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Vochelle – Dark Chocolate with Fruit and Nut!

October 15, 2009 3 comments

Wow! The dark chocolate tryouts continue unabated! This time its a Malaysian chocolate by the name Vochelle Fruit and Nut. Bought this from a store in Bandra. The price was INR 65, pretty cheap for a dark chocolate, heck the cheapest one I have bought so far! Nevertheless I was happy to lay my hands on a dark chocolate to satiate my taste buds!

The chocolate is most definately rich in almonds and raisins. But where it fails is at the core itself – branded a dark chocolate, it isn’t much better than a Cadbury Fruit and Nut which is available for INR 30. The Vochelle is not necessarily a bad chocolate, yes the bitterness is there and yes it is a good chocolate overall but the fact that its priced at double the rate than that of the Cadbury is a real downer. Why would I buy a Vochelle if I can get nearly the same taste as the Cadbury? The Cadbury though is loaded with sugar and lacks the cocoa content of the Vochelle.

Overall, greatly disappoint with the Vochelle. I guess this extreme negative review maybe because I had the chance to taste two really awesome dark chocolates previously – Maya Gold and ecores d’oranges. Better luck next time is all I have to say for now!!