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Travel Photo Contest @BlogAdda

May 27, 2010 53 comments

What? Another contest? This one is right up my alley though!. BlogAdda’s latest contest in a long line of contests is one where people contest with each other by giving a context to the content of the photos in their blogs. Phew! (trying to be funny is doubly difficult bah!)

It isn’t so difficult to write a travelogue of a certain place but it is so difficult to actually pick out five of your best/favourite photos from a whole bunch of pictures! Come to think of it, travel photo folders in my computer are competing with each other for a place in this blog, as we speak!

That line from Pringoo is so true. Have seen such ‘fast’ travelers who wants to see everything but ends up seeing nothing and more importantly ends up being a lonely traveler without any experience to share, without any experience to enrich their soul!

Shot this picture at Juhu Beach. Had gone during a weekday thinking it won’t be as crowded as it generally is but was proved wrong by the thrones of burkha clad or dressed to go to a shaadi women! A fair was held at the beach with people thronging the make shift shops to buy accessories, household items and anything and everything else with the sea as the back drop. Come to think of it, even the Anjuna Flea market doesn’t offer this kind of view! Saw this balloon guy who tried to sell those balloons to everyone and anyone but if you did not have change (Rs.5), he wouldn’t sell it to you! Ironic in some ways but funny all the way! Sir buy balloon? Only Rs.5 sir. What? you do not have Rs.5. I no sell you balloon!

The dude in the centre got an earful from his supervisor and he kept pleading he did not do no wrong. After sometime another supervisor comes and says some things in a South India language (I think it was Tullu) and you could sense the tension between those two. Once the guy left, the worker was back to doing his job but his eyes said more than what he could possible say with words to his supervisor!

Found this lonely log at Diveagar Beach, Maharashtra. What was intriguing was this erstwhile tree was so close to the sea that I wonder how old it must have been? There were many shrubs growing a little further away but this was different. The footsteps in the background add to the mystery of this photu!

Clicked this at Bhandardara, a hill station in Maharashtra. Bhandardara is popular for its lake, known as the Arthur Lake and fed by the Parvara River. We were here just before the onset of summer so the weather was cool, the water was clear and the sky was blue! This small abandoned hut makes for the best view of the lake no matter what time it is. Imagine getting up in the morning and gazing at the reflection of the sky on the calm waters of the lake. Not many sights come close to this!

This picture is one of my favourites. Clicked at Manori Beach, Mumbai. This was also perhaps the first time when people were clicking me instead of the scenery. Why you ask? Well for starters, I was flat on the ground when taking this picture and onlookers were bemused at what I could be clicking from that height that I couldn’t click standing up. Well, it was the sea shells, which look humongous from this angle!

Hope you enjoyed reading through!

The contest is sponsored by

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Kobe Sizzlers, Why Have I not been here before?

May 21, 2010 1 comment

Kobe Sizzlers has been sitting pretty next to Spice Tree on Hill Road, Bandra for as long as I can remember. Have preferred to have my fill of sizzlers at Sahibaan on Turner Road but after a bad stomach (that my friend endured, I don’t endure such things as I have a bottomless pit!) we have avoided Sahibaan for the time being.

So when craving for sizzlers, we thought of crashing the party at Kobe’s to try a new restaurant!

Before ordering the sizzler we went through the usual ritual of getting ourselves a few drinks. This included an Ice Tea and Fresh Lime Soda. This was the first time an Ice Tea actually tasted like an Ice Tea. I could taste tea in there, for a change. It was an excellent coolant and could have done with another one too!

The fresh lime soda was the usual fresh lime soda!

Next up was the sizzler! (blame the ice tea for the long wait!). We ordered for a Chicken Sizzler with boiled vegetables. The sizzler was cooked well without burning the underside. The chicken steak was tender and veggies were boiled well. The french fries included were humongous! Thankfully there was no rice included or else we would have fallen asleep at the restaurant itself. The sizzler was excellent in my opinion.

Kobe has strangely gotten bad reviews at but I for one only have good things to talk about the place. The ambiance is no frills but the food is excellent! The Ice Tea was super and so was the sizzler. Pricey though it is, the food makes up for it.

Overall Ratings are:

Price: 3/5

Food: 4/5

Drinks: 4/5

Ambiance: 2/5 -(it isn’t the most well maintained place and one can notice seepage in certain parts of the wall)

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Whack!! this Wednesday’

May 20, 2010 21 comments

A few observations and much reasoning lead to error; many observations and a little reasoning to a good whacking!

Haven’t really participated in many contests but couldn’t avoid ‘Whack!! this Wednesday’. For those who know me wouldn’t believe I wrote this but ya well, what the whack, here we go!

If you own a car and especially a bike you would be well aware of unruly pedestrians who think they own the road. I, the law abiding biker, come face to face with such pedestrians’ who-own-it-all. Even these are an assortment.

  • There are those who will explicitly choose to cross the road when a bike is approaching and endanger the biker’s life and off course their own. Doesn’t matter if the road behind the biker is empty, but if the pedestrian doesn’t cross before the bike crosses, the earth will shatter and the sky will fall down!
  • Then there are those who will, after getting down from the bus, always try to cross the road from the front of the bus. Oh ya, the government made the bus of glass so that everyone can see through and through! WRONG! We bikers do not know if you are crossing from the front of the bus because we cannot see you! Off course, with experience you learn to slow down but even then don’t you just feel like whacking the living daylights out of such people?
  • And then there are the aunties and uncles who cross the road as if strolling in a nana-nani park. And what’s more, they always find unsuspecting bikers to strut their stuff in front of. I know you think you are the most important person in this world and at the moment when you are in front of a biker, we think the same too because we cannot do anything. But I can whack you now, thanks to Blogadda!
  • Oh did I forget to mention the old, really old uncles who love to show their Usain Bolt akin racing skills to bikers. But they know they will lose if they run parallel to us. So what do they do to get our attention and in doing so defeat us comprehensively? Start running in front of us just when they see us hapless bikers. Oh ya you made your point. But uncleji, this ain’t the Berlin Olympics and if are so eager to show off your running skills at the age of 60, why don’t you go to a race track instead?
  • Before I forget, there is this another irritating pedestrian who just loves the feel of tarmac and if even there is a 2 feet wide footpath right next to them, they will still choose to walk on the tarmac. Such brand loyalty is unheard of, especially in government circles. Oh and what is worse is they choose heavy traffic situation to display such blatant affection and loyalty for the good ole tarmac. This is the time when bikers are forced to drive in the narrow gap between cars and the footpath and this is also the time the pedestrian chooses to take a walk in the park seemingly aloof of the eager-to-overtake-the-adjacent-car biker honking at em’.
  • Lastly, who can forget the holy rickshawallas and cabbies and buses? The most irritating rickshawallas are those who try to overtake a BMW on a highway when the road is clear. In doing so, they not only create a massive traffic jam behind them but also increase stress to unheard off levels in anger management parlance. Not to forget the cabbies who drive at 20 kmph, no matter what lane they are in. And they drive like royalty, like they are driving a Bugatti. Bikers like us are forced to two their line, disallowed to overtake such cabbies because if we do so, we will be breaking our oath we gave our mothers of not racing on the highway. Then there are the buses that just love driving in the last lane and make sure they give not an inch away to the bikers to pass through. Imagine being stuck behind a King Long Bus on the Andheri Flyover for more than 20 minutes just because the bus driver did not reciprocate your incessant honking! More than whacking the driver feels like whacking the bus itself for its way to big and way to powerful. Remember spiderman? With power comes responsibilities and for buses, this power translates into doing what they want because they own the god damn road!

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How to know the rickshaw fare in Mumbai without asking the rickshaw driver?

May 19, 2010 9 comments

Though of starting a new section called Travel Tips. Will cover tips on the things to do in a city like Mumbai or any other place I visit. Hope to not disappoint my readers.

Starting off with the auto rickshaws that plague the city. The humble three-wheeler can go anywhere and most drivers know the city like the back of their palm. If one needs travel tips, or needs to know about places to check out in Mumbai that are generally not in the list of ‘must see things in Mumbai’ these are the guys to go to.

However, some of Mumbai’s rickshaw drivers may fleece unsuspecting tourists. This can be generally avoided by being aware of the prices charged. Here is a brief on how much one is expect to pay for a rickshaw drive.

The minimum fare for a rickshaw drive in Mumbai is Rs.9.

Beyond that, the fare depends on the meter. It is easy to calculate how much you have to pay even without asking the auto driver.

For instance, if the meter reads 14, then you pay Rs.13 (14-1). The rickshaw meter starts at 10 and hence the minimum fare is Rs.9!

This holds true for all journeys anywhere in the city by any auto. Basically, just deduct Re.1 from the meter reading and that will be the final fare.

However, one must note that this does not hold true after midnight. The rates effectively double after midnight. However, each auto driver carries a rate card with him which displays the fare for a certain meter reading.

ALWAYS insist on seeing this rate card before you pay the fare.

Also, in certain areas of Mumbai, rickshaw drivers operated shared rickshaws. Basically, the rickshaws ferries three people (the officially allowed number of people in a rickshaw besides the auto driver) to certain predetermined destination for a predetermined price. Generally it is Rs.5 per person and the distance covered does not matter in these instances. Two suburbs of Mumbai – Jogeshwari and Kandivili have such auto rickshaws in operations. It turns out to be cheaper for the end consumer while making good profits for the auto drivers.

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Torrp it up, healthier version of Subway

May 18, 2010 2 comments

Learn to cook online in a few easy steps for just $10! Online Cooking Classes for just $10!

Torrp It Up is a new fast food chain located opposite Infinity Mall. It is quite small and is more of a have-a-quick-bite-and-buzz-off kinda place and we did exactly that!

Quickly ordered for  a chicken buritto and a chicken Torrp with Herb Garlic Bread along with the brownie and cold drink combo.While preparing both the snacks, the guy at the counter was helpful telling us how a buritto and a Torrp are made. Excellent service I say!

The bread used for the Torrp was soft and felt fresh which was a change from the subway bread! They have a range of sauces including Garlic Mayo, which is a must try for all Mayo and Garlic lovers. The chicken quantity was good too and so were veggies. However, we were surprised that that the Torrp was smaller than a Subway sandwich and accordingly had lesser quantities of all the ingredients.

The Buritto too was small (especially for its price of Rs.110) but had good filling. Again, the play of sauces worked wonderfully keeping the Burrito tangy without making it overtly spicy.

Lastly, the crunchy brownie made for a good dessert though it was stale.

Torrp It Up is a good place to grab a quick healthy bite. Not much of an ambiance here but then again a quick bite doesn’t need lazying around. The prices are about all right. Just like Subway, they too have a sub of the day but the price is higher than at Subway (Rs.70 vs. Rs.50).

Overall Ratings:

Price: 3/5

Ambiance: 2/5

Food: 4/5

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How to Cook Real Food: An Online Cooking Class

May 16, 2010 8 comments

Learn how to cook real food without breaking the bank or spending hours slaving away in the kitchen, tips from a farmers market manager, working mother and natural foods cook. Sign up on Nourished Kitchen: How to Cook Real Food: An Online Cooking Class

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Please Note:

Classes start June 1st.

Enrollment ends Memorial Day, May 31st

Brewer’s cafe – Shakes are good, disappointed with the food

May 16, 2010 11 comments

Learn to cook online in a few easy steps for just $10! Online Cooking Classes for just $10!

Hunting for a good place to unwind with a few non-alcoholic drinks, we landed up at Brewers Cafe. Brewer’s Cafe is close to Mega Mall, Oshiwara and an ideal place to hang out to avoid the mall crowds!

We got ourselves a good cosy seat and made it home for the next 3 hours! Quickly glanced through the menu and ordered ourselves two cold coffee creams, one with chocolate and another without. The cold drinks were really good and rejuvenating especially in this heat.

Along we the shake we ordered something to eat. French Fries with Cheese on top. The cheese used was Mozzarella. It was a crunchy treat along with the coffee shakes.

Endless conversations ensued but hunger pangs led us to order chicken nuggets. These are a lot different than at McDonalds for instance and far better too. Thorough enjoyed the nuggets with the tomato sauce. It was a chicken cutlet/puff mix with some pieces of chicken.

Next up we ordered for the Chicken Burger which is quite cheap here. At Rs.46 it is an excellent purchase though fresh veggies wouldn’t hurt! Chicken pattie is good and not overly cooked.

The food was good but we were disappointed in the end with the Mango Shake. It didn’t contain any real mango just extremely sweet mango flavour.

I think Brewer’s cafe is a happy place to hang out. The coffee is good here and there are other options too. However, it is clear the emphasis is more on the coffee here so fruit flavoured drinks are out of to-try list. The pastas seemed to be on everyone’s menu and we probably missed the boat. I think one can try the pasta here along with some yummy chicken nuggets.

Brewer’s cafe ain’t expensive so one can enjoy the time spent here without having to worry about burning a hole in one’s wallet.

Over Ratings:

Food: 3.5/5

Ambiance: 3.5/5

Price: 3/5

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