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Whack!! this Wednesday’

May 20, 2010 21 comments

A few observations and much reasoning lead to error; many observations and a little reasoning to a good whacking!

Haven’t really participated in many contests but couldn’t avoid ‘Whack!! this Wednesday’. For those who know me wouldn’t believe I wrote this but ya well, what the whack, here we go!

If you own a car and especially a bike you would be well aware of unruly pedestrians who think they own the road. I, the law abiding biker, come face to face with such pedestrians’ who-own-it-all. Even these are an assortment.

  • There are those who will explicitly choose to cross the road when a bike is approaching and endanger the biker’s life and off course their own. Doesn’t matter if the road behind the biker is empty, but if the pedestrian doesn’t cross before the bike crosses, the earth will shatter and the sky will fall down!
  • Then there are those who will, after getting down from the bus, always try to cross the road from the front of the bus. Oh ya, the government made the bus of glass so that everyone can see through and through! WRONG! We bikers do not know if you are crossing from the front of the bus because we cannot see you! Off course, with experience you learn to slow down but even then don’t you just feel like whacking the living daylights out of such people?
  • And then there are the aunties and uncles who cross the road as if strolling in a nana-nani park. And what’s more, they always find unsuspecting bikers to strut their stuff in front of. I know you think you are the most important person in this world and at the moment when you are in front of a biker, we think the same too because we cannot do anything. But I can whack you now, thanks to Blogadda!
  • Oh did I forget to mention the old, really old uncles who love to show their Usain Bolt akin racing skills to bikers. But they know they will lose if they run parallel to us. So what do they do to get our attention and in doing so defeat us comprehensively? Start running in front of us just when they see us hapless bikers. Oh ya you made your point. But uncleji, this ain’t the Berlin Olympics and if are so eager to show off your running skills at the age of 60, why don’t you go to a race track instead?
  • Before I forget, there is this another irritating pedestrian who just loves the feel of tarmac and if even there is a 2 feet wide footpath right next to them, they will still choose to walk on the tarmac. Such brand loyalty is unheard of, especially in government circles. Oh and what is worse is they choose heavy traffic situation to display such blatant affection and loyalty for the good ole tarmac. This is the time when bikers are forced to drive in the narrow gap between cars and the footpath and this is also the time the pedestrian chooses to take a walk in the park seemingly aloof of the eager-to-overtake-the-adjacent-car biker honking at em’.
  • Lastly, who can forget the holy rickshawallas and cabbies and buses? The most irritating rickshawallas are those who try to overtake a BMW on a highway when the road is clear. In doing so, they not only create a massive traffic jam behind them but also increase stress to unheard off levels in anger management parlance. Not to forget the cabbies who drive at 20 kmph, no matter what lane they are in. And they drive like royalty, like they are driving a Bugatti. Bikers like us are forced to two their line, disallowed to overtake such cabbies because if we do so, we will be breaking our oath we gave our mothers of not racing on the highway. Then there are the buses that just love driving in the last lane and make sure they give not an inch away to the bikers to pass through. Imagine being stuck behind a King Long Bus on the Andheri Flyover for more than 20 minutes just because the bus driver did not reciprocate your incessant honking! More than whacking the driver feels like whacking the bus itself for its way to big and way to powerful. Remember spiderman? With power comes responsibilities and for buses, this power translates into doing what they want because they own the god damn road!

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Pratap Da Dhaba, Paaji tussi great hoji!

Have been to Pratap da Dhaba a few times already. My last few visits have been well documented here, here and here! I realised that I have yet to post pictures of this place and this time seems no different except for a few pictures but I hope that doesn’t disappoint.

The last time I went, we were disappointed but thankfully, that experience was a one-off. This time around, we went on a weekday and got the benefit of great service, courtesy relaxed waiters.  Pratap da Dhaba has a good Dhaba feel to it and one can see all sorts of people here including families, friends and couples.

We started off with drinks including the age-old Lassi and the Panna Goday Naal. The later was an extremely tangy drink with pepper and salt mixed with lemon juice and water. It was a one of a kind drink and we loved it!

The drinks kept us going for a while after which we ordered for a Macchi Fry Amritsari. The Amritsari was ravas cooked in North Indian masalas and wasn’t as spicy as fish starters are in Maharashtra. The starter was excellent and the accompanying chutney was good as well.

While raving about how good the starters were, we went ahead with our order for the main course which was a Kukkad Dhania Adraki. A bit disappoint with the adrak which had a strong flavour but overall the dish was good. The Ginger-Garlic paste was liberal but so was the white chicken which was tender and juicy. We also ordered for a Lachha Paratha and again was a bit disappointed here. Prefer my Lachha Paratha a bit thinner than a Tandoori roti but that wasn’t the case here.

Overall the food was excellent and the service was good. We were served the Paneer version of the main course which was promptly replaced by the chicken variant without us saying anything!

The place is a bit on the higher side but the food and the ambiance makes up for it. Pratap da Dhaba is highly recommended by!

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Pizza Hut, They make you wait and test your patience!

April 22, 2010 1 comment

Ever since I found Joey’s Pizza at DN Nagar in Andheri, I have stopped going to any other pizza places. But this time, I decided to go to Pizza Hut at Oberoi Mall, Goregaon as I had a 1 on 1 free Pizza voucher.
The offer was either buy a family sized pan pizza and get another family sizes pan pizza free or buy a medium-sized pizza and get another medium size for free.

So we ordered for a Chicken Supreme Medium and an Ultimate Temptation Medium. The thing with Pizza Hut is the cheese they use is really yummy. It is probably a combination of Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. The hot pizzas were accompanied by drink including an Apple Cinnamon Ice Tea, Tangy Orange and a Grape Sangria Cooler. The Ice Tea was excellent with just about the right quantity of Cinnamon while the Tangy Orange was well, Tangy! The Grape Sangria was almost like wine without the alcohol in it. I’d recommend the Ice Tea and the Grape Sangria cooler as ‘must have’ drinks while waiting for the pizza to arrive.

We also had the Barbecue chicken wings and Garlic Bread which pretty much standard fare here. The Barbecue chicken was cooked in Barbecue sauce but we were disappointed with the small size of the chicken pieces. The good thing was that the processed chicken tasted good.

However, coming back to the title of the post, there was waiting of nearly 45 minutes before we got a table, this after we were told it will take only 20-30 minutes, sigh. The service was excellent, (we were served by Rupa who is adept at multi-tasking and seemed to be serving multiple tables without much problem, kudos to her!). So no complaints in the service but once we were done eating the wait for the bill was an endless one. It seemed as if people had forgotten about us completely as we waited for the bill for another 20-odd minutes. What was amazing was that we had called for the bill at least 4 times but no one obliged and finally when the manager was in sight, we requested for the bill which was promptly delivered to us.

Oh and we didn’t leave any tip. Food was good, service excellent but really who charges 10 percent service charge and 12.5 percent VAT?? That total amounted to the price of a small pizza! Hence, no tips!

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China House, House of the Good Food!

April 10, 2010 2 comments

China House, as the name suggests is a Chinese Restaurant (no points for guess that on a Food and Travel blog!). Located inside, Galleria in Hiranandani, Powai, China House shares space with a couple of Kebab joints and the Bengali street food place, Hangla’s.

China House is a pretty small restaurant, it ends a few paces from where it starts and seems a bit cramped up with the tables and chairs placed close to each other. But it has unusually high ceilings dotted with Chinese artifacts. The entire setting of the restaurant makes one really feel like one is at a Restaurant in China except for the Indian waiters and the fact that there are tables and chairs!

Anyways, whilst admiring the place, we ordered for Dumplings which is pretty much like Wanton. The Chicken Dumplings were yummy and made for a perfect light starter (even though the covering was made of Maida) for our main course which was the Mustard Chilly Prawns Sizzler. Emboldened by the delicious starter, decided to try the Sizzler. My friend suggested the Mustard Chilly as she likes Mustard. Hump! me not so much but went for it hoping the mustard wouldn’t overpower the taste buds. Thankfully, I was right or should I say the chef got it right. The quantity wasn’t much but the summers have seriously sapped away our appetites, so we didn’t have a complain on the quantity front. The quality was good too. The Prawns were big and yummy and so was the rice and noodle combination with the big french fries!

The sizzler was really nice there was only a hint of mustard which is a good thing in my book!

China House is indeed a good place to have dinner. If you are in Powai and in the mood for some Chinese, do give China House a thought. It is definitely cheaper than Yoko Sizzlers which is also located in Galleria.

Price: 3.5/5 (Rs.300 for the Sizzler and Rs.135 for the Dumplings)

Ambiance: 4/5

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Twist, The new Hukka place in Town!

April 8, 2010 2 comments

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is such a huge commercial opportunity that even pubs, lounges, bars and restaurants are cashing in on the demand for live screening of matches. One such place is Twist, a relatively new Restobar cum lounge cum discotheque located in Andheri West, near PVR Juhu and Croma Juhu.

Went here with friends to enjoy the screen of Mumbai Indians vs. Deccan Chargers. Honestly, it made for great viewing. Lots of fans cheering on Mumbai Indians and going wild with every six hit. The only thing missing I guess were the cheerleaders though there was a fashion show to be held after the match, so we guys did get a view of the delicate darlings!

While watching the match, we ordered for a Pan Masala Hukka. The Hukka was aptly named IPL Mixed Hukka. The flavour was good and lasted for sometime but the price wasn’t worth it. Probably a price tag of Rs.200-250 would be a better price point.

To go with the Hukka, we ordered for a Veg Wanton. In my opinion, it was better than at Wanton House. The filling was good but the size of each Wanton was small though the overall quantity was good.

We continued smoking Hukka and in the meantime even shifted tables for dinner. For dinner, we ordered for Veg Korean Rice and Pan Fried Noodles. The main course was nothing to write home about. The veggies felt uncooked and the overall dish was bland. You’d expect that from a Chinese and Korean fare but I have had better Chinese Rice and paid half the price.

Overall,  Twist is a good place to hang out. Apparently the owner of this place is dating Miss Pantaloons (not sure of this info) who was present amongst us on the day of the match.

Anyways, the ambiance of Twist is really good. The lounge area is excellent to wile away time with your friends and enjoy the evening. The restaurant has a more formal decor and especially for those who intend to enjoy a few drinks and have dinner over a corporate meeting or just a casual conversation with friends.

While the place is nice, the same cannot be said about the food. We were disappointed with the food especially since the Rice and Noodles were priced at INR 150 each. A similar meal (with similar tastes) can be had at Yummies on Carter Road.

Ratings in Brief:

Food: 2.5/5

Service: 4/5

Ambiance: 4.5/5

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Harish Bar and Restaurant

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Irla is not a place I have eaten much at except for the overpriced Papillon and Amar Juice Centre. So it was a surprise for me when a friend suggested we go to Harish Bar and Restaurant for some choicest meat dishes and off course some drinks.

For starters, which for this post means drinks, we ordered for Royal Stag quarter at INR 220 which is quite reasonable by any standards! For the food though, there was a long list which included the choicest of prawns (Prawns Lassuni), the sweet tasting Crispy Chicken, Chicken Lollypop, and the evergreen Surmai Tawa Fry. I think the fish here was awesome and so were the prawns though the lollypops held forth for the chicken!

The main course included Chicken Hyderabadi and the Chicken Sukha. The Sukha I rather have at Janta Bar and Restaurant. Though not bad,  it wasn’t the same as at Janta. The Hyderabadi Chicken was lip-smackingly good as were the Parathas we had them with.

Overall the place is on the expensive side though the booze is reasonably priced.


Food: 3.5/5 – No complaints with the food. Though the prices could be reduced a bit here.

Service: 4/5 – Attentive and friendly waiters.

Price: 3/5 – The real downer here. Harish could possible be a back up if only the food prices are slashed by 20% or more, which seems unlikely to happen!

Singh’s Fish and Kabab Corner @ Andheri

December 7, 2009 2 comments

Seen this place a million times but not until a friend took me here did I realise what I had been missing for so long! A small eatery, Singh’s is very famous, not only for Andherities but others as well. Not the biggest menu but that shouldn’t be a deterrent for anyone. While we were here, tried the Chicken Tandoori and the Chicken Biryani. The Tandoori was easily the best I have had so far. Freshly out of the ‘bhatti’ (oven), it was hot, and cooked well. The leg piece wasn’t burnt and was utterly delicious! Made me ponder if I should have had two of them cause the Biryani let me down a bit. Well cooked again, it wasn’t hot but mildly warm as the Biryani was already made sometime back (And they make kilos of Biryani every hour or so it seems!). Though the Quantity for the half plate of rice was acceptable, it could have done with a bit more chicken in it! Though it was good biryani nonetheless but again, a bit more chicken wouldn’t hurt. Though I wonder, if that is the case with a full biryani as well.

So that was what we ate at around 10:00 PM. A meal totally worth the money paid. Not often do I say this but for tonight it was true. I am surely coming here again!!


Service: 6/10 (Wouldn’t have hurt if the dude was a bit friendly!)

Ambiance: 7/10 (7 may seem too much but for a place that sees maddening crowds it is Quite clean!)

Price: 9/10: Affordable! Very Affordable!!

What to eat: Tandoor and Biryani. Period.