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Jimmy Boy, Mumbai – Parsi Food at its best!

Happened to go to South Mumbai for the movie Wolfman (boring movie, please avoid though fans of Emily Blunt will be interested!) with college friends. Before the movie, since we were pretty early, decided to have lunch. Roaming around the fort area we found a Parsi restaurant ‘Jimmy Boy’ (we found it ’cause we searched for it at the behest of a friend’s recommendation!).

We ordered for Chicken Dhansak and Brown Rice. Brown rice accompanies Dhansak but we ordered for another plate as well. It was a first for me seeing brown rice at a restaurant but apparently brown rice is the staple diet of Parsis!

The food didn’t take much time to arrive while we sipped on our cranberry cold drink manufactured by Pastonji Industries and available only in Parsi restaurants! The cold drink was nice but didn’t go too well with the Dhansak. Well cooked chicken dipped in yellow-dal looking gravy is what chicken dhansak looks like.

The best thing about the food was that it tasted like home-made food. It was pretty heavy lunch especially with the brown rice and mutton sheekh kebabs that comes with Dhansak. The dish almost tastes plain (not bland though) but a tinge of lemon adds the much required flavour!

Overall it seemed an expensive meal with chicken dhansak costing INR 245 and brown rice INR 85. The food was fantastic though and I think I will visit again if I am at Fort!

  1. February 26, 2010 at 4:21 am

    The food looks delicious, I hope I can have a meal like this too; just looking at it makes me feel hungry.

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