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The Bagel Shop, Bandra

The Bagel Shop in Bandra is one of those places I have been wanting to visit for a very long time. Located on Pali Mala Road, it is hard to miss this brightly lit little place. Cozy is the world that comes to mind when you step inside. Bright yellow lights and the bright decor actually make it feel more inviting that it already is!

We grabbed ourselves a long sofa and a rocking chair for yours truly. Waited for sometime to come out and take our orders. But waiting tired us out so we went inside and grabbed ourselves a couple of menus. The Bagel Shop is divided into two section, the much bigger outer section where we were sitting and the inner section with limited seating space. The outer section is preferred by most people for its homely atmosphere.

While we are really liked the ambiance we were a bit stuck on things to order. Eventually ordered the Club Bagel Chicken. Have never had it before and was completely disappointed with it. Tasted like pita bread with humus and was nothing special to have spent INR 175 on it. Though Bagel is a popular choice of bread for Jews so a similarity with Pita Bread cannot be a coincidence.

Though I had no qualms about the quantity it, I didn’t think the bread or the salads were fresh! The chicken pattice inside was alright since it was minced chicken with all the masala in it (don’t think much goes wrong with mince chicken!). The Bagel seemed to be of the frozen type which I guess is acceptable if they do not make it anywhere here (or nearby the Bagel Shop).

It took us time to gulp down our food but we choose to stay back since all of us had a cozy little seat to keep us warm on a cold winter evening.

However, on a closing note, if this is how a Bagel is supposed to be I think I will avoid the place since it did not suit my taste buds. I rather have humus and Pita Bread as I like that better!  Though I may come here again for I loved the ambiance. We spent three hours here and didn’t realise it until after we left!

  1. August 5, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Those bagels are huge. I’ve never seen something lika that. Must try it
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