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Salad at Candies, Pali Naka

The Salad at Candies has become famous with patrons. The salad offers fresh veggies and meat and is specifically directed at those who are health conscious (and Bandra has a lot many of those!!). The other day I went with my colleagues to take advantage of the 25% discount after 8 PM. So the salads cost us INR 60 which is a great price for fulfilling meal. Wanted to try every salad at the counter but my love (or maybe fetish??) for ‘white’ food was too overwhelming. So the plate was filled up with the potato chicken salad, fruit salad and chicken macaroni and some tuna salad as well. The tuna salad was there only ’cause it passed the test the last time I was here.

The meal, had at 9PM, was surprisingly fresh. The veggies were freshly cut and it seemed like the serving was prepared only a few minutes ago! It was a real treat for all of us to have fresh salads at that time of the hour! Though one thing I realised was that I don’t prefer fruits with veggies I rather have either fruit salad or just a normal salad!

Salad at Candies is always recommended and there is nothing like fresh salad!

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