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Sigdi – Cheap hukka + great biryani! Deadly!

A boys night out, where we singles were supposedly supposed to mingle with other singles, ended in near disaster except for a sumptuous meal right at the end of the night! While we set out to do something different, we ended up at Toto’s Garage had a beer, gorged on veg schzwan fries (I think) and then strolled around until it struck my friend to go to Sigdi for some delicious biryani. I have only had rolls there before, and never went inside, just ordered them out! Well, tonight was different, a bunch of lazy bums needed rest from all the strolling around and so we went and sat on the top most level. Right besides this massive fish tank with equally big fishes!!

We quickly ordered for a hukka (Which only I puffed) and for a veg biryani. The hukka for just INR 130, was quite nice! But the cheapness was evident when the smoke started to hurt my throat just under an hour of smoking up! But that was fine once the biryani arrived. The aroma was quite gripping and I would give it a 4/5 for satiating my taste buds! The paneer, masala and the rice itself was well cooked and nothing was overcooked or raw which was a great thing. The biryani was for just INR 75 making. Offcourse, the best veg biryani I have had is the one at ‘Just Biryani’ but for half the price of JB, Sigdi’s biryani is a definite must have for a hungry stomach!

Also according to my friend, the black dal and malai paneer is extremely good for the veggies and for the non veggies well, I will have to try out to post recommendations!

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