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Sahibaan, Colaba

Sahibaan at Colaba is apparently the first of the many Sahibaan restaurants open in Mumbai. Being the first, it boasts of an extensive menu, Chinese and India, that most of its brethren do not.

We were at Colaba searching for a place to chill and have dinner and chanced upon Sahibaan. Did not hesitate to walk in. The place is pretty small but has good seating arrangement. They generously offered us a table for six people even though we were just two!

They serve this for free but only after an order is placed.

Have already had the sizzlers from here so decided to try out something new. For me, new meant having Momos. So ordered for Steam Chicken Momos which were served along with three different sauces. One was sweet, one a bit sweet and sour and another just plain spicy!

My friend told me about how they serve  Momos elsewhere such that you can dip a whole Momo in a sauce and relish the flavour. Here you had to use the fork and the spoon but that was no problem either.

After the momos, we ordered for Chicken Pot Rice. Very much like Biryani cooked in an earthen pot, the Pot Rice was served in a ceramic bowl. Steamed chicken was the delicacy of the day for us with loads of freshly cut veggies. We were given chop sticks too. It was my first time with a chop stick and I think I didn’t do a bad job afterall. The pot rice was a bit bland and had to be mixed with some Soy Sauce (which I like) .

The food was delicious. The thing with Chinese food is the magic of the various sauces and when done right makes any thing you can have into a tasty delicacy. But we weren’t done yet. Ordered for a Sizzling Brownie (had to order something sizzling at Sahibaan!). The chocolate was a bit burnt and the brownie was just a plain old brownie, had hoped to find some nuts in there.

Overall, Sahibaan is a really good place serving good food and every attendee there has a ‘real’ smile on his face. Such a lovely thing when you are out for dinner after a tiring day!

Food: 4/5

Ambiance: 3/5

Service: 4/5

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