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Short trip to Yeoor Hills, Thane

Ever since a friend told another friend about Yeoor Hills, he has been itching to go this place at night. The Hills are homes for snakes and at night are considered to be a dangerous place. However, as we found out, its pretty safe around the village at Yeoor but could be otherwise if one ventures deep in the jungle. Also, people are advised against trekking in the jungle after dark.


Yeoor Hills can be approached from either the Eastern Express Highway while coming from Sion/Jogeshwari or from the Ghodbunder Road while coming from Borivali. We choose to traverse via. Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link RoadEastern Express HighwayThane – Yeoor Hills and come back by Ghodbunder Road – Western Express Highway. It took us an hour to reach Yeoor from Jogeshwari as we started at around 11 PM. Desolate roads greeted us once inside Yeoor but the occasional car or bike gang did pass us by. We were told a lot of parties at the many farmhouses happen here. But we were here to chill by nature away from all the blaring music which was clearly audible!

Ghostly Path

Once inside the park, we drove all the up, mostly through a stone littered path, to a small stream where a few of us took pictures while the others lit up a cigerette. It was pitch black with the apparent eminent threat of a leopard attack! We left after sometime and went to chill at another place and later headed to a restaurant. Forgot the name, but they served really good chicken tandoori!

At the Restaurant

We ate and we chatted a bit and at around 3:30 AM headed back for home via. Ghodbunder Road. This road is a treat to ride on. Nearly 22 KMs of pothole free road! No wonder I hear so many stories of superbikes racing here in the night! Sadly didn’t see any that day!

The trip was a short and refreshing one with, as my friend puts it, 5 interesting people! It’s amazing how much you can discover about people on a short bike trip! Looking forward to doing a day trip followed by a trek in the jungle.

  1. November 9, 2009 at 12:28 pm

    Lovely pics.

    • Nishant Singh
      November 9, 2009 at 1:59 pm


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