bland biryani, was the way my friend aptly described it.

However, the only good experience on this trip was the Baked lemon cheese cake which was awesome! The Baked Cheese Cake was such a refreshing dessert. It wasn’t as heavy as the normal candies cheese cakes are usually. The texture smooth and the base was deliciously yummy unlike the soggy bases on some cheese cakes.

Overall disappointed though the baked cheese cake was a saving grace!

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Bread Talk

April 12, 2010 2 comments

Bread Talk is a quaint little bakery in Inorbit Mall, Malad West. They also have a branch in Hiranandani Powai. The bakery has a range of bread-based snack items along with pastries and cakes.  They have a light cheese cake which is one of the lightest cheese cake I have had. Quarter kg is for Rs.250, which is expensive but worth it!

Another good offering they have is the Chocolate Chip Cake. Soft and yummy with chocolate chips lacing the entire cake was treat for this dessert-starved soul!

I also got whole wheat bread from there. It was soft and yummy and healthy as well. Made toast and it was tasty, as much as the plain soft bread was. Though I would still prefer bread from Venus  Bakery, if Bread Talk was nearer, would go ahead and buy a packet of Whole Wheat Bread every week!

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AER Bar and Lounge, Thumbs up for the view of the city!

April 2, 2010 2 comments

Aer Bar and Lounge, on the 34th Floor of Mumbai’s Four Seasons hotel, is perhaps the roof of the city. This open air lounge makes for a perfect setting for a romantic date or a business meet or a romantic date (more suited for this, hence the weightage) or just hanging out with friends. Since it is located in Four Seasons, or rather, on top of Four Seasons, Aer boasts of well-heeled clientele. Now now, I wouldn’t say I  am one amongst the well-heeled but heck a special occasion called for a special place. And besides, find me a place that gives a 360 degree view of City.

The ambiance, is governed by the weather. If it is hot, you are not going to enjoy sitting here but if it nice and breezy then there is no better place. I guess, this is why the place opens only at 5:30 PM in the evening. Makes for an amazing place to watch the sunset.

The place is set up pretty well. The bar area is surrounded by 2 pax tables while the rest of the place is a mix of group seating and some cosy seating for couples. The setup is really good but it isn’t something that will make one go ‘WOW’. But the view, well, that is something you do say WOW!

But the same cannot be said for the drinks. We ordered for a couple of mocktails. There was nothing special about the mocktails and my companion even joked that the same can be made at home very easily! Well that was true. How difficult is it to make a Mojito? The other drink was titled Blue, made of Lychee Juice, Mint Leaves and Blue Curacao. Again, nothing special. Move on.

While we sipped on our drinks, we were still going WOW at the view. Haji Ali on one side and the Bandra Worli Sea Link on the other was one thing, but imagine seeing the Powai Lake in all its glory? To give a perspective, it takes an hour to reach Four Seasons from Powai Lake which is about 30 kilometers away from the hotel. (assuming all roads are empty and all signals are green!!!).

As the sun set, lights started to come on – one by one. Street lights, followed by a few residential complexes, the city was being transformed. Living here for 25 years, this was the first time I saw such a transformation on such a grand scale. The city lit up slowly and if the view during sunset wasn’t pretty enough, with the lights on, the city looked beautiful, almost sexy in many ways!

Again, the panoramic view was a sight to behold. Mumbai, officially, looks pretty at night.

But before I bore you more with this, I ordered for a New York Cheese cake. The cake was accompanied by the strawberry and cranberry sauce and strawberry ice cream. The first thing to note here was that the strawberry ice cream wasn’t pink like it is in most places. Second thing, the cheese cake wasn’t heavy. Probably used Parmesan cheese but not sure of it. It was a pretty good cheese cake!

Overall, the drinks disappointed but the cheese cake was the saving grace but what really gives this place the charm is its view. Come here after 7 pM and you will not be disappointed!

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Java Espresso Coffee Co, Pali Hill, Bandra

February 2, 2010 6 comments

Java Espresso is cozy little coffee-house in the same building as Citi Centre, a fashion store. It’s just ahead of the Pali Market on the road that goes towards Carter Road. There a sign board directing patrons to the coffee shop, it cannot be missed.

Once there, it is easy to know why people have a difficulty finding this place. It is located inside a residential building complex and hence has a homely atmosphere. There is ample seating space and we chose the one closest to the gate. Even while we were so close to the gate the settings were cozy and once seated we completely lost track of the time and didn’t realise when 4 hours flew by!

Since we were here for coffee, first up we ordered for our coffees including a Classic Mocha (Dark chocolate based coffee), coffee caramel and some starters to go with it, a Java Basket.

The Classic Mocha here is highly recommended. A rich blend of coffee and dark chocolate made this an instant addiction for me and Rock Chic. The rest tried the Coffee Caramelo which was good as well.

To go with our coffees and conversations, we tried the Java Basket. The basket included perfectly fried French fries and potato wedges. We ordered for two baskets later on as well. The highlight for us was the smile faces which echoed the mood of the gang.

The basket though really good, wasn’t going to fill the hungry tummies of 6 people. So some of us went ahead and ordered some sandwiches and Croissants.  I ordered the Chicken Sandwich and a Chicken Croissant. While the sandwich was not worth its salt, the croissant was really good. The sandwich had tomato sauce and small chicken pieces and wasn’t really what I had expected. The croissant on the other hand was stuffed with chicken though it wasn’t exactly like the ones you get at Cheron.

Though the food ranged from good to average, it was all worth it, for the prices at Java Espresso are quite reasonable. Between the six of us, we spent less than INR 100 per person, a figure unheard of at coffee jaunts across Mumbai. Great prices coupled with good ambiance makes Java Espresso my favourite coffee house for the month!

Prices: Classic Mocha – INR 46

Java Basket – INR 55

Chicken Tikka Sandwich – INR 33

Coffee caramelo – INR 36

Chicken Criossant – INR 30

They also have cheese cake which I plan to relish the next time I visit Java Espresso. Until next time, Bon Appetite!

First up we ordered for our coffees including a Classic Mocha (Dark choclate based coffee), coffee caramel and some starters to go with it, A Java Basket.


December 9, 2008 Leave a comment

Address: Amrapali Shopping Centre, V. L. Mehta Marg, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai
Tel: 66960902, 26107042
What’s it good for: Wine,cheese cakes,
Full Review: Alright Alright, yes I will talk about the entire dining experience but damn the range of cheese cakes they had, I so wish I could parcel each and everyone one of them!!
Anyways coming back to the review, it was a friend’s treat so we could, for once, not worry much about the bill!
So we ordered a liberal serving of starters and main course and some drinks as well. I know, or came to know, that this place is more known for its sea food but since we had a veggie with us, we decided to pass.
In drinks, we got lassi, ice tea and a smirnoff orange twist. They have a wide variety of wines as well and quite reasonably priced compared to most other places in and around Juhu.
Coming to the starters, we ordeed Aloo Cheese Ball and Paneer ka Salan. Expensive but worth every morsel!
Later we ordered for a Paneer Handi and Dal Bukhara. Quality wise – no complains, Quantity wise – a bit more wouldn’t hurt!
Lastly, for desserts, we had Malai Kulfi and a Bluberry Cheese Cake which was devoured by yours truly! I have come to like cheese cakes quite a lot these days and I thought it was the best cheese cake I have had till now. (Even though it seemed it was kept at the shelf for the whole day!)
The total bill came to Rs.1437.00. Pricey affair yes, but no complaints as far as quality is concerned.
Somehow I really liked this place a lot (Except for the noisy kids which is why it gets 3 stars!) the food and the ambiance were good and offcourse the cheese cake!!!

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Cheron Caterers

December 9, 2008 2 comments

Address: Opposite Sant Joseph Convent, 59 Hill Road, Hill Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050
What’s worth trying: Cheese Cake, Chocolate pasteries, Chicken Croissants and Chicken Biryani
Full Review: Cheron is one of my favourite places (atleast these days it is). Being walking distance from office Cheron does see this pot belly quite a few times in a week.
Its a small little place, which can get quite overcrowded during the afternoons when little kids and older kids and the adults converge upon Cheron to satiate their palates.
What I do like about Cheron are the snacks especially the non-veg offerings and the delicious pastries!
Favourites are the Croissants (Chicken Tikka, Malai and Schezwan Chicken) which are for Rs.30 each. They also have a mini version of these croissants for Rs.20.
Other varieties include chocolate croissant, cheese croissant, paneer croissant among others. They also stock roties including Chicken Reshmi Tikka Roti and offcourse a Paneer Roti as well.
Another thing to try is the Chicken Footlong which is for Rs.60 and has a lot of cheese on it. Its kinda like a pizza but straight and a foot in length!
Coming to the desserts, well, I honestly cannot remember the names sadly but I do like most of them (Atleast the ones I have tried). Love their Blueberry Cheese Cake as well (Rs.60). Most of their chocolate pastry offerings are good.
And oh yes totally forgot, the Chicken Biryani. A bit pricey at Rs.75 but it is worth it especially after almost every other place has hiked up the cost of a Chicken Biryani to anywhere between Rs.70-140 bucks! Yes the quantity of rice is less but they are very generous with the Chicken, lots of it, very tender, well cooked and quite delicious.
The only reason I would give it a 4/5 is the veg stuff isn’t as good as the non-veg stuff which is a shame really for this place is totally worth 5-stars!