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Shop at ShopWiki – you will not be disappointed!

December 19, 2010 10 comments

The Internet has changed the way we live our lives. It has entered every aspect of our lives including shopping! From mom & pop stores to big brand retail chains to global online retail portals, shopping has come a long way!

The latest entrant in this online space is ShopWiki. Traditionally, online retailers have retailed products only from those who pay for a placement on their portal. ShopWiki intends to change that by giving access to 1000s of retailers from across the globe! ShopWiki has a range of products under the hood going from automotive to kitchen to household equipment! With over 30,000 sellers listed on the portal, the consumer, that’s you, has a wide range of choices with the ability to go bargain hunting which is not the case with other online retailers!

One of the more interesting areas at ShopWiki is the kitchen square where consumers are not just shown the best bargain products but also on how to purchase one! Take an example of the wine glasses section. Isn’t is worthwhile to know more about the bowl, stem & the foot of a wine glass? Isn’t it worth your time to know whether a narrow glass is a good buy for white wine? Is that wider rounder bowl more friendly to red wine? So many questions need to be answered before the purchase of a simple wine glass! However, Once you know the answers, the purchase becomes a fairly simpler process. And to add to that, with a wide range of prices & sellers available, it is the consumer who always gets the best product available at the best possible price!

I recently scanned through their coffee maker section and was astounded to know about the different types of coffee makers available! If you love your coffee get the automatic drip, says the website and they are absolutely right! I have one at home (thanks to my girl friend) & it makes excellent coffee each & every time!

So go on, give ShopWiki a try & you will not be disappointed!

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