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McDonald’s – Chicken Nuggets Worthy Competitor to KFC?

As we all know, the Chicken Nuggets which were recently introduced by McDonald’s have been a success! In face of stiff competition from KFC’s own Boneless Chicken Bucket, McDonald’s released its own version of Boneless Chicken Pieces aka the Nuggets!!!

Nuggets come in 2 packs – 6 pack (LOL!!) and 9 pack with each consisting of 6 and 9 pieces each! Interesting to note here is that the 6 pack only come with a single choice of sauce (Either barbeque or musturd – who wants musturd anyways?) while the 9 pack comes with both sauces, no questions asked. So I went ahead and bought a value meal with a 9 pack, french fries (For my friend offcourse!) and coke. The nuggets were over in no time while my friend kept gorging on the french fries like there was nothing better in life than french fries!!


Pros: Boneless pieces of chicken, bundled with barbeque sauce, less oily

Cons: Small in size, too dry (not juicy chicken)

The verdict: Not a must have, can fill your stomach with something better than having small pieces of chicken. But if you are looking for a quick meal and then look no further than the nuggets! For starters, they are good as starters :D.

I think, KFC is better but with its limited reach KFC can only serve so many customers! Its McDonald’s all the way for the most of the folks who may never try KFC!

A suggestion for McDonald’s: They should introduce chicken Nuggets + Coke Float for a much more filling meal.

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