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Late evening stopover at Mikneil Caterers

Read about this new eatery opened near St. Andrew’s Church in the newspaper Midday. Its just a week-old or maybe a bit older and is run by a family that lives behind Mikneil. They are similar to Kalpana which is on Chappel Road.


Mikneil is a essentially a takeaway. As you can see from the photo above it is quite tiny eatery. And the big dood standing on the left, though inadvertently clicked in the picture, makes for a nice comparison on the size aspect. As the photo above suggests there isn’t much seating space on the outside and on the inside there are two stools which cannot seat us big guys! What occupies the space inside are piles of boxes,  a fridge and the storage shelf (for lack of a better word!) where the ready made food items are kept!

P1050225Mikneil keeps similar food items to that of Kalpana including pan rolls, chops, cutlets, rotis. However, the differentiating factor here is the Goan Cuisine Vindaloo! Yes they keep vindaloo too! Not sure about the pricing but I am definitely trying this out soon! While there, I laid my hands on a chicken sandwich and a beef pan roll. The food was not spicy like the ones at Kalpana or even Cheron Caterers nor was it overtly oily! I liked both the items and wished I had taken a few more from there! Nonetheless it was a good appetizer before the final dinner at Candies!! (and here I was trying to loose weight!)

I am most definitely eat here more often!



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