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Venus Bakery, Bandra

One of the oldest bakeries in Bandra, Venus is a popular one amongst people of all ages. And why not? With desserts and snacks ranging from INR 15-INR 50, it is easy to see why its well recieved by many! Its not just the pricing but the quality too which provides Venus with repeat customers like me. Cakes can also be had from here and they will, like most all bakeries, bake a cake according to your specification.

Though they do have many snack items like chicken fingers, chicken wings, chicken lollipops, chicken/mutton cutlets, burgers, rolls and many more. My current favourite though is the Chicken Sandwich. For INR 20, you get 3 half cut slices of wheat bread and in between as much chicken as you can stuff! Though the sandwich still doesn’t beat the one at Star Bazaar (Which is for INR 35 and with big chunks of chicken and tastes totally yummy) but its still good enough to be had on a daily basis!

Besides the sandwich, the plum cake is great and so is the pack of wheat bread which is for INR 15! The plum cake is a favourite of many in my office while the wheat bread is my personal favourite! Every friday I buy wheat bread from here so that my whole family can enjoy either as a sandwich, toast or just plain bread with milk!

A nice little bakery, Venus is a must visit during Christmas when they bakery itself is nicely decorated and selling even more delicious products!

Address: Near MET Building, Near Mount Carmel’s Church, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W), Mumbai 400050.

Ph No.: 26433263

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