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Stomach – Waterfield Road, Bandra – Fake Biryani!

Was looking for Biryani and my friend suggest Stomach. Having been there before, neither of us were sure about the quality but then none of us have had biryani here before so were eager to try out – knowing very well that it won’t be the best thing we have had! Anyways we, got down to ordering, ordered a chicken soup and chicken biryani. Soup came in fast and for a change it looked like soup and not just some stale veggies and a shreds of chicken mixed with hot water (ya, that is what I have had at stomach before). Anyways once the soup was over the Biryani was bought in. Immediately it struck us, that the biryani looke d more chicken schzwan rice.

Anyhoo, we got down to the business of eating ‘fake biryani’ which neither looked or tasted like biryani. Most definately the worst biryani ever! But for a rice and chicken combination it was alright. Though I did feel the chicken wasn’t cooked properly! But heck I still ate almost the whole dish! Offcourse, was left with a highly unsatisfied feeling. Ate a lot but didnt eat anything!!! Was completely disappointed with the food and the price we paid for it! My hunt for biryani still continues. Don’t think I will be making it to stomach again anytime soon!

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