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Mia Cucina, finally food that tastes Italian

Mia Cucina is a small restaurant Italian restaurant in Pali Naka Bandra. The place has an upmarket ambiance and a price to go with!

The ambiance is soothing and relaxing which is a big plus point of Mia Cucina. The crowd is essentially Bandraites along with foreign people who live nearly. We were there early but couldn’t find a table inside the A/C section so had to sit outside but thankfully, the cool evening breeze and lower humidity levels kept us from sweating.

The menu here is unique in a way that it is hand written. The person who wrote the menu has a clear handwriting! But this was a unique surprise especially after the hand written bill served to us by Deja Vu.

But we did order ourselves some coolers. We called for a Black Soda which was essentially cranberry juice with soda.
For starters we ordered for a Bruschetta Pollo. The bread was crunchy, cheesy and laden with Balsamic Vinegar. It had a nice taste to it, a bit tangy but tasty. However, I felt the Brushetta was a let down, especially compared to the food items we had subsequently.

For main course we called for Strozzapreti Con Pollo. Strozzapreti is what gave the meal its character. Parmesan cheese along with chicken cubes and tomato sauce made for a somewhat bland main course.

We were surprised we didn’t get any more sauces along with the main course. Probably should have asked but do not think they give any other sauces otherwise.

Oh, before I forget, they offer Sour Bread and home-made butter as appetizers. It was the first time for me with sour bread and the taste grew on me, as it is generally so with bread and me!

The meal was filling and was topped up with White Chocolate Cheese Cake. Tasted like Milky White with Cheese Cake in the mix.

Overall, we opined that Mia Cucina served excellent Italian Food and the service isn’t bad either. However, the price was a bit higher but it made up for the ambiance and the food. The overall bill was Rs.709 with the breakup as follows: Black Soda: Rs.65, Bruschetta: Rs.150, Strozzapreti: Rs.275, White Chocolate Cheesecake: Rs. 140

I think Mia Cucina is a good place to hang out, have good food and soak in the environment. Outside seating is recommended especially late in the evenings. Apparently the pizzas here are nice so if any of you guys try it out, do not forget to leave your comments here!

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Bread Talk

April 12, 2010 2 comments

Bread Talk is a quaint little bakery in Inorbit Mall, Malad West. They also have a branch in Hiranandani Powai. The bakery has a range of bread-based snack items along with pastries and cakes.  They have a light cheese cake which is one of the lightest cheese cake I have had. Quarter kg is for Rs.250, which is expensive but worth it!

Another good offering they have is the Chocolate Chip Cake. Soft and yummy with chocolate chips lacing the entire cake was treat for this dessert-starved soul!

I also got whole wheat bread from there. It was soft and yummy and healthy as well. Made toast and it was tasty, as much as the plain soft bread was. Though I would still prefer bread from Venus  Bakery, if Bread Talk was nearer, would go ahead and buy a packet of Whole Wheat Bread every week!

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Theobroma, Bandra

March 20, 2010 3 comments

‘Food of the Gods’, the literal translation of Theobroma, a Greek word, doesn’t necessarily mean the food has to be godly! Sadly it wasn’t. We had a couple of chicken croissants and a coffee cappuccino to go with it. The croissant wasn’t as good but then again, I never expected it to. For me, the Chicken Malai Croissant at Cheron is the best one can get for just Rs.30! It has spoiled me so much that I judge other croissants for the coveted second place while the first has been safely reserved for Cheron. However, the croissant at Theobroma was a bit spicy and had less chicken to go with it. I like my croissant to be full of stuffing and the one at Theobroma wasn’t, sadly.

The coffee isn’t anything special either. Rather go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf or for something cheap to Java Green and Java Expresso.

Though, I bought wheat bread from here and thought it was a really nice. Wheat Bread from Venus is my all time favourite though Theobroma does manage to satisfy this demi-god :D.

Overall though, Theobroma may serve the food of the gods but it couldn’t satisfy a mere mortal!

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Ribbons & Balloons Cake Shop

December 18, 2008 2 comments

Address: Sarkar Plaza Bldg, Near St. Peters School, Chappel Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai

Tel: 26511654

Full Review: Ribbons and Balloons needs no introduction. It hosts some of the best tasting pastries I have eaten till now. For a pastery shop its a little big but that also means it has more pastries and other goodies on its menu.
The pastries range from chocolate to fruit flavours along with cakes. It also stocks the general bakery items like Bread.
The one thing i liked about it was the selection of small gifts and decoration items for every occasion you could think of be it birthdays or marriage of a candle light dinner with your sweetheart.
Though yes once we got a big cake from there which was a little old and it wouldn’t even cut with the plastic knife. So it was not very fresh either. That was by far the only bad experience for me in the last 6 months from the date of posting.
Though the pastries are nice you could give a miss to the other edibles available here unless you pick them up mid-morning or afternoon.

Price wise R&B is on par with most bakeries in Bandra with each pastry costing around Rs.40 each. Cakes are expensive starting at Rs.200 going all the way to Rs.500. Though the bad experience makes me not want to buy cakes from there though.
Overall a lovely place which makes you come back for the delicious pastries.