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Aurus @ Juhu

Been to Aurus once but this time it was different. Came here for a dinner date with my school friends who I was meeting after ages. We almost had conversations like ‘OMG! Look how old u look! or ‘You have grown big’ you get the drift… Anyways, Aurus being expensive, I curtailed myself from ordering and let the orders! Though I should have known better. Had a chicken starter, which was just alright. The presentation (I assume that matters at Aurus) wasn’t up to the mark either. One would have thought they chicken would be accompanied by some salad dressing et al but none, we found.

Next up were a couple of vodka shots but since I had already had my pre-party pegs I avoided more shots! But sadly, still ended up splurging INR 1500 on a dinner that never was!

  1. January 22, 2012 at 10:17 pm

    Great place for a Saturday night…

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