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Movenpick Swiss Premium Ice Creams, Average at best!

Well the title is a bit misleading as I have applied the law of averages here where some flavours are excellent while others are hardly worth the money. We had ordered for Espresso Croquant and a Pistachio ice cream. The Pistachio was disappointing as the flavour was too sharp, which probably happens if the ice cream has been in the bowl for far too long! It had a bitter after  taste which is generally the case if the Pistachios are too old. Probably not many like the Pistachio here.

The Espresso on the other hand was the opposite. Excellent flavours complemented the freshness of the ice cream. The fact that the Espresso Croquant has its own fan club on Facebook suggests that either people are crazy about this ice cream or Movenpick is! Eitherways, this ensures that patrons get the best of the flavours! Now if only they could avoid discrimination with other flavours, Movenpick would be my pick for a ‘preferred ice cream’ parlour tag! As the name suggest, the distinct flavour is that of coffee but there is vanilla ice cream as well along with crushed caramelised Hazelnut! There was probably Italian Coffee Sauce in it too but I was unable to differentiate this flavour (only got to know of the sauce when I looked up on the internet!).

On a side note, Movenpick is located at The Palladium at High Street Pheonix. The ice cream is expensive at Rs.120 each but if the flavour is good (like the espresso was), the money doesn’t matter!

PS: Picture downloaded from the Movenpick FB Page.

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  1. rock chic
    April 16, 2010 at 5:14 pm

    I soooo loved the Espresso Croquant. it was yummy! but im sure the pistachio ice cream would taste good only if it was fresh.

  2. April 21, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Hey Nishant,
    I live in Switzerland, and Movenpick is common place here as you can guess (you can call it the Kwality walls of Swiss!)
    They have some very interesting flavors which I have’t tasted in other Indian ice creams. For example they have this flavor calles Stracatella..try it next time if you have’nt already.
    120 bucks sounds expensive…some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had in India is at Corner House, Bangalore and I would never pay 120 bucks there!


    • Nishant Singh
      April 22, 2010 at 2:08 am

      Hey thanks for the heads up!! Well yes, in a bid to portray themselves as being the best ice cream parlour, they have priced the ice cream at nearly unbelievable rates! Probably wouldn’t be going there often but yes will try out the flavour you suggested the next time I am at Movenpick! :)..Thanks so much 😀

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