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Mumbai – The ‘Watery’ City

Wokay! Must be wondering why the post is titled ‘Watery’ and to be honest I have no clue! Must be because I just saw a lot of water and I mean a lot of water in a city which doesn’t always receive 24 hours of water supply! (atleast I Dont!).
Anyhoo, without getting too political or even diplomatic, I’d like to make it clear that this post is nothing of that sort! On the contrary, it is a description of one of the most wonderful days of my life!
No no, I didn’t become a dad or had a sex for the first time but I went out with a dear friend of mine!
The trip was long overdue, but I never had the slightest of ideas that we would do so much in so less time.
We basically started first with Powai Lake in Powai (offcourse!) which is one incredibly scenic ride! Plus, there is a walkway under construction around the lake which is surely going to make the whole ‘lazing’ around the lake a lot more pleasurable lest the crocs get in the way! Yes the lake has crocodiles, having seen one myself, I consider myself as being one of the holymen from the crocodile land here to bestow upon mankind the love and blessing of the Lord Croc! (this is a joke you do get that right?)
The round, short and incredible breezy trip was followed by a stroll in the afternoon at chowpatty beach! Oh yes, both, chocolate bears in their own rights, were out to become ‘dark’ chocolate bears. Maybe if we would have walked a bit more, we could have become the ambassadors of Cadbury Bournville!!
The walk was cut short by the hot shimmering sun (frigging sun) but followed by a nice cool ride at Marine Drive. Ah! bought back old memories for us (Different memories with different people, we didn’t know each other back then).
The ride was fun but it wasn’t the end yet! Soon after Marine Drive, we drove across Haji Ali and then through Worli Sea Face. Oh my, what a nice ride this was!
You know, I am a carter road/bandstand whore (not in the real sense, dont call me pls 😛 :P), but going through these townside promenades I realised that Mumbai has a lot and I mean a lot of places to hang out and me being a sea person and all (And oh! i dont know how to swim, hows that for a paradox!!) it was great to be around these places which made me feel so much more connected to the city. Dont ask me why but it just felt like I was in heaven – I Had no worries, no tensions, no one to answer and OMG!! the traffic bought me back to earth err Mumbai!
Once out of the traffic, we went through Bandra Reclamation – arguably one of my favourite places to ride/hang out/coochiecoo (not really at the last one). Bandra is an amazing place, imagine – three promenades all at walking distance from each other – it just doesn’t get any better! Choose your poison!!
Well, one of the last stops was carter road which was preceded by Bandstand – all cause my friend wanted to see Shah Rukh Khan’s house! I mean seriously why?? leave the man alone!! damn!
Anyways, just before we were parting ways we decided to go on a long trip right to Airoli Bridge (though the Vashi Bridge is more scenic, Airoli is closer home). So we rode and rode and rode and finally came to the bridge, it was almost dark but we could still see some light and so we sped away to catch the last shining glimpse of the creek beneath us before it forever disappears in the darkness.
Well, that was one of the last of the unconquered territories and we knew we missed out on a few (most notably palm beach road) but we were happy to have visited so many places in one day when we both knew that a feat like this may never again be achieved atleast in this life time by either of us!
I am happy though, the trip not only bought some fond new memories but also showed me some new avenues to chill out with your pals. I am glad for my friend as well for the very same reason!

  1. Sanket Shah
    March 4, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    nice post stranger!!!…..you should be a writer… i am going to visit all the places you have mentioned : -)

  2. chicmagnet
    March 4, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    Yes sir please do!!!

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