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Desi Cafe, ekdum desi style service!

Desi Cafe, as the name suggests, is a cafe-ishtyle-street-food-in-an-air-conditioned-settings place! Phew! It is located in Hypercity, a place where hyper mommies and kiddies come to shop (ok ok PJ I know). Anyways, the place has a coffee-place like settings and serves a few Indian delicacies which one would find on the roadside. These include Samosa, Chaat items, sandwich and the good old cutting chai! Oh and they have coffee too, nescafe coffee to complete the ‘cafe’.

It is a self-service place so you go here, place the order then wait. Once the order arrives, the name of dish will be called out loudly, so loud that if you, by mistake, go for a stroll inside Hypercity after placing an order, you could still here that your food has arrived!

I ordered for Samosa Chaat while my friends ordered for Dahi Puri. The Samosa Chaat was spicy as expected and didn’t really go well with really hot Nescafe coffee! Wish my friends had shared some of the dahi with me. Sigh!

My dish wasn’t as interesting as the Dahi Puri which came in an Ice Cream bowl. Yes you read that right. Ice Cream Bowl ke andar Dahi Puri! Ekdum Jhakaas innovation this is. And honestly, it was a lot easier to eat it as well as opposed to the usual serving on a flat plate.

The pricing is moderate as well. The Samosa Chaat only cost INR 40 and filled up my pot belly enough to avoid dinner!

Besides Desi Cafe, there is another coffee joint at the entrance of Hypercity. Next to Desi Cafe is a fast-food prawns joints. Yes! They serve Prawns here for takeaway which is a kick ass innovation in my opinion.

PS: Apologies for the lack of pictures!

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  1. Rock Chic
    April 13, 2010 at 12:03 am

    Desi Cafe was really cool. not only was it economical, yummy and the quantity was great too. something that you wouldnt expect from a mall food outlet.

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