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Masalacraft, Bandra – Cheaper than I thought

Everyone’s going ga-ga over this new place next to Desiree which is next to Candies at Bandra Reclamation. So my team decided to head out to Masalacraft for the farewell of 2 colleagues. Eight of us, paraded through the glass door at Masalacraft, enchanted by its decor and an intriguing ceiling – adorned with small black pots! The ambiance got the thumbs up from us, and as we were the first to arrive there, we could choose a nice comfy place to have our lunch!

Whilst waiting for another colleague, the rest of us ordered for a few drinks including lassi, kamikaze shot and a saffron drink which was just so darn good! So good that multiple rounds followed thereafter! Besides the drinks, we had a paneer starter and a main course for the veggies and a chicken gravy dish for main course and biryani!! (Oh! How i just love biryani). The biryani quantity was quite a lot and for the price of INR 150, I think it was well worth the cost! Was it the best biryani I have had? hmm not really but definitely one of the best!!

A good, heartening meal and surprisingly, at only INR 281 per head, lighter on the pockets as well! They have drinks as well to make for a complete meal! We did not get to try the desserts, as we ran out of time, but surely, the desserts will be tried next time around!

At the end, along with the bill, came a Tibetan meditation bowl. Read more about the bowl here.

  1. chetan
    December 30, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    is it a good place to go wid gf….

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