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Gloria Jeans – What’s a takeaway?

Here is a small little rant about a big name coffee house which doesn’t know what a takeaway is! We ordered for a Caramel Latte and a Cafe Latte. Anyways, after ordering coffee worth over INR 200 we weren’t given a takeaway cup but the usual cup which is used if coffee is served within the premises itself. We thought the guy at the counter forgot that it is a takeaway so we asked again and were told that this is all we will get as they didn’t have any takeaway cups. How can a coffee house not have takeaways?? Cafe Coffee Day has and so does Barista and they give you the coffee nicely packed!

I am unsure whether they have a takeaway system or no but the fact that we had to carry 2 coffee cups without proper packaging, on a bike, over bad roads, did not sit well with us. I hope they implement a takeaway system if they do not already have one asap or else they might just loose valuable customers!

We experienced this at the Bandra Outlet which is located next to Sahibaan on Turner Road.

  1. Priyanka
    November 11, 2009 at 10:10 pm

    Strange for such a well-known and international brand to not have takeaways or the concept!!!!

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