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Boat Club, Pali Hill, Bandra

It has been a long time since I went drinking and dancing and no better place in Bandra than Boat Club, as I found out! After a round of coffee with friends, some of us, including Blogger Dude, headed to Boat Club after getting to know that a friend was going to be playing that night. Three of us, grabbed a small round table near the bar and began our sessions while the DJ belted out some nice rock tunes. Located on top of Pali Presidency, Boat Club has been neglected by Trance Dude for far too long!

Boat Club has a rustic feel to it with a predominant wooden decor. It is a great place to hang out with friends though the waiters hovering around the table can get a bit irritating. It has an oval-shaped bar and smallish dance floor. Though dancing is not restricted to just the dance floor and anyone can dance anywhere.  The waiters here wear half sleeve angler jackets to give a more authentic look to the  ‘boat club’. The jackets though resemble photographer’s jackets more like anglers jackets.Had a beer and since we were already stuffed on sandwiches and croissants from Java Espresso, we did not eat anything at the Boat Club but I imagine the food will be similar to Totos.

Boat Club isn’t the cheapest place but a must go for music lovers, friends and everyone else! Don’t forget, Fridays are House Nights!

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