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Vithal Kamat, NH3, Thane

February 27, 2010 1 comment

Went on one of the beach trips and this time to Kelwa Beach via Manor. While returning, decided to head off to Vithal Kamat for lunch. The restaurant we went to was a vegetarian one.

We ordered for a heavy lunch including Kadai Paneer, Chole Masala and Lassi. The food here is standard fare and tastes very much like the usual in most vegetarian restaurants. Also ordered for Lassi which was nice and thick. The tandoori aloo paratha was nice as well.

The pricing here moderate and the ambiance is more or less like that of a family restaurant. There are other restaurants around Vithal Kamat so a visit to Kelwa/Manor wouldn’t leave one searching for food atleast!

Java Green, Bandra Reclamation

February 26, 2010 6 comments

Java Green is a cute little coffee place at Bandra Reclamation located in the same lane as Candies. The coffee place has a very formal ambiance but makes up for it with its location. One of the best places to hang out in the evenings, Java Green also excels in another department – pricing.

Once of the cheapest coffee shops in Bandra, Java Green can give the Barista’s, Cafe Coffee Days and even Candies a run for their money. Being cheap doesn’t mean the coffee is bad. Infact is as good as what you would expect from Barista which is a good 30-40 percent more expensive.

Java Green also has a range of snacks from pastries to puffs to rolls and burgers, all of which are light on the wallet. It is one of those places where one can stuff up on good coffee and great snacks for INR 100.

Jimmy Boy, Mumbai – Parsi Food at its best!

February 8, 2010 1 comment

Happened to go to South Mumbai for the movie Wolfman (boring movie, please avoid though fans of Emily Blunt will be interested!) with college friends. Before the movie, since we were pretty early, decided to have lunch. Roaming around the fort area we found a Parsi restaurant ‘Jimmy Boy’ (we found it ’cause we searched for it at the behest of a friend’s recommendation!).

We ordered for Chicken Dhansak and Brown Rice. Brown rice accompanies Dhansak but we ordered for another plate as well. It was a first for me seeing brown rice at a restaurant but apparently brown rice is the staple diet of Parsis!

The food didn’t take much time to arrive while we sipped on our cranberry cold drink manufactured by Pastonji Industries and available only in Parsi restaurants! The cold drink was nice but didn’t go too well with the Dhansak. Well cooked chicken dipped in yellow-dal looking gravy is what chicken dhansak looks like.

The best thing about the food was that it tasted like home-made food. It was pretty heavy lunch especially with the brown rice and mutton sheekh kebabs that comes with Dhansak. The dish almost tastes plain (not bland though) but a tinge of lemon adds the much required flavour!

Overall it seemed an expensive meal with chicken dhansak costing INR 245 and brown rice INR 85. The food was fantastic though and I think I will visit again if I am at Fort!

Mamma Mia, Hill Road, Bandra

February 7, 2010 2 comments

Mamma Mia is a pretty popular eatery amongst office goers, college folks and bored people with nothing to do! And Mamma Mia loves the attention it gets! But apparently owners got a bit too greedy and decided to milk the crowd! How? Keep the price same, save on the food by effectively reducing the size of the burger!

My guess is that the burgers are the most popular items on the menu here and its hard to imagine why! A single burger can easily fill anyone’s tummy but the new V2.0 is nearly half the size hence effectively doubling a table’s billing amount unless a smaller burger suffice their palates!

No complaints with the pasta and the french fries. Fries were crisp and left us wondering how they make these while the pasta was the usual cheesy affair!

Though we liked the food we weren’t happy with the reduced quantity of the same. Mamma Mia suddenly seemed expensive to us than affordable as it was earlier! I only hope they get back to normal or else they may end up loosing customers sooner than later!

Quick Bite Garden Restaurant, Kalyan-Bhiwandi Road

February 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Quick Bite, a small highway eatery on the Kalyan-Bhiwandi Road was visited by Trance Dude while on the way to Badlapur a few weekends ago. Since it was way beyond our lunch time decided to stop for a quick snack. Ordered for a club sandwich, butter cheese chicken sandwich and cold coffee with ice cream.

The butter chicken sandwich wasn’t the best I have had. Small chicken pieces and tomato sauce and not so fresh bread! The same was true with club sandwich which wasn’t fresh either! Kinda took out the fun out of the meal! The cold coffee though was really good. Nescafe it maybe but was refreshing nonetheless!

It was a disappointing snack though I’d still give it 2.5/5 for food that wasn’t bad nor was it stale but it wasn’t fresh either! Pricing was surprisingly on the higher side with the sandwiches costing INR 70 (Non Veg) and INR 65 (Veg). Coffee too was worth INR 50 while tea was worth INR 12. I think trying the fresh Dosas here is advisable.

Moghul Sarai, Bandra Station

February 5, 2010 4 comments

Its been a long long time since Mughlai food passed through my intestines. The urge was a little too much hence decided to go to the best Mughlai place I know – Moghul Sarai.

The place is a bit dark and hence was termed ‘sidey’ by my female friends though we decided to continue our meal at the restaurant itself. First up we ordered for drinks which included lassi for everyone. Apparently it wasn’t just me craving for a heavy lunch!

The lassi was the way I like it – cold and thick! The lassi followed a couple of starters including Afgani kebab and Sheekh Kebab along with Chicken Biryanis. Each dish was amazing. The flavours were well balanced without any particular flavour standing out.

However, the Afgani Kebab was a bit too sweet which was in contract to the Sheekh Kebabs. But the best meal was the Biryani. Again, amazing flavours, the biryani was cooked in a North Indian style. We all agreed that it was the best Biryani we have had in many months!

Moghul Sarai most definitely serves the best Mughlai food in Bandra. Besides awesome food once can also taste the many Arabian hukka flavours here with pricing in the range of INR 100 – INR 500.

The food prices are moderate as well with most dishes in the range of INR 80-200. Though the ambiance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea the food makes up for it! Bon Appetite!

Bachelor’s Ice-cream, Charni Road, Mumbai

February 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Mumbai has a healthy dosage of ice cream parlours but there isn’t any place like Bachelor’s. When in college,  we joked about Bachelor’s being a haunt for us eligible bachelors (even at 16 years of age we thought far beyond our age!). Recently, I had the opportunity of savouring the delicious ice creams after partying at Zenzi Mills.

Well known for its ice creams, it was the obvious choice. Besides ice cream, we also ordered a veg pizza and a paneer frankie. The pizza was great though the frankie was a bit too pungent for my liking. Loved the cheese on the pizza though not sure which one they used.

Trance Dude poses with the Paneer Frankie (never mind the yellow bag!)

After the pizza came the ice creams which were yummy! I had the choco chip with cream, a heavy high calorie filled dessert, available only at Bachelor’s! The last few spoonfuls had to be pushed down the throat for I was not going to waste good dessert!

Overall it was a great meal and good ice cream as well! A bit on the expensive side is bachelor’s but the ice cream is worth the moolah!

Trance Dude enjoying the Choco chips with cream and sharing a laugh with the gang!

Boat Club, Pali Hill, Bandra

February 3, 2010 Leave a comment

It has been a long time since I went drinking and dancing and no better place in Bandra than Boat Club, as I found out! After a round of coffee with friends, some of us, including Blogger Dude, headed to Boat Club after getting to know that a friend was going to be playing that night. Three of us, grabbed a small round table near the bar and began our sessions while the DJ belted out some nice rock tunes. Located on top of Pali Presidency, Boat Club has been neglected by Trance Dude for far too long!

Boat Club has a rustic feel to it with a predominant wooden decor. It is a great place to hang out with friends though the waiters hovering around the table can get a bit irritating. It has an oval-shaped bar and smallish dance floor. Though dancing is not restricted to just the dance floor and anyone can dance anywhere.  The waiters here wear half sleeve angler jackets to give a more authentic look to the  ‘boat club’. The jackets though resemble photographer’s jackets more like anglers jackets.Had a beer and since we were already stuffed on sandwiches and croissants from Java Espresso, we did not eat anything at the Boat Club but I imagine the food will be similar to Totos.

Boat Club isn’t the cheapest place but a must go for music lovers, friends and everyone else! Don’t forget, Fridays are House Nights!

Java Espresso Coffee Co, Pali Hill, Bandra

February 2, 2010 6 comments

Java Espresso is cozy little coffee-house in the same building as Citi Centre, a fashion store. It’s just ahead of the Pali Market on the road that goes towards Carter Road. There a sign board directing patrons to the coffee shop, it cannot be missed.

Once there, it is easy to know why people have a difficulty finding this place. It is located inside a residential building complex and hence has a homely atmosphere. There is ample seating space and we chose the one closest to the gate. Even while we were so close to the gate the settings were cozy and once seated we completely lost track of the time and didn’t realise when 4 hours flew by!

Since we were here for coffee, first up we ordered for our coffees including a Classic Mocha (Dark chocolate based coffee), coffee caramel and some starters to go with it, a Java Basket.

The Classic Mocha here is highly recommended. A rich blend of coffee and dark chocolate made this an instant addiction for me and Rock Chic. The rest tried the Coffee Caramelo which was good as well.

To go with our coffees and conversations, we tried the Java Basket. The basket included perfectly fried French fries and potato wedges. We ordered for two baskets later on as well. The highlight for us was the smile faces which echoed the mood of the gang.

The basket though really good, wasn’t going to fill the hungry tummies of 6 people. So some of us went ahead and ordered some sandwiches and Croissants.  I ordered the Chicken Sandwich and a Chicken Croissant. While the sandwich was not worth its salt, the croissant was really good. The sandwich had tomato sauce and small chicken pieces and wasn’t really what I had expected. The croissant on the other hand was stuffed with chicken though it wasn’t exactly like the ones you get at Cheron.

Though the food ranged from good to average, it was all worth it, for the prices at Java Espresso are quite reasonable. Between the six of us, we spent less than INR 100 per person, a figure unheard of at coffee jaunts across Mumbai. Great prices coupled with good ambiance makes Java Espresso my favourite coffee house for the month!

Prices: Classic Mocha – INR 46

Java Basket – INR 55

Chicken Tikka Sandwich – INR 33

Coffee caramelo – INR 36

Chicken Criossant – INR 30

They also have cheese cake which I plan to relish the next time I visit Java Espresso. Until next time, Bon Appetite!

First up we ordered for our coffees including a Classic Mocha (Dark choclate based coffee), coffee caramel and some starters to go with it, A Java Basket.

The Bagel Shop, Bandra

February 1, 2010 1 comment

The Bagel Shop in Bandra is one of those places I have been wanting to visit for a very long time. Located on Pali Mala Road, it is hard to miss this brightly lit little place. Cozy is the world that comes to mind when you step inside. Bright yellow lights and the bright decor actually make it feel more inviting that it already is!

We grabbed ourselves a long sofa and a rocking chair for yours truly. Waited for sometime to come out and take our orders. But waiting tired us out so we went inside and grabbed ourselves a couple of menus. The Bagel Shop is divided into two section, the much bigger outer section where we were sitting and the inner section with limited seating space. The outer section is preferred by most people for its homely atmosphere.

While we are really liked the ambiance we were a bit stuck on things to order. Eventually ordered the Club Bagel Chicken. Have never had it before and was completely disappointed with it. Tasted like pita bread with humus and was nothing special to have spent INR 175 on it. Though Bagel is a popular choice of bread for Jews so a similarity with Pita Bread cannot be a coincidence.

Though I had no qualms about the quantity it, I didn’t think the bread or the salads were fresh! The chicken pattice inside was alright since it was minced chicken with all the masala in it (don’t think much goes wrong with mince chicken!). The Bagel seemed to be of the frozen type which I guess is acceptable if they do not make it anywhere here (or nearby the Bagel Shop).

It took us time to gulp down our food but we choose to stay back since all of us had a cozy little seat to keep us warm on a cold winter evening.

However, on a closing note, if this is how a Bagel is supposed to be I think I will avoid the place since it did not suit my taste buds. I rather have humus and Pita Bread as I like that better!  Though I may come here again for I loved the ambiance. We spent three hours here and didn’t realise it until after we left!