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Mahjong, Khar – Expensive Chinese Buffet

June 21, 2009 3 comments

Its been almost a year since I have been for buffet dinner somewhere. The last I went was at Its Mirchi at Juhu sometime last year. What interested me most was that Mahjong is a chinese buffet place and since I haven’t had much chinese before I thought of trying out. Though the cost was supposedly 379 + taxes it nearly went to INR 500 per person! The rule of any good buffet is to pace yourself instead eating like a maniac for the first few minutes/dishes/rounds and then hardly eating much later on. Well, all of us pretty much broke that rule, quite decisively. While we gorged upon dish after dish of starters, the waiter’s were quite happy to serve us thinking that we might just fill ourselves in the first hour or so and leave. BUT that wasn’t the case. We had starters, main course and multiple rounds of desserts as well.

For starters, they had Veg Steamed Wanton, Potato in Chilly Plum, Corn Cream, Paneer in Shanghai, Goyza, Stir Fried Chicken Wings, Keying Chicken and Fish in Green Chilly.  The dishes were tasty but not exactly satisfying. The pick for me was the Corn Cream in veg and Fish in Green Chilly (even though I am chicken person, the fish tasted better). The Paneer was ok ok while I stayed away from the Stir Fried Chicken Wings cause of its deep fried nature! I think they used the same sause with Keying Chicken and Paneer in Shanghai making the paneer dish the chicken equivalent for veggies!

We ate and we ate multiple rounds of starters and almost everyone was full with starters. Interestingly, there was a long wait between starters and main course which helped the appetite immensly.

For the main course, there was Three Treasure Veg, Mix Veg in Cilantro Sauce, Dragon Prawns and Chicken in Oyster Chilly. And we got Veg fried rice and hakka noodles as well. The rice and noodle was bland as expected but was quite a good mixture with the dragon prawns. Chicken was nice too but the prawns won this round quite comfortably.

Next up was the dessert which including Mango Pudding, Banana Mousse, Caramel Custurd and Strawberry Ice-cream. This has to be the most disappointing dessert I have ever had. Though we ordered multiple rounds none of us were really excited about the desserts. The strawberry ice cream was ordered the most; not atall fresh, but better than the others. The Custurd was bland, wouldn’t eat for free if I was offered this custurd. The banana mousse was good as well but didn’t taste fresh either. Banana ice-cream at natural’s tastes better!! And lastly, the Mango Pudding but I though was nothing but frozen ‘Mazaa’ or any other mango drink!! Extremely disappointing desserts!

Overall, if I had to rate this place, then it would be a 3/5. OK food, Good Service, nice ambiance as well. One of my friend’s complaint about no back rest (For the seats we were given) and I agree wit him. Back rest would have made it so much so comfortable.

The place was frequented by families but not a lot of people were really interested in a chinese buffet on a saturday night it seemed! Anyways, I don’t think I will be going here again anytime soon since I am damn sure there are much better places around Mumbai, at comparable buffet prices!

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Post91 – Awesome Buffet Place!

February 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Address: Lane 7, Koregaon Park, Pune

Phone No.:  26109191, 9823138187

Review: We drove down to Pune from Mumbai on a lazy Sunday to go to a few parties. Before heading out to shake a leg or two, we decided to have a pit stop at Post91, a place which all of us had heard of. Fast forward to the ambiance, very nice – corporatish downstairs while upstairs it looks like a hall was turned into a makeshift diner. But no complaints anyways. Since these guys had wine + beer along with the food in the buffet, we decided to fill ourselves up with drinks and food b4 heading out anywhere. They only had Indian wines and in beer they had kingfisher blue. The main part was the food with a good variety of starters, main course and OMG!! loads and loads of desserts! We gobbled down the starters which included chicken pieces, fish, paneer and a mixed veg offering (pardon me for forgetting the names). In the main course I stuck to chicken biryani which I though was marvelous. Though this particular fish dish also tasted good. The came the dessert. I dont know about my friends, but i tried everything in desserts and I like a particular pastry which had a cheese layer on top. It was finger licking delicious! Then there was the usual mithais and other pastry offerings as well. Overall we spent 500 bucks each. Money well spent! Will definitely go to this place again whenever I am in Pune next. Bon Appetit.

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It’s Mirchi

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Address: Hotel Ramee Guestline, 462, A.B. Nair Road, Next to Holiday Inn, On the road to Hare Krishna Temple from the J W Mariott, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai

Tel: 66905555, 669355555

Full Review: Hotel Ramee Guestline’s rooftop resturant, It’s Mirchi was recently ‘raided’ by me and three of my friends. All four of us are big eaters so a buffet seemed the best way to satiate our desires to stuff ourselves to the brim!
We started around 9, seated on a table meant for 10; lucky for us it was not very crowded, so no one really bothered us with seating issues.
Immediately after we reached there we got down to our business.
While i ordered a Beer, the other guys ordered Ice Tea and Bacardi. The Ice Tea was very good plus much cheaper than many other places!
The drinks were followed by the starters. Each table has a place in the middle to keep the grill where the starters can be roasted/heated to your liking. Very similar to BBQ Nation.
We were served with Prawns, fish, chicken kebabs, paneer and small pellets of palak paste ( i think) with kaju pieces in them.
I liked the chicken, prawns and paneer. Me and my friend only had starters while the other two moved onto the main course.
The main course changes from time to time (or on a daily basis, I am not sure) so it is better to call them and ask about what will be the main course on a particular day.
The main course was pretty minimal, with some mutton and lamb dish and biryani. There was some chicken dish too.
I do not know the names of the dishes in the main course as i was busy hogging on the starters.
I left enough space for the dessert though. Since i was down with a cold i decided to stay away from mango ice cream which tasted like it was bought from Naturals Ice Cream Parlour. The other dessert items include Jalebi and the Gulab Jamun which were both hot and very very delicious. The Gulab Jamun were very soft, just the way i like em. The same can be said about the Jalebi. I am not a big jalebi fan but here i was helping myself for multiple servings of this delicacy from up north.
I must have taken atleast 5 servings of both the Gulab Jamun and the Jalebi. I could not help it, it was just so good!

Well that was the food part, next is the ambiance.
The one reason why i wanted to go there was because it was an open air restaurant. Well, open air, it is NO MORE. This was a big let down for all of us. But even then the over all ambiance was very good. A good place to come with a family or friends or your girlfriend/boyfriend. They have a place for everyone and that is what struck me the most. Nice corner seats for couples and big balcony seats for a family. Will keep this in mind.
The staff was very responsive, always with a smile when serving us. Even though it was a buffet they did not mind bringing the food to us (especially desserts).

Overall it was a good experience. Yes, the food could have been better but i think i would not mind going there again for the same quality of food either. If they do make it open air again then i am there for sure.

The bill came to around Rs.3000.

Here’s a breakdown:
Beer (Pint) – 99
Ice Tea – 60
Buffet – 349
Rum 60ml (large) – 300

(The prices are exclusive of taxes)

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Vie Lounge

December 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Address: 102, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26603003, 26604884

Full Review:

I have been to Vie now twice in three weeks and each time as a stag, thank god for the guestlists!!
Anyways, both times I entered, I headed straight to the dance floor cause that is exactly what I was there for. I really liked the place for one thing: its right there overlooking Juhu Beach. The feeling that surrounds you while you stare at the pitch black ocean from the comfort of your seat cannot be compared. It is by far one of the best places to take a date or just hangout with your friends, I must say.
Just had a couple of drinks while I was there, Jack Daniels being my preferred poison. A small dance floor but that is acceptable if you look at the larger scheme of things. People wouldn’t come here to just shake their booties but to sit, eat, relax, chill, de-stress and maybe then shake a leg or two.
Overall, not a bad place to chillout but then i rather go to a disc or a lounge not a place that wants to be both.

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