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Food Inn, Colaba

November 24, 2009 2 comments

Having heard only good things about this place, I decided to check it out on a hot sunny afternoon. Wasn’t sure what to eat so decided to try my favourite dish, the Chicken Biryani. Was in two minds before placing the order as I didn’t want to become drowsy after the meal but concerns of ‘sleep walking’ aside I went ahead with the order. Prior to the biryani, fresh onions, lemons and pickle was served along with Green Chutney.

The Biryani arrived soon thereafter along with the Raita which has to be ordered seperately. Since it was boneless, I was forced to order the Chicken Tikka Biryani which was a bit of a disappointment as I would have liked the normal biryani with boneless chicken instead of the chicken tikka pieces. Nonetheless, I began gorging on the Biryani but failed the realise that the masala was sitting pretty at the bottom. It was only at the end that I had much of the masala, which was very spicy!! Helped that the raita was next to me to save my tongue from burning!

The Biryani was good I though. The fact that it was tikka biryani was easy to comprehend as the chicken was cooked in the tikka masala which was also present in the biryani. The Raita was alright though. Would I have the tikka biryani again? I think I may just try the normal biryani next time. Besides, the spicy food and the hot sun kinda made me dizzy!!

The bill was INR 140 – INR 110 for the Biryani and INR 30 for the Raita.

Rating: Ambiance: 3/5 – Plain and simple ambiance. Did not check the A/C section which was mostly frequented by Indians!

Food: 3.5/5 – They served what they promised. Though the extra spicy masala was a disappointment for me!

Price: 3.5/5 – +INR 100 for Biryani has become the price benchmark.


Bembos – I am loooving it!!

November 21, 2009 4 comments

Four hungry stomachs, equivalent appetites and a penchant for trials led us to the burger place Bembos. This was one of those rare occasions where everyone agreed instantaneously.  The South American (who knew??) burger place has two distinct seating areas – the inside part which is clearly for the afternoon hangouts and the outside part where a burger can be enjoyed whilst overlooking the bustling city traffic. So as we went there during lunch, we decided to grab a table inside before anyone else could!

The four hungry stomachs that I mentioned earlier, grabbed a different burger each with me trying the Grilled Chicken Burger. They generally have two sizes for almost every burger except for the Mutton Burger and the Grilled Chicken Breast (I guess chickens do not have different breasts sizes??). The large one I had was worth INR 99. Bigger than anything you get at Mac or at KFC but smaller than the ones at Gostana! My friend also ordered for a small pack of fries which according to her was more than what is served at KFC.

This burger outlet is the only place known to me which serves mayonnaise sauce along with ketchup and chilli sauce. Besides the mayonnaise another highlight is the fresh veggies used in the burger. The patty too was freshly made. The four hungry stomachs really enjoyed the burgers with some saying it was the best they have had till date! It took a not-so-well-known Peruvian fast food chain to bring out a statement like that!

I did like the burger a lot. Infact it was a lot better than the last time we tried em’ here! I hope they keep up the good work and keep churning awesome burgers!

This Peru-based burger place was an interesting find. According to Wikipedia they have another outlet in Delhi and in Panama City besides the many outlets in Peru!

If anyone knows any other South American eatery do post here! Would love to try it out!

(Image linked from

Address: 34, Manorama Chambers, Opp. Indian Bank, S. V. Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

Ph No (For Takeaways): 26415599, 26415600, 67100625

Rasoi – Good Food, Great Service!

November 15, 2009 Leave a comment

This past week was a good one as far as finding new eateries is concerned. Rasoi is no different. Until last week, I didn’t know it existed. And on top, Daniel tells me it is a good restaurant. So I had to check out for myself. At first sight, Rasoi comes across as an expensive place. But then again, it is also a bar besides being a restaurant and a makeshift banquet hall.

But since we had travelled all the way to Malad just to try Rasoi, we weren’t going back now. So parked the bike and moved towards the restaurant as we were greeted by 2 gentlemen who led us inside a huge hall with four rows of tables and chairs. Upon request we were guided to table in the corner as opposed to sitting right in front of the exit! This was a good gesture I though as the other table was apparently reserved for someone else.


Once seated, we were greeted by a North Eastern gentleman was kind enough to suggest us some dishes. Infact his friendly nature made us feel comfortable and at home at Rasoi. His first suggestion was the extra spicy Tangdi Kebab followed by the not so spicy Chicken Kadai. Ironic how the dish that is supposed to be spicy was nearly sweet while the Kebab was a spicy affair. In fact, we utilised their promotional offer of one-on-one free beer from the stable of Little Devil. The mild beer perfectly complimented the Kebabs but lost their usefulness once the starters were over.

P1040654The main course, Chicken Handi, was good to taste, albeit a bit sweet. The quantity was quite good as we were of the consensus that three can eat from this dish as opposed to the two of us then! Following the Handi were the Gulab Jamuns and the Malai Kulfi. My friend and me are in love with this combo which is akin to having a sizzling hot brownie – the only difference being this is an Indian version of the same! Mix a bit of sugar syrup with the Kulfi, and have the hot Gulab Jamun – the combo is just heavenly!

Whilst we were already contemplating another round of desserts the bill was served. The to

tal meal cost us INR 668 which for just the two of us is expensive! Minus the beer at INR 125, the price was still on the higher side for us (others may differ off course!). The food was good, the service even better but the not so affordable prices at this stage of our lives makes us wonder when next will we go to Rasoi!

Yummies, Carter Road – Not really that Yummy but light on the wallet!

November 14, 2009 2 comments

Yummies is a small takeaway outlet located close to Rizvi College and is a favourite hangout of the college kids and passers-by. Mainly a Chinese eatery, it serves both veg and non-veg. I have been here a few times and tried out a couple of puffs, croissants and rice. Their rice items come in either half or full plate. The full rice plate is enough to satiate 2 gargantum tummies (tummies, yummies get it?) like mine. Though if one is only looking to eat something irrespective of the taste and other things, yummies is a good choice for its cheap takeaways. This is not the say the food is not good. But it is far more simpler and lacks the complex mixture of ingredients found elsewhere.

In my opinion, the rice/noodle items are one of the better ones here. One can try the items kept in the shelf but the problem with such food is that it stays in the shelf for a considerable duration. There isn’t anything else that I would prefer here if I was hungry except for the rice (Since I am not a big noodles fan).

Address: 36 A Rajan Apts, Nr Rizvi Complex, Off Carter Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

Ph: +(91)-9833908045 | +(91)-(22)-26002467, 26040040

(The do home delivery in Bandra)

Merhaba – Gourmet Cafe

November 13, 2009 1 comment

Discovered this outlet while on my way to Turner Road through the bylanes of Bandra starting from Carter Road! Located in the quiet Sherly Rajan Road, it is not suprising that no one knew about this place. Since it was around 11 PM, most of the shelf was already empty with only a couple of chicken and mutton cutlets remaining. Giving them some company were the pastries which were at the other end of a very long shelf! This rectangular shaped ‘cafe’ doesn’t have seating space, making it essentially a takeaway or a free home delivery option (which it does have).

Now, you will not associate a takeaway with an extensive menu. Normally, what you see is what you can get but here its something different. An extensive menu, with exactly 250 items (They have numbered every item in the menu. Did you really think I would count all 250 of em??), makes me wonder how they can manage to offer so much. If you look closely at the menu, it is easy to figure out that this place primarily serves Lebanese.


Merhaba2Alright then, since it was late night and most of the items were already over, I decided to try the Mutton Cutlet which was covered with Vermicelli – making it a crispy delight. The presentation was a bit different wherein the cutlet wrapped around a thin stick in a way similar to the way chikken tikka is served in the many takeaways in Bandra. The cutlet wasn’t a hit with my taste buds. Maybe it was because the cutlet was made in the Lebanese style – less oily and less spicy – which was a bummer! Though less oily is a winner in my book, less spicy isn’t!

Merhaba extensively serves Lebanese and is the first such place I came across which does so. Otherwise, for instance, for Falafels you need to go somewhere and for Shawerma somewhere else! I am definitely coming back to try out their many dishes on offer.

Update: Went again here and ate a chicken shawerma. The shawerma was strictly ok. The pita bread was baked just about right and wasn’t hard to chew. Gotta give them that  – they do  know how to bake a pita bread to perfection! Though the chicken was a downer here. A bit too try and overcooked! There was a paneer shawerma that my friend had and she seemed to like it thought I couldn’t get to taste it!

Address: No.4, Hardik Villa, Sherly Rajan ROad, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050

Ph: 9222384321 | 9222394321

Gloria Jeans – What’s a takeaway?

November 11, 2009 1 comment

Here is a small little rant about a big name coffee house which doesn’t know what a takeaway is! We ordered for a Caramel Latte and a Cafe Latte. Anyways, after ordering coffee worth over INR 200 we weren’t given a takeaway cup but the usual cup which is used if coffee is served within the premises itself. We thought the guy at the counter forgot that it is a takeaway so we asked again and were told that this is all we will get as they didn’t have any takeaway cups. How can a coffee house not have takeaways?? Cafe Coffee Day has and so does Barista and they give you the coffee nicely packed!

I am unsure whether they have a takeaway system or no but the fact that we had to carry 2 coffee cups without proper packaging, on a bike, over bad roads, did not sit well with us. I hope they implement a takeaway system if they do not already have one asap or else they might just loose valuable customers!

We experienced this at the Bandra Outlet which is located next to Sahibaan on Turner Road.

Croissants, Bandra – A lot of Bread and whole lot less meat!

November 10, 2009 3 comments

It is amazing how many times you see the same place but never get a chance to check it out! With Croissants, it was a long wait. Always knew it existed but never tasted! So took a friend along to try the many croissants available here.


First up we had the Chicken Reshmi Sheekh Croissant followed by the Bhuna Ghost croissants and then the Chicken Barbeque Croissant and another variation of a Croissant which was double the size of the Barbeque croissants but was priced at only INR 10 extra. Man that was a lot of croissants, ‘literally’ speaking!

Best dish of the day was the Sheekh variant which has a reshmi sheekh kebab running through the middle of the croissant! The rest though had paste filled inside the soft bread. That was such a let down as I was really hoping for chunks of chicken and not a paste that in one instance (Barbeque Chicken) tasted like Pav Bhaji!

Most of the non-veg croissants are priced between INR 35-45 while the vegetarian versions are for INR 30 and above. Croissants also keeps cakes and according to my friend that is their real specialty. Since we both intend to cut down on some weight (by simultaneously hogging on 3 croissants each!) we decided to skip the pastries for a later date!

Address: No. 5-6, Pluto, Perry Road, Bandra West, Mumbai 400050