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Adi’s – Biryani/Pulav? Decide pls!

I had the urge to have Biryani the other day (I have these biryani urges quite a lot it seems almost every other day!). Anyways, since we were a bit short on time, we went ot Adi’s which is walking distance from my office at Bandra Reclamation. Since I already knew what to eat, I quickly placed the order while my friend scanned the menu to decide on a good cheap offering.  So he just took a chicken breast piece and two romali rotis. He loves the romali rotis here, for INR 10 they are better than rotis at most other places.

I also ordered a lassi (Yes yes I love lassi, hey I am Indian, not some foreign bugger who drinks cola with his food! What is up with that anyways??). The Lassi was good, I liketh! The same cannot be said about the biryani. Don’t get me wrong, the quantity of the chicken and rice was good for 2 people (which I so shameless devoured myself.).

The chicken was tender. The rice was properly steamed and oh it had jeera in it as well. It was basically, Jeera rice, boneless chicken and a questionable chicken biryani gravy. Questionable because, it didn’t taste anything, was tasteless in one respect though it was quite and I mean quite theeka! It wasn’t spicy which was the sad part of it. Though I am sure the cook put quite a few spices in there, I think he just put too much of red chilly powder!! And oh the biryani lacked the condiments you get in a Chicken Biryani. I did finish the meal though (Yes, by now u know what a big hogger I  am!) I was quite disappointed in the taste department and to top it up, the dish did not satiate my appetite for a chicken biryani as I didn’t have biryani. I think I had – Chicken Jeera Pulav! hey Adi’s just invented a new dish! And I named it!

Haa, anyways, I am still craving for a biryani, but then I have so much home cooked food right now that I am sure I won’t be eating Biryani anytime soon! But then I think I may just slip in a proper Biryani somewhere between lunch and dinner!

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