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Dynasty, Santacruz – Chinese Food

One of my few lunch meetings with office colleagues and the place decided upon was Dynasty. A very old and popular place, Dynasty serves, primarily, chinese food. I am not too sure why this is happening but off late I have had quite a lot of chinese food items!

After we reached Dynasty, we quickly got down to ordering starters whilst still waiting for another member of our group to arrive; hunger pangs pretty much rule over any other emotion we have! First up was Ice Tea which, I think, was quite good. We also ordered for a Sweet Corn Crab Soup and Paneer Baby Corn Chef’s style. The crab soup was nice, the first time I have had crab soup. It was sweet as expected and nice too.  I had crab for the first time on my birthday and that experience (which I thank my friend, Kankshi Mehta, for handholding me in the art of eating crab) has emboldened me to try crab all by myself! How terrific is that!! Well crab soup was nice but the Paneer starter was a killer! very very well made. I really dont know what the chef put in the gravy (Wish i knew) but it was quite a well prepared dish.

For the main course, we ordered for Da-Chen Chicken, Veg Malaysian Noodels Three Tresure Veg. and Burnt Ginger/Garlic Rice. The rice was nice. Infact I have been telling my mom to make garlic rice every since I ate at Dynasty! And combined with Da-chen chicken, it was quite a good main course. The veg stuff wasn’t exactly to my liking though but my veggie friends liked it so I guess overall the main course was good value.

Price wise, I think, Dynasty is a tad too expensive. Between the four of us, we shelled out INR 960.

Here is a breakdown:

Da-chen Chicken – INR 160

Ice Tea – INR 50

Sweet Corn Crab Soup – INR 110

Paneer Baby Corn Chef’s Special – INR 155

Veg Malaysia Noodles – INR 125

Burnt Ginger/Garlic Rice – INR 125

And oh before I forget, every table at Dynasty has three sauces kept (like in any other chinese restaurant). There is this one sauce mixed with corriander leaves which is kinda sweet in taste and really adds a flavour to anything you add it to. Do try out this sauce.

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