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Alibaug Trip

Its been sometime now since the Alibaug trip has happened so pardon me if the posts are much shorter than expected.

A brief about the trip: We were a group of seven people – 3 guys and 4 girls with one car and one bike. The trip was planned to get away from the city and the normal routine that is ‘a weekend’. We were going to be staying at a friend’s relative’s place in Alibaug so that effectively increased our chances of spending money on something else, which we did!.

So we set on this 2 day long trip to a place most of us haven’t been to. A road trip, if I can call it that, was the most desireable way to go rather than taking the ferry which would have effectively disallowed the usage of a digicam while at sea. So we drove, asking for directions at every turn, taking pics, chatting and making fun. Some good roads, some bad, some amazing scenery, some just plain and boring. And finally we reached the place. Quickly washed ourselves and headed out for lunch. Had lunch at Lilac which is close to the Alibaug bus depot and decent place to eat. More on this in the next write up. We lazed around a bit after lunch, played carrom and even indoor cricket at my friend’s house!! Offcourse she was unhappy with that but then thats exactly why we did it.

After lazying around we went to get ourselves wet in the sea. A friend had contacted a sailing company, Aqua Sail, to make the trip a little more adventurous. We were introduced to some of the country’s best sailers including national champions who were going to be our guides in this excursion. Though on the expensive side of things, it was worth a shot especially since not many of us present there would be doing anything similar for a long long time.

So began we, all decked up, in our suits and the first boat was a yacht. IIRC, it was one of those racing yachts and quite a big one at that though the trainer said there are much bigger ones available. We were allowed to steer the yacht and man it was fun. At one point, one end of the yacht (the one at the opposite end to where I was sitting) was nearly touching the water surface but the trainer pulled it up quite easily like it was child’s play. It was great fun, letting the wind control the boat and the most you can do is not topple the boat over! On a side note, we could see the skyline of Mumbai and it was quite a sight!I wonder how it look like when you have your own boat to sail in! I really wonder..

Anyhoo, after the yacht trip was done we were given the task to maneuver the hobie cat, (I think it was a Hobie Wave) which could take four people easily. Since the wind speeds were low, we were only at cruising speeds which was quite fast even then! Was a fun boat to ride on and surely it could go much much faster if the wind speeds pick up. This was pretty much a small round of the ocean and back. As I said before, maybe if the wind speeds were higher, it would have been much more fun!! Next up was the Kayak which was to be driven solely by us, novice sailers! Was quite a challenge to paddle it against the waves and with my partner not helping it was left upto me to get the job done! Got some help from the lifegaurds there in turning the boat the first time but by the time I took my third round I was pretty much a pro at it!  The last boat I think was also a Hobie Cat and if I am not wrong I think it was a Hobie Bravo. I was allowed to maneuver the boat pretty much all the way and this was quite exciting as the boat had to be taken through a maze of small fishing boats and trailers parked in the water. Loads of fun was this activity!

Since that was the last activity and darkness was approaching fast we decided to call it a day. Took a shower, had some snacks and chit chatted with the guys for a while to get some insights into their business. Quite an interesting one it is. Oh and before I forget, they were generous enough to let us have a sneak peak at one of the boats parked on land. It was basically a 1BHK floating apartment and quite a well furnished one at that. With pretty much all the amenities at hand, you could stay in that boat for days on end without having to worry about anything!.

That was pretty much what Day 1 was all about and what the trip was all about too! Day 2 was when we visited Vasoli beach, played cricket and ate misal pav and masala dosa on our way back home. It was a pretty good trip overall. I think one of the best trips I have had in a long long time. I think I will be doing a few more similar trips soon. But yes have to learn swimming as soon as possible if I have to get anywhere close to an adventurous trip.

Next up, is the food blog, what we ate, what we drank, what we liked and did not like.

  1. infancia
    May 27, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    good write-up….sounds like u had fun. keep blogging!

  2. chicmagnet
    May 27, 2009 at 6:29 pm

    yes will keep writing :). thanks for the encouragement. Watch out for the next part of the series.

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