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Pune Trip

It’s been a long long time since I made a trip outside of Mumbai. So when a friend told me about a few cool parties happening in Pune (one of which was by Pete Gooding – one of my favourite House Djs) I could not resist the urge to say ‘Yes lets go rock Pune’! And that is exactly what we did!

It took approximately 3.5 hours to reach the city and another 1 hour to find the place (Koregaon Park) where the parties were happening. To see the city hustling and bustling – dup up roads, upcoming residential/commercial complexes, crazy traffic – was enough proof that Pune is indeed in the ‘big boys’ club now. A small town no more!

There was this road, a long one at that, where we travelled, which had an unusually high number of eateries. Oh! the aromas made my mouth water! But we had a plan, to head to Post91 (buffet) for lunch and then go pub hopping.

After filling ourselves to the brim at Post91, we headed out the Stone Water Grill. This place was right up there amongst the list of places which would ideally be frequented by the rich and famous and not the forget the good looking women as well!

I fell in love with the place, the decor, the ambiance, the seating arrangement, the dining room, everything here was just that good! Offcourse prices were high but that’s not going ot stop you from going now is it?

Vachan Chinappa was playing at the lounge-restaurant which greadually got crowded as the day progressed. Did not stay for the rest of the evening as we were to go Gaia. Stone Water Grill is definately a must check out place if you are in Pune. Chk Santanu’s blog here for an in-depth review: Stone Water Grill.

Next Stop – Gaia.

Gaia, though open air like Stone Water Grill, was in stark contrast to the lounge. While Stone Water was refined, Gaia looked like a treehouse (Atleast parts of it) and most of the place was a lawn which became the dance floor. Oh yes, the place also had an indoor dance floor which resembles the one at Vie Lounge in Juhu, Mumbai. Loved the place, the music and the many dark corners which did put some *ahem* *ahem* thoughts in my head!!

Gaia was the last place on the list before we headed out to have some pav bhaji and finally drove back to Mumbai. Got lost on the way but still managed to reach in 3 hours.

Overall an awesome trip and am definately looking forward to going to Pune soon!

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