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Mamma Mia, Hill Road, Bandra

February 7, 2010 2 comments

Mamma Mia is a pretty popular eatery amongst office goers, college folks and bored people with nothing to do! And Mamma Mia loves the attention it gets! But apparently owners got a bit too greedy and decided to milk the crowd! How? Keep the price same, save on the food by effectively reducing the size of the burger!

My guess is that the burgers are the most popular items on the menu here and its hard to imagine why! A single burger can easily fill anyone’s tummy but the new V2.0 is nearly half the size hence effectively doubling a table’s billing amount unless a smaller burger suffice their palates!

No complaints with the pasta and the french fries. Fries were crisp and left us wondering how they make these while the pasta was the usual cheesy affair!

Though we liked the food we weren’t happy with the reduced quantity of the same. Mamma Mia suddenly seemed expensive to us than affordable as it was earlier! I only hope they get back to normal or else they may end up loosing customers sooner than later!


Candies, yet again!

November 1, 2009 4 comments

The bright white colours, the well laid edibles, the gorgeous salad bar, the unrestricted section, the Michael Jackson (MJ) Wallpapers and whiteboards with people’s comments on it and last but not the least the beautiful people that frequent the place! Oh they have a bunch of huge LCDs playing VH1 all the time!Candies at Pali Naka is quite a huge one. I wonder how much the rent would be! One of the biggest eateries in Mumbai, Candies is also open air and just makes for such a romantic setting. Oh friends can enjoy too and so can large groups of noisy colourful people!

They have a 25% discount after 8PM which is what we love the most about candies. Some of the best food items at 25% off is a real steal! Taking advantage, I ordered for a Chicken Burger and Cappuccino while my friend had a Chicken Fried Dish and Lime Juice. Well, the setting was beautiful but the food disappointed us. Burger is strictly OK though the Chicken Fried Dish was yummy even at that hour! I liked the coffee though which was accompanied by a sugary cup cake! The extremities in taste was overwhelming to say the least!

P1050230Oh another thing, we also got free tuna salad with the Fried Chicken, which interestingly, was the best part of the meal! How I wish they had more Tuna Salad left. Sigh! The meal was filling yet disappointing as it lacked the flavour and taste associated with Candies!



Gostana, Bandra – Huge Burgers!!!

September 27, 2009 1 comment

I heard about Gostana from a friend who was eager to try out the burgers here. So we both went along on a sunny friday afternoon along with another foodie to try out this small. First impressions were that the place is very small, looked much smaller than what we had thought, looking at the pictures. Anyways, we and two more patrons were to only customers there at that time. I think the place can seat around 15 people. We quickly got down to ordering a Chicken Steak Burger and an Indian Chicken Burger. What I liked about the order was that the food was made right in front of us which was a delight to watch. The staff was friendly as well and they were eager for feedback which was a good thing. The burgers arrived quickly and we got down to the business of hogging! The Indian burger was rich with spices, though thankfully, it wasn’t teekha. The Steak Burger was rather a plain delight. On a taste scale, I think Gostana Burgers fall behind those of KFC and McDonalds though on the nutrition scale I would like to think that Gostana leads the two MNCs by a fair margin! The burgers were priced at INR 130 (Indian) and INR 120 (Steak). A rather steep price for a burger but given its size (nearly three times the size of a McChicken) it isn’t to difficult to know why! However, I think the pricing is still steep, maybe a burger for INR 90-100 would have sufficed. A INR 90 burger at Mamma Mia is as filling s Gostana and there is no reason why I would want to pay more for a burger here! Overall, I think Gostana is a lovely place to hang out with a big huge burger. The location is nearly perfect and so are the burgers! If only they could reduce their prices it would make me wanna go there again and again!!

Kalpana Stores – Chappel Road

June 13, 2009 2 comments

This is a small store on Chappel Road, Bandra which sells quite a lot of small take aways including burgers, rolls, rotis, fugias, chicken lolipops, puffs, sandwiches and more. Been to this place many many times. Generally have the puffs and the chicken burgers. My friend likes the rotis there. But of late, the quality of the rotis and the puffs have really gone down. Besides, the reduced chicken quantity, the roti is sometimes too spicy while the puff, even when warm doesn’t feel like it was cooked just moments ago!

The burgers though are nice and so are the spring rolls. Even the pan roll when its warmed up is good to eat. Overall this is not such a bad place, considering u can have a stomach full in less than INR 50 (USD 1). The quality of the food is not bad but its not the same it used to be before.