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Mocha – Lot of Coffee!

December 20, 2009 Leave a comment

A coffee lover who doesn’t frequent most of Mumbai favourite coffee hangouts is a statement that defines me! But today it was different. A beautiful evening and the best drink I could think of was beer errrrr (now where did that come from!)… coffee! Been sometime since I went to Mocha, so decided to try the Brazilian coffee here while my friend went for the Colombian version.  Both coffees were served in a big cup, so big that my friend had to use both hands to lift the damn thing!

The coffee lovers that we are, we spent quite a bit of time taking in the strong aromas emanating from our freshly brewed caffeine concentrates. The Brazilian coffee was strong though the Colombian one was the more bitter of the two. Took us a good hour to finish the coffee as we engrossed ourselves in conversations on just about anything!

The coffee was excellent but a sound parameter to judge its effectiveness is how alert it keeps you in the wee hours of the morning. Its 3 AM and I quite alert even at this hour. Though ironically, my friend who had the ‘stronger’ of the two coffees is fast asleep!!

Harish Bar and Restaurant

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Irla is not a place I have eaten much at except for the overpriced Papillon and Amar Juice Centre. So it was a surprise for me when a friend suggested we go to Harish Bar and Restaurant for some choicest meat dishes and off course some drinks.

For starters, which for this post means drinks, we ordered for Royal Stag quarter at INR 220 which is quite reasonable by any standards! For the food though, there was a long list which included the choicest of prawns (Prawns Lassuni), the sweet tasting Crispy Chicken, Chicken Lollypop, and the evergreen Surmai Tawa Fry. I think the fish here was awesome and so were the prawns though the lollypops held forth for the chicken!

The main course included Chicken Hyderabadi and the Chicken Sukha. The Sukha I rather have at Janta Bar and Restaurant. Though not bad,  it wasn’t the same as at Janta. The Hyderabadi Chicken was lip-smackingly good as were the Parathas we had them with.

Overall the place is on the expensive side though the booze is reasonably priced.


Food: 3.5/5 – No complaints with the food. Though the prices could be reduced a bit here.

Service: 4/5 – Attentive and friendly waiters.

Price: 3/5 – The real downer here. Harish could possible be a back up if only the food prices are slashed by 20% or more, which seems unlikely to happen!

Hangla @ Bandra – Authentic Bengali Street Food

December 11, 2009 12 comments

Been around for more than two years, Hangla had escaped my rumbling stomach and my ever-growing appetite for new delicacies; but not anymore. A friend brought to my attention the new outlet opened in Bandra, opposite the erstwhile Cream Centre (anyone know what happened to it?). The foodie that I am, I couldn’t resist the call of duty of my relentless pursuit for new trials (still trying my hand with these big words, so be tolerant will ya :P). Went there twice already and haven’t been disappointed yet.

The first time I tried the Double Chicken Roll, a safe bet generally. The roti, draped with egg, included 10 pieces of chicken (OMG!) and some veggies to go with it. It was an absolute delight having the roll that never seemed to get over! The chicken was well cooked and the roti was soft, I guess because of the egg. Next time (the next day actually) I tried the Chicken Kasha and Laccha Paratha. The first thing I did like to say about this dish is that if I could have it, I did eat it everyday! The Paratha made me an instant fan and so did the spicy chicken kasha. A half plate costing INR 70 coupled with Laccha Paratha worth INR 20 was enough to fill my tummy. Makes me wonder, how much do Bengalis really eat?? Little wonder then that the place is called Hangla, meaning glutton in Bengali. If I may add a bit of Marathi here, Hangla is changla! :D.

Besides  the chicken dishes, also tried the Fish Chop (prepared from Bhetki Fish). The chop accompanied by mustard sauce, a special mustard sauce, is apparently hard to get in Mumbai. Never have I liked mustard as much as I did here (wonder what is their secret mustard recipe). The Fish meanwhile was non-smelly, less oily (surprisingly at that!) and very tasty!

I wouldn’t know Bengali food so asked my Bengali friends who positively confirmed that the food here tastes like the food prepared in Kolkata.

The prices though maybe a downer for some people but a full meal can be had for less than INR 100 which I think is a big positive. I rather spend less here and get more than vice versa elsewhere.

The Verdict

Food: 5/5 – Not since Carter Blue have I felt like going to the same place again and again for its rolls and other items. Kudos to Hangla’s for bring out the glutton in me ;).

Service: 4/5 – Loved it. Good fun interacting with the guy at the counter. He seemed a gem of a person!

Ashamed of: Not trying the outlet at Lokhandwala and Malad before!

Biona’s @ Hill Road

December 9, 2009 2 comments

Was out for a drive with a friend and decided to pick up a Chicken Shawarma from here. All of INR 80, it is just a bit more expensive and maybe a bit better than its Carter Blue counterpart. Less of veggies and more of chicken for one, the Pita Bread too was much softer. In fact, it was what I think, the way Merhaba – The Gourmet Cafe intended to make the bread. The best thing about Biona’s shawarma was the bread wasn’t chewy nor was it tilting towards the crunchy side. The chicken was good as well and the roll was by far the biggest one I have had so far!

Truly delightful, the shawarma comes in two sizes, regular and large but I am guessing the regular one suffices the appetites of most people. It satiated my taste buds and stopped my stomach from growling further!

Singh’s Fish and Kabab Corner @ Andheri

December 7, 2009 2 comments

Seen this place a million times but not until a friend took me here did I realise what I had been missing for so long! A small eatery, Singh’s is very famous, not only for Andherities but others as well. Not the biggest menu but that shouldn’t be a deterrent for anyone. While we were here, tried the Chicken Tandoori and the Chicken Biryani. The Tandoori was easily the best I have had so far. Freshly out of the ‘bhatti’ (oven), it was hot, and cooked well. The leg piece wasn’t burnt and was utterly delicious! Made me ponder if I should have had two of them cause the Biryani let me down a bit. Well cooked again, it wasn’t hot but mildly warm as the Biryani was already made sometime back (And they make kilos of Biryani every hour or so it seems!). Though the Quantity for the half plate of rice was acceptable, it could have done with a bit more chicken in it! Though it was good biryani nonetheless but again, a bit more chicken wouldn’t hurt. Though I wonder, if that is the case with a full biryani as well.

So that was what we ate at around 10:00 PM. A meal totally worth the money paid. Not often do I say this but for tonight it was true. I am surely coming here again!!


Service: 6/10 (Wouldn’t have hurt if the dude was a bit friendly!)

Ambiance: 7/10 (7 may seem too much but for a place that sees maddening crowds it is Quite clean!)

Price: 9/10: Affordable! Very Affordable!!

What to eat: Tandoor and Biryani. Period.

Night Out Eating @Cooper Hospital

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

One would think that an eating joint outside a hospital at 4AM is impossible but not here in Mumbai. One can understand if Tea or maybe a Vada Pav is available but steaming hot bhurji pav and pav bhaji and it is a different ball game altogether. And that is exactly what we found outside Cooper after a long night out.

The thing about late night food joints such as these is that food is available dirt cheap but is very oily and fattening. So for the health conscious this is a strict no-no but when hunger pangs call there is nothing like ‘healthy food’! We paid about INR 100 for the two anda bhurjis and extra pav. The food is excellent here, better than at Anna’s @ Andheri Station. Though more expensive and a little further away from my house it is worth going to Cooper for the anda bhurji!

Salad at Candies, Pali Naka

December 4, 2009 Leave a comment

The Salad at Candies has become famous with patrons. The salad offers fresh veggies and meat and is specifically directed at those who are health conscious (and Bandra has a lot many of those!!). The other day I went with my colleagues to take advantage of the 25% discount after 8 PM. So the salads cost us INR 60 which is a great price for fulfilling meal. Wanted to try every salad at the counter but my love (or maybe fetish??) for ‘white’ food was too overwhelming. So the plate was filled up with the potato chicken salad, fruit salad and chicken macaroni and some tuna salad as well. The tuna salad was there only ’cause it passed the test the last time I was here.

The meal, had at 9PM, was surprisingly fresh. The veggies were freshly cut and it seemed like the serving was prepared only a few minutes ago! It was a real treat for all of us to have fresh salads at that time of the hour! Though one thing I realised was that I don’t prefer fruits with veggies I rather have either fruit salad or just a normal salad!

Salad at Candies is always recommended and there is nothing like fresh salad!

Aurus @ Juhu

December 2, 2009 1 comment

Been to Aurus once but this time it was different. Came here for a dinner date with my school friends who I was meeting after ages. We almost had conversations like ‘OMG! Look how old u look! or ‘You have grown big’ you get the drift… Anyways, Aurus being expensive, I curtailed myself from ordering and let the orders! Though I should have known better. Had a chicken starter, which was just alright. The presentation (I assume that matters at Aurus) wasn’t up to the mark either. One would have thought they chicken would be accompanied by some salad dressing et al but none, we found.

Next up were a couple of vodka shots but since I had already had my pre-party pegs I avoided more shots! But sadly, still ended up splurging INR 1500 on a dinner that never was!

Anna’s @ Andheri Station

December 1, 2009 2 comments

Been on a mini-break trying to avoid outside food due to an on-going health crisis. But I couldn’t resist this one. Got a call late at night from a very hungry soul. It didn’t take me long (never really does when someone mentions food!) to agree to his plan of eating out so without hesitating we headed out in search of food at 2 AM in the night. Since we didn’t want to go anywhere far we began asking around and were directed to Andheri station.

Not too sure what the stall’s name is but it seems to have been operating for quite sometime now. At 2.00 AM you find all kinds of people waiting here for the bhurji pav, pulav and the chicken masala. Not sure of the prices as we had all three and paid INR 105 in total. Two of us sharing three dishes for just a little over a 100 bucks is a steal IMHO! There was also Pav Bhaji but the waiting time was too much.I’d recommend the Bhurji Pav and Chicken Masala though the veggies can try the Pav Bhaji.

Here is a tip if one wants their food to be served quickly. Wait at the counter and be nice to the guys cooking and the guys serving the food and they will serve u sooner than the others. As my friend put it ‘begging here really does help if you want to satiate yourself quickly’. Mind you, this place is not for those looking to satiate their taste buds but for those intending to fill up their hungry tummies!

(Couldn’t take a picture here due to some very ‘understandable reasons’ so this is the best I have. The stall with the bright light is the one which serves the delicious and oily food!)

PS: The food at Cooper is better and far more in quantity but the price is also higher. Also, if one is conscious of the crowd then cooper is a safer bet though Andheri too had its fair share of ‘hip and happening’ crowd!