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Disappointed at Pratap Da Dhaba

Pratap Da Dhaba, located Oshiwara, Mumbai nevers sees a dull day with hordes of patrons frequenting this eatery everyday. When we (2 friends and me) went it was no different and knowing that it gets crowded we decided to go there around 9 PM. Overwhelming hunger pangs resulted in a quick order for main course with some drinks as well.  The food arrived quickly and as usual was tasty and delicious. However, one dish, Kukkad Kadai Wala was extremely salty which was apparently corrected by the chef after being told about the extra dose of high blood pressure inducing salt. However, the dish still tasted salty and in a way ruined the dining experience for us! Another dish, the Butter Chicken aka Kukkad Makhan pa Ke was sweet. Not sweet as hell but a little sweeter than usual, I though. On a ligher note, it was a quite a combination of sweet and salty! I am sure, they like to see high BP diabetic people frequent their restaurants!!

This wasn’t my first time here and my good image about the restaurant did take a severe hit after the meal. The dhaba is expensive as well – 1 starter, 2 main course dishes and roties cost us INR 755! I can get better a dining experience at places cheaper than the Dhaba!!

I sincerely hope that the food glitch was a once in a blue moon problem or else they would so definitely loose quite a few valued customers!!

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