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Candies, Bland Chicken Biryani, sour salads!

April 21, 2010 3 comments

Candies is probably the best restaurant in Bandra where food is light on the tummy and the prices even more so on the wallet. The wide variety of food items here is complemented by a variety of desserts. On this documented trip, one of the many countless trips, we ordered for a Chicken Tikka Biryani and a plate of mixed salad. Salads here extremely healthy and are generally replenished quickly as most salad items are in demand here!

We took a mixture of corn, potato and chicken macaroni salad. Sadly, the macaroni salad was a bit sour and that kinda spoilt the taste of the entire salad. The biryani was just about alright as well. From the taste it was clear the pack of rice and chicken has been lying on the counter for a few hours. Stale bland biryani, was the way my friend aptly described it.

However, the only good experience on this trip was the Baked lemon cheese cake which was awesome! The Baked Cheese Cake was such a refreshing dessert. It wasn’t as heavy as the normal candies cheese cakes are usually. The texture smooth and the base was deliciously yummy unlike the soggy bases on some cheese cakes.

Overall disappointed though the baked cheese cake was a saving grace!

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Salad at Candies, Pali Naka

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

The Salad at Candies has become famous with patrons. The salad offers fresh veggies and meat and is specifically directed at those who are health conscious (and Bandra has a lot many of those!!). The other day I went with my colleagues to take advantage of the 25% discount after 8 PM. So the salads cost us INR 60 which is a great price for fulfilling meal. Wanted to try every salad at the counter but my love (or maybe fetish??) for ‘white’ food was too overwhelming. So the plate was filled up with the potato chicken salad, fruit salad and chicken macaroni and some tuna salad as well. The tuna salad was there only ’cause it passed the test the last time I was here.

The meal, had at 9PM, was surprisingly fresh. The veggies were freshly cut and it seemed like the serving was prepared only a few minutes ago! It was a real treat for all of us to have fresh salads at that time of the hour! Though one thing I realised was that I don’t prefer fruits with veggies I rather have either fruit salad or just a normal salad!

Salad at Candies is always recommended and there is nothing like fresh salad!

Takeaways in and around Bandra!

November 3, 2009 5 comments

Got the idea of posting a small blog on the many takeaways in and around Bandra that I have either been to or want to go to! Bandra is dotted with such eateries. In every corner, nukkad there has to be one atleast and what is more amazing is how they have managed to sustain themselves!

I have blogged about quite a few of them already.

First up is Mac Craig where I went recently. This small eatery serves chicken, beef, mutton, fish and also desserts! Besides, it also sells wheat bread!

Rating: Food – 3/5

Price: 3/5

Mac Craig, Pali Naka

The daddy of Mac Craig is definitely Candies. Though there is ample seating space many do prefer to order takeaways!

Rating: Food – 4.5/5

Price: 2/5

Candies, Union Park

Then there is the good ole Kalpana Stores at Chappel Road. Cheap and never once gave me stomach problems! Burgers are good, so are puffs and lollies, but only when they are hot!

Rating: Food – 3.5/5

Price: 4.5/5

Kalpana Stores, Chappel Road

Near Kalpana is Jeff Caterers. Been a while since I have been here but the Sheesh Kebab is still as good I hear!

Rating: Food – 3/5

Price: 3/5

Jeff Caterers, Chappel Road

Cheron Caterers on hill road is similar to Mac Craig though is much cheaper. Here sandwiches are good and so is the Chicken Biryani. Also serve Dhansak! I love the Chicken Croissants here. Can never get enough of them!

Rating: Food – 4.5/5

Price: 4/5

Cheron Caterers, Hill Road

Rating: Food – 4/5

Price: 4/5

Then there is Dee Rolls as well. Excellent Chicken Rolls!  but not sure where they are now! Last I heard they had shifted somewhere close to Mount Mary Church!

Rating: Food – 4.5/5

Price: 4/5

Dee Rolls

Another one of the takeaways is Open Bake situated at Pali Naka. Does have ample seating space though!

Rating: Food – 3.5/5

Price: 2.5/5

Open Bake, Pali Naka

Ribbon and Balloons is essentially a a cake shop but does stock up on puffs, patties and similar items. Do not prefer the food here though. They rather stick to making pasteries!

Rating: Food – 2.5/5

Price: 3/5

Ribbons and Balloons, Chappel Road

There is another place I frequent a lot, Carter Blue. One of the best places to have a Shwarma and is considerably cheaper than the competition!

Rating: Food – 5/5

Price: 4/5

Carter Blue, Carter Road

A new takeaway recently opened is Mikneil neat St. Andrew’s Church. Liked the Chicken Sandwich and Beef Pan Roll I had there. They also serve Vindaloo.

Rating: Food – NA

Price: NA

*Only eaten once so no rating here!


An old takeaway place, Hearsche Bakery has never disappointed.

Rating: Food – 3.5/5

Price: 3.5/5

Hearsche Bakery, Hill Road

Opposite Hearsche is American Express Bakery. Been there only once though. Shall try soon!

Rating: Food – NA

Price: NA

*Only eaten once so no rating here!

American Express Bakery, Hill Road

There is another bakery,Venus Bakery that has been at Bandra for many many years now. These guys are known for their Plum Cakes and many other Delicacies.  However they also serve quite a few items such as chicken and veg sandwiches, puffs, chicken wings, chicken fingers and mutton cutlets among others. This is offcourse besides the many cakes and pastries they have in stock!

Rating: Food – 3/5 (While I love the Sandwich I rather pass the rest of the stuff here)

Price: 4.5/5

The last one on the list for now is Grub Corner. Again, I like it for its cheap and gives exactly what it charges! This doesn’t mean that the food is bad but quite the opposite. Try out the chinese preparations here or if you want to indulge in some starters the Mutton Kebabs and Chicken Liver is worth the money!

Rating: Food – 3.5/5

Price: 3/5

Grub Corner, St John Baptish Road

The others I have tried out include Lucky Star near Jeff and the small takeaway outlet of Lucky Restaurant on SV Road. While Lucky Star has become expensive (since I first began going there) lollipthe one to look out for is the Lucky Restaurant Outlet. Wonderful varieties of chicken including Schezwan lollies!

There are few I have missed I am sure but will update this once I visit those places. Anyone else wants to add anything more please feel free to comment!

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MacCraig, another one of those takeaways in Bandra

November 2, 2009 5 comments

The queen of the Suburbs is dotted with takeaways in almost every locality. Majority of them serve quick bites namely burgers, pan rolls, rotis, puffs, cutlets and so on. Some of them however, do differentiate from the others with Mac Craig being one of them! Even then though, it just ends up being a cheap (price wise and not necessarily in a bad way) copy of Candies.

Mac Craig is located at the Hub of the foodies paradise which is Pali Naka, the Khau Nagar of the upper middle class. It is in the same lane (St. John’s Road) a Cocoberry Frozen Yogurt and Papa Pancho da Dhaba.

One thing I really like about the whole setting of Mac Craig is how inviting it is once inside. You can go on ordering and only later realise how how much you have really eaten!



Something like that happened with me as well! I first ordered for a Chicken Pudhina Roll along with a Mutton Chop. While the Pudhina Roll was strictly ok, the Mutton Chop was good. The taste of the Chop did linger for quite sometime! Following up these two quick fill items, was a Beef Sandwich. Not the first time I ate beef but I am increasingly being drawn to beef or maybe I am just bored of chicken!  Well anyways, I didn’t like the beef sandwich, it was just too plain and dry for my liking. Wouldn’t have hurt to add some sauce I think! In the mean time also took a bite of the Fish Cutlet which is (As the pic above shows) places amongst the veggie items! (I guess it proves the point that Fish is indeed veg in some parts of the world!). Also had a ChickenPuff but sadly the freshly baked and hot puffs I get at Kalpana have really spoilt me to that extent that I do not like puffs anywhere else!


Chicken Steak(That is the Chicken Steak my friend had. If I remember correctly, the gravy was a lot thicker two years ago when I first went there).

Garlic Chicken(The Garlic Chicken above was supposedly very good!. I didn’t want to be tearing meat from bones that day, so opted for boneless starters)

After the chicken, the mutton and the beef, I tried a bit if Aloo Paratha from my friend who flaunts his dislike for vegetarian food as if he is flaunting his 36-24-36 babe (doesn’t have one though!). I though the Aloo Paratha would go well with a chicken tikka or a garlic chicken which is what I had to conclude my meal! Overall, the meal wasn’t pricey (at INR 100) and wassatisfactory to the taste buds! Maybe it could be a bit better, but then again the prices might increase. Even though I was critical about the place, I still liked it. The mutton, fish and chicken was nice and so was the aloo paratha!

Before I forget, also bought wheat bread – thick slices and whole lot of wheat!!. That was on a friday. Its Monday now and I still haven’t finished it!  Chow!

Bread Poster

Candies, yet again!

November 1, 2009 4 comments

The bright white colours, the well laid edibles, the gorgeous salad bar, the unrestricted section, the Michael Jackson (MJ) Wallpapers and whiteboards with people’s comments on it and last but not the least the beautiful people that frequent the place! Oh they have a bunch of huge LCDs playing VH1 all the time!Candies at Pali Naka is quite a huge one. I wonder how much the rent would be! One of the biggest eateries in Mumbai, Candies is also open air and just makes for such a romantic setting. Oh friends can enjoy too and so can large groups of noisy colourful people!

They have a 25% discount after 8PM which is what we love the most about candies. Some of the best food items at 25% off is a real steal! Taking advantage, I ordered for a Chicken Burger and Cappuccino while my friend had a Chicken Fried Dish and Lime Juice. Well, the setting was beautiful but the food disappointed us. Burger is strictly OK though the Chicken Fried Dish was yummy even at that hour! I liked the coffee though which was accompanied by a sugary cup cake! The extremities in taste was overwhelming to say the least!

P1050230Oh another thing, we also got free tuna salad with the Fried Chicken, which interestingly, was the best part of the meal! How I wish they had more Tuna Salad left. Sigh! The meal was filling yet disappointing as it lacked the flavour and taste associated with Candies!



Masalacraft, Bandra – Cheaper than I thought

August 8, 2009 1 comment

Everyone’s going ga-ga over this new place next to Desiree which is next to Candies at Bandra Reclamation. So my team decided to head out to Masalacraft for the farewell of 2 colleagues. Eight of us, paraded through the glass door at Masalacraft, enchanted by its decor and an intriguing ceiling – adorned with small black pots! The ambiance got the thumbs up from us, and as we were the first to arrive there, we could choose a nice comfy place to have our lunch!

Whilst waiting for another colleague, the rest of us ordered for a few drinks including lassi, kamikaze shot and a saffron drink which was just so darn good! So good that multiple rounds followed thereafter! Besides the drinks, we had a paneer starter and a main course for the veggies and a chicken gravy dish for main course and biryani!! (Oh! How i just love biryani). The biryani quantity was quite a lot and for the price of INR 150, I think it was well worth the cost! Was it the best biryani I have had? hmm not really but definitely one of the best!!

A good, heartening meal and surprisingly, at only INR 281 per head, lighter on the pockets as well! They have drinks as well to make for a complete meal! We did not get to try the desserts, as we ran out of time, but surely, the desserts will be tried next time around!

At the end, along with the bill, came a Tibetan meditation bowl. Read more about the bowl here.