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Food hunt

On a late friday evening, a few of us (two is few right??), starving and hungry and ready to devour anything we see, decided to go hunting for that special cheap food item.
Our first stop, interestingly, was Open Bake – a bakery at Pali Naka. Quite a huge place this one and has a seating space downstairs – great for friends to chill out or a couple to get cosy! We ordered chicken croissants, chocolate brownie and a mayonise roll. The best of the lot was the brownie closely followed by the roll. The croissants were, well, nothing to talk home about!

After the quick stop at Open Bake, we decided to head out to Sagar and Hukkas – apparently  a hukka place for the spoilt to enjoy some sinful delights! Most of the crowd was ‘I have a big ego’ but that did not deter us to slyly hide the ‘reserved’ tag from the table we so confidently occupied. Offcourse that meant we got a few looks from the waiter who was quite unsure if he had put the reserve tag on the table! Haha! gotcha there fella!

Anyhoo, we ordered for a half hariyala chicken  tandoori which tasted more or less like the plain old tandoor chicken.  But offcourse, the chicken was marinated with I think some green chutney? Not too sure. That was all we ate there all the while make secret plans to visit again and smoke some hukka!

Our last stop which completed our 3-course meal was this sweets place next to 5-spice! Damned! cant seem to recall the name especially after I have been there so many times! Anyways, I ordered for 2 gulab jamuns while my friend had butter milk. Why buttermilk for desert? hmm thats cause he already ate the chocolate brownie before remember?? (Didn’t mention it back then so I could do it here!). The gulab jamuns were good, not to mention the buttermilk was nice as well. aah! I miss home made chaas!

And so with the last drop of buttermilk guzzled down we ended our food hunt quite contented. Our last stop was made second-last by a trip to carter road where we walked the whole stretch to help digest the food faster (or atleast  that’s what we though we were doing).

With a total expense of around 120 per person, we weren’t complaining, as not only did we eat good food and gobbled down desserts, we also kickstarted our weekend in grand style!

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